Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Silva is Expecting

We are very happy to announce that Boyd and Silva are expecting "Baby Martin" at the end of September! They will find out in a few weeks if it's a filly or a colt. Silva plans to continue riding her current horses through her pregnancy, and according to Silva, Boyd will NOT be in charge of choosing a name for the baby...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Windurra Cross Country Open for Schooling

Bring your horses out to Windurra to school our cross country course. Jumps from beginner novice to advanced including water, a sunken road,  ditches and banks, a keyhole and more. The course is OPEN!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thanks to Our Sponsors

One thing I’m feeling very confident about heading in to Rolex Kentucky is our preparation. I’ve put the horses on a new feed from Purina called Super Sport, which helps keep the energy levels up with all the hard work they’re doing. With the high grain diet required for all this energy, combined with travel and competition stress, ulcers can be a concern, so we have them all on Smart Gut from Smartpak, which is a feed additive that definitely helps with their digestion. 

I’ve also partnered with Stuebben and it’s been a wonderful experience riding in their saddles; I get a great, secure feel and the horses’ backs feel good. We’ve been training and competing in the Majyk Equipe show jumping and cross-country boots and I’m happy to say the horses’ legs have been well protected throughout the year.

We are extremely lucky to be preparing the horses on Attwood footing. Galloping on Will Faudree’s track, training at Stable View over the winter in Aiken, and now at home at Windurra, the footing is great for the horses’ legs. 

The horses and I are also well dressed: I’ve been looking very fashionable in my Ariat apparel and feel well protected with my Charles Owen helmet and body protector. Shires kept the horses warm and toasty through the cold winter and they’re in good condition with nice shiny coats.

When you're browsing the spectacular trade fair at Rolex Kentucky, be sure to look up our sponsors and thank them for supporting eventing, and take the opportunity to pick up some of their excellent products.


Morven Dressage Update from Pam Murphy

Pam on Rio
Who goes to a dressage show over Easter weekend after a winter like the one we had in PA? January wasn't fun, February was awful and March wasn't much better. It was all you could do to just keep the horses fit. (As context, Devon Seery, Amy Heron and I were part of the 'left behinds' at Windurra while Silva, Jerusha and Jessie, and most of the show horses, went off to do the sunny Florida circuit. Thanks to Sally Lofting and Alexa for taking such good care of us while Silva was away!)

Silva on Duvent

 Silva left us strict orders to "just keep the horses going" and we dutifully tried to do so. Amy and I are thankful to Devon, Silva's super working student and most wonderful apprentice, for being such a terrific minder and guide while Silva was away. Now Silva is back and despite the lack of lots of training and the terrible weather, (and the fact I was away in Japan for two weeks prior to the show), we decided to head to Virginia for Morven Park's first recognized dressage show this past weekend. We had a terrific time and happily, Melinda Walton and Larry Smith were there to cheer us on and watch their horses go: Benefactor RRS (Benny), Duvent, Constantine RRS (CeCe) and Rio Royale RRS.

Benny and Duvent, Melinda, Devon and Silva
Silva rode Benny and CeCe, and of course, Benny was awesome and had the high point score in third level. He is perfect, willing and one of the best young dressage horses ever! Larry and Benny are soul mates and shows are always more fun when Larry comes ...

Larry and Benny
CeCe was also super and Amy, her owner, was happy with her new red, while and blue towels for CeCe's first, second and fourth placings! While Amy didn't ride at this show, she was a great help with all the horses and her cheerfulness and support were most appreciated by all.

Amy with Silva on Cece

This was Devon and Duvent's first time to compete as a team and what a team they were ... and what a force they will be in the future! Devon is a smooth, calm and elegant rider and Duvent, while not as calm, is equally elegant and talented. It will be exciting to see them evolve over the next few months. Despite this being their first time out, Dev got a first in blue and white in her Third level test 3 classes - both were qualifying scores!


Monday, April 6, 2015

The Fork Horse Trials

The Fork Horse Trials produced another fantastic event in Norwood, NC. I took most of my upper-level horses down there to participate. The cross-country course was a good confidence-builder for the three-day events looming in the not too distant future. In the three-star Crackerjack and Master Frisky put in stellar performances. Crackers got a little excited in the dressage but jumped really well and Mikey put in a workmanlike performance; both horses look in good shape for Rolex Kentucky. In the advanced Pancho Villa was very impressive, finishing second around a testing course. In the Intermediate Steady Eddie won his division and the two-star horses, Welcome Shadow SBF Cortez, put in great performances too.



6th – Master Frisky, owned by Stephen Blauner

20th – Crackerjack, owned by Lucy Boynton

Advanced Test B 

2nd – Pancho Villa, owned by the Pancho Villa Syndicate


10th – Welcome Shadow, owned by Gloria and Craig Callen

Welcome Shadow Video Part 2

15th – SBF Cortez, owned by Denise Lahey and Pierre Colin

 Intermediate A

1st – Steady Eddie, owned by George and Gretchen Wintersteen and Denise Lahey and Pierre Colin


Now we are back in PA and the weather is good so we will be putting the cross-country jumps out soon; we’ll let everyone know when the course is open for schooling.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sales Horses Back in Pennsylvania

We still have a few top quality event horses, now located at our farm in Cochranville, PA. All of these horses have done well in their events so far this year and are ready to go for the spring competition season.

Click on the horse's name for more information. 

Contact Boyd at 610-806-2381 to schedule an appointment.

WALLAROO (click for sales video)



Visit to Purina reconfirms Martins’ feed choice

Purina Animal Research Center
FOR INFORMATION:  Nancy Johnson, 610-932-8521
Visit to Purina reconfirms Martins’ feed choice
OXFORD, Penna. – March 31, 2015 -- Amid a busy winter schedule training and competing down south, Boyd and Silva Martin found time for a visit to the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Missouri.  Purina is proud to have both of the Martins as members of their ambassador team.  Comprised of professionals in a variety of disciplines, the ambassadors devote their time and share their knowledge and experience in an effort to give back to the youth and families in the industry.
The 1200-acre working farm is fully staffed by veterinarians, nutritionists and other professionals who research, develop and perfect Purina Mills’ complete product line.
“I was just blown away by the amount of research they do there!” claims Boyd.  “I know Purina makes great feed, that’s why all our horses eat Purina. But I had no idea how much research, effort, and testing goes into perfecting these products.”
Boyd admits that the staff far exceeded what he expected.  “The place was just full of top-notch vets and equine PhD scientists -- with all kinds of expertise!”
In addition to touring the research facility, Boyd and Silva had an opportunity to meet and visit with several other Purina Ambassadors, ironically all from Western disciplines.  “It was really fascinating talking with them -- ropers, barrel racers and other rodeo professionals -- and learn how much goes into developing their horses,” he says.  “Some have very different requirements in their diet and that’s what Purina does so well – no matter what the discipline they have the right feed for every lifestyle.”
“Silva and I really learned a lot more about the wide variety of Purina products too,” he says.  He was especially impressed with two supplements, Amplify, formulated for weight gain, performance, shine and bloom and Supersport, a targeted amino acid formulation for muscle performance, exercise capacity and recovery.  “I added Amplify to a few horses’ diets and also put some Supersport on hard exercisers.  It’s only been about a month and I am really amazed with the results.”
Boyd also praises his local Purina dealer, Oxford Feed & Lumber, which delivers Purina Ultium and Strategy to their farm, Windurra, as well as his Oxford and Purina reps, confirming that are easily accessible and happy to help him customize feeding programs for individual horses. 
“I am really glad we made the trip to Missouri. I never realized just how much goes into developing these feeds.  The lengths they go to for quality is unbelievable and it shows in the appearance and performance of our horses!” 

Boyd & Silva  – PHOTO BY AMY DRAGOO 
Purina ambassadors, Boyd & Silva Martin recently visited Purina’s Animal Nutrition Center.                                                                                                                      
Welcome Purina: Research to develop and perfect all Purina Mills’ products takes place at the 1200-acre facility in Gray Summit, Missouri.                                                                                                                      
Purina Treadmill: State-of-the-art equipment at the facility aids in their research

Amy Dragoo Photo