Monday, May 21, 2012

Morven Park Dressage

The dressage horses had a another great weekend at Morven Park this past weekend. Again Melinda and Larry went above and beyond to make our weekend easy and very enjoyable.

First of all I would like to say how proud I am of my friend and student Amy Heron. She and her mare Constantina RRS, (aka CeCe) did their second recognized show together and cleaned up! Cece is a wonderful mare who also was breed by Melinda and Larry. This mare is the perfect amateur horse but also has all the quality she needs for the upper levels! Melinda and Larry have found the perfect mix in their breeding to produce these horses that are quiet and easy but very athletic with tons of quality. Amy could not have ridden better: she rode two very good tests and finished second in both training levels with 66 and 67%.

Kymmy rode her young horse, Hot Date, (aka Hayden) in the four-year-old classes. She did a wonderful job. People who saw the horse when Kymmy first got him, only a few month ago, were commenting how much he has turned into a real competitive horse and how grown up he looks. It is amazing to watch how much a young horse can change in a short amount of time with the right training and conditioning . Hayden really is a great horse. I was so amazed at how confident and ridable he was in the ring. He is only a baby who did not have much training, so hats off to Kymmy for doing an amazing job!

Scout rode her cute mare Fancy in first level and did very well. She finished fourth and fifth with scores in the mid-60s. This little mare will make a great horse for somebody who is starting out in the show ring.

I rode Duvent in both fourth levels this weekend and I have to say, (hopefully without jinxing it!) that I think Duvent and I are working out our perfect preparation for showing. On Saturday he won fourth level test 2 with 73% and on Sunday we finished send on fourth level test 3. I really believe in this horse; he is breathtaking when he is confident!

I rode Elite Pharis in his second time at second level and he amazed me once again. We placed second on Saturday in second level test 1 with 71% and we won a big class of 16 horses with 73% in second level test 2 on Sunday. Wow! He really is a great horse! And I think he is going to surprise us over and over again. Whoever is looking for a special horse, don't miss this chance!

I also rode Benny in the four-year-old classes and WOW: once again Melinda and Larry have bred an unbelievable brain with tons of quality. Benny was simply perfect! He could not have gone better. We finished fourth on Saturday and fifth on Sunday in a big competitive class.
I have to say any four-year-old that goes into the scary ring and just concentrates and does his test without spooking is a SUPERSTAR!! We have to remember these are real babies.

I rode Vandebild in his second show ever and he did very well. We finished fourth on Saturday in training level and sixth on Sunday in his first time at first level! He is going to be great!!!


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