Thursday, May 10, 2012

Welcome to Jersey

Emily van Gemeren's Berkley (foreground) and Caitlin Silliman's Catch a Star ("Hoku") (background) at Jersey Fresh
Yesterday we arrived at the Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event, two hours later than planned after we got lost on our way there. Thursday's dressage rides include Boyd on Crackerjack and Merging in the CCI** and me and my horse Berkley in the CIC**. This is both Crackers and Merging's first CCI**, and both look fit, beautiful, and more than ready for this weekend's event. Berkley and I had some trouble at a corner in the Advanced at Fair Hill a few weeks ago, so we are running the CIC** to have a good go cross-country.

Friday's dressage will bring Boyd on his longtime champion Neville Bardos and his brand new ride Trading Aces in the CIC***, as well as Caitlin and Hoku in their CIC*** debut! We were able to ride in the dressage arena today to get the horses used to the atmosphere in the ring, and Thursday's weather is supposed to be beautiful, so we're excited for the start of a good weekend!

-Emily van Gemeren


  1. Glad you finally got there safely! Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow and Saturday - Amy from Horse Junkies United

  2. Hi Emily- all the best from NIET- was hoping to do some zapping of the magic for you all- well, life has its own plans at times! My thoughts and cheers are with you.
    debora leMay

  3. Go get 'em Emily!! - Lindsy G :)

  4. I will be there Saturday :)

  5. Welcome to NJ :-) I hope to make it out their this weekend!!