Monday, August 17, 2009

Highlights from Boyd's Clinic at White North Stable, Cleveland Ohio

"Wednesday was our first day, and a constant drizzle ruled the day...welcome to Cleveland! The dressage was enlightening, and everyone enjoyed their spiral circles, leg yields, and shoulder in work. The treat of the day was watching Boyd ride a rambunctious young German import (belonging to Kelly Walker) in a very forward manner, and then bring him back to a fabulous trot & canter.

Thursday dawned a beautiful sunny morning and stadium jumping commenced with Sarah Grice and her lovely Thoroughbred Solitaire. They were impeccably turned out everyday, and subsequently won the award for Best Turn Out. Boyd set a great exercise consisting of turns in both directions to bounces, as well as a variety of other combinations to enhance rider accuracy and the horse's jumping technique. Everyone was all smiles and couldn't stop talking about how much confidence Boyd gave them to go the extra step.

Our final day was the most fun of course; cross country schooling at South Farm, in Middlefield! The rain threatened us, but gave way to a gorgeous afternoon. Man thanks go to Sarah Greer and Chris Gable (the owners) for hosting us all day, and moving many portables and making various other arrangements so that the course was perfect for all levels. Everyone had a safe and educational time as we worked on galloping position, ditches, banks, water, and corners. Kim McConnell and her horse Middleburg were the crowd favorite as they tackled their first cross country school like total pros, and won the most Improved Rider Award. The horses had a ball and all the participants were beaming from ear to ear.

Boyd had a keen eye for assessing exactly what each horse and rider needed to accomplish in the three days. All the participants raved about how much they learned, how their confidence had grown, and how their horses showed much improvement. Thanks to Boyd for working with such a large variety of riders and horses, and making the clinic a huge success. We cant wait for him to come help us all again!"

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