Friday, September 10, 2010

Dressage at the American Eventing Championships

It was a successful day for Remington, Neville and Charla in dressage at the AEC. Ron and Densey Juvonen's Remington XXV went early and did a good test; unfortunately fumbled the last flying change and halt but we still had a record score for him of 43 which left him tied for seventh place.

Nev went in and did a real workmanlike test and I was really pleased with him. He also had a personal best in the four-star test of 48.5 which I was very pleased with.

Ron and Densey's mare Charla got a little bit nervous and broke in the counter canter but wasn’t far off the pace with 31.1, in eighth place.

Tomorrow is cross-country for Charla and the two advanced horses have a gallop first thing in the morning, after which the US team vets will check them out. Times and results are located at the USEA Website.


Photos Copyright Amber Heintzberger 2010

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