Sunday, October 24, 2010

Remington XXV and Boyd Martin to Compete at Pau CCI4*

It's a real honor for my longtime partner Remington and I to receive a traveling grant from the USEF to go to to the Pau CCI4* in France. Remi has been training hard since he a couple days off through the WEG, where he was left off the team as an alternate. Basically he’s been in fantastic form all year since his first four-star at Kentucky. Not only has he been placing well, including second place in the CIC3* at Richland but he’s been improving in all three phases week in and week out.

Traveling to another country to compete in a four-star is a huge thrill and I feel like there is added pressure since the Federation has coughed up the majority of the funds for the trip. Ron and Densey’s horse is in top form and if all goes well with the conditions and the trip, I’d be pretty disappointed to finish outside the top ten.

We’ll be accompanied by Lainey Ashker on Anthony Patch who also received a grant from the USEF. The horses will fly out from JFK next Wednesday at 10pm. Remington will be accompanied by Caitlin Silliman who will be his chaperone through the flight to Amsterdam and the truck trip from there to Pau. I plan to meet Remington and Caitlin in France on Sunday after they have had a day or two of rest to recover from the trip.

Ron and Densey and Silva will also make the trip over, depending on how much rioting is still going on in France.

More details later.

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