Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nev Ships Well to the Mother Country

Nev and Tucker, Jess Phoenix (Canuck eventing super mum) and I had a long, strung out night on Sunday as we made our venture across the pond. After a few mechanical problems with the plane at Newark, our FedEx flight finally took off about 4 am Monday morning.

The flight took about 6 hours, and the pilots were great guys, allowing us into the cockpit to check out the scenery as we flew over London.

I am lucky enough to be staying with Julian Stiller at her magnificent farm at Headley Stud. I arrived with Nev about 7pm in the evening, where I was welcomed by a very nice group of Poms. Nev looked fresh as a daisy as he jumped off the truck.

I am staying with Will Coleman and Jules in her house at the barn. Coleman knocked up a beautiful dish of rice and chicken for our first US team bonding session dinner. The plan is to go for a run with Will in the morning, then start gently working away at the dressage with my man Nev.


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  1. FDX34, on MD11 N584FE, I've flown that route and that jet many times. I'm glad you had a great experience.

    Southern Pines, NC