Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boyd and Remi Take the Lead at Rolex Kentucky

It was obviously an awesome day for us – I think Remington did his best test and I have to say Boyd rode his best test too. He had maybe two little mistakes but just little things and overall the quality was very good. He’s in the lead on a 45. It was a good day! A huge thanks to Lindsey for turning Remi out so well – he really looked beautiful.

Erin Sylvester went this morning and her test wasn’t so great. Her horse warmed up beautifully, and in the ring the trot wasn’t so bad, but during the walk the flags freaked him out and in the canter it went downhill. Erin rode well, but considering the horse was so wild there wasn’t much she could do. Everyone has those experiences unfortunately and she’ll have better days in her future.

Kate rides early in the morning and Otis is in the afternoon. It’s great for Boyd to be in first now but a lot of things can change – there are a lot of great horses going tomorrow.

Boyd worked Otis this morning and he was great, and we worked him again just now in the warm-up ring and he also went into the big stadium for five minutes to have a look around. He was fine, but it could be a different story tomorrow - at the end of the day there will be a big crowd and he’s a sensitive horse - but I’m not worried.

We’re really excited to see some members of the Otis syndicate here; it’s fun to have them all cheering him on!


We hope to add some photos soon!

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