Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jump Clinic With Boyd: Novice Drop Fence

This is a great picture of a rider jumping off a Novice looking drop.

First thing first, the horse looks keen and forward thinking, and the rider really looks like she knows what she is doing... it’s a good start. There is not that much wrong with the whole look of the picture.

If you wanted to be really perfect, I would have the rider’s upper body position a bit further back. If she could take her shoulder blades and have them a few more inches towards her horse’s tail, it would make her a lot more secure if the horse stumbled on landing. If there is going to be a fall here, it will be over the horse’s shoulder, the stride after she lands from the drop. To help with this she could lengthen the reins about four more inches. This would mean that she would land with longer reins, but she would be more behind the motion.

I would also maybe suggest that the rider has her eyes up a little higher. Try not to look at the ground, but straight ahead.

And finally, I would maybe ask for the rider’s leg to be a touch more forward, and her heel pressing down a little more.

The basic rule of thumb here is: try not to get your horse to leap of the bank or drop, but rather dribble off the edge. Any fall that occurs her, is over the front of the horse, so stay back!!



  1. I absolutly love that you are taking the time to analyze these photos and posting your comments. What a great learning tool.


  2. I visit your site often throughout the week. Analyzing photos is really helpful and you lend us the tools to correct our faults. You're much kinder than George Morris!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to critique my OTTB and I! It's nice to know that we're headed in the right direction!


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