Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boyd Heads South for the Winter

On Friday I arrived down at Phillip and Evie's winter farm in Aiken, South Carolina. Red Oak Farm measures about 30 acres in the Bridle Creek Equestrian development. The barn is top class with 17 stalls, wash stalls, tack room and a beautiful apartment above.

The team vet, Dr. Kevin Keane, has purchased 10 acres next door. He has 5 turnout paddocks that some of our horses are using.

Next door to him is my friend Illeene Borram, who has built a magnificent barn with apartment and an outdoor dressage ring.

The group of horses that I am focused on traveled very well; some too well! Neville Bardos was very full of himself today. I did some dressage and three lots of canters at a mile each. He is getting fit for Rolex, and is really enjoying his work.

A good friend from Australia, Lauren Balcomb, has come over to train for a month. Lauren is one of Australia's best younger riders. It is great working with Lauren, Woodzy and Jennie. They are all great riders.

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