Friday, August 17, 2012

Caitlin's New Ride: Remington XXV

I am very proud, happy and a little bit sad to say my partnership with Remi has finally come to an end after six years of competition together that has taken us both all around the world.

Boyd Martin and Remington XXV
Today I met with Remi's owners, Ron and Densey Juvonen, and we all agreed that Remi has done more than we had ever dreamed he would, and enough is enough for 'The Hanoverian Hurricane' right at the top level. He has been super sound and tried his heart out doing two three-day events a year since we partnered up in 2007. Ironically our partnership started with Remi as a sales project, but we never managed to sell him due to failed vet checks. Even though it's tempting to get another big performance out of him, it's a nice feeling parting ways while he is still on top.

Boyd and Remi with Densey and Ron Juvonen at the Fair Hill International Three-Day Event. Photo Copyright Amber Heintzberger.
He finished clear in four CCI four-stars, with 8th, 9th and 12th place finished at Rolex Kentucky, and 7th at Pau (France).  He competed in events in the US, Canada, England, Holland and France and has earned a total of 705 Grade Points with the USEA during his career competing at the preliminary and higher levels of eventing. That score places him in 26th overall.  On top of all of this he was the reserve horse for the US team at the 2010 WEG , and reserve for the 2012 Olympic team.  He also showed his versatility by hunting in the second field with the Cheshire Hunt in Unionville once the eventing competition season was complete every year.

I am also glad to report that Remi will stay in training with us under his new rider, my assistant Caitlin Silliman. Caitlin is fast becoming one of America's next top riders, and the experience of riding Remi will add a valuable education to Caitlin on her path to becoming an awesome trainer.  Hats off to Ron and Densey for allowing their horse to contribute to the training of the next generation of riders here in the States, and to Seema Sonnad for sponsoring this undertaking.  I believe that Remi is still happy and enjoying the sport and that this will be perfect for him.  I also believe that the Juvonens' granddaughter Camilla will be receiving dressage lessons on Remi from Caitlin.

All in all, I am very thankful and appreciative that I met Remington and the Juvonens by chance when I first landed on American soil a few years ago. It is an absolute pleasure riding a horse for great owners like the Juvonens and it has also been an honor riding a horse that never stops trying.



  1. Really enjoyed watching you guys at Rolex this year, sad we won't be seeing you both compete anymore.. but I'm sure he and Caitlin will make an awesome partnership! Good luck to both of them!

  2. Oh I really am a bit sad about you not riding Remi anymore but think it is fantastic for Caitlin! He is such a good horse --will be a great teacher!

  3. This is bittersweet! Remi has long been my favorite of your beautiful rides, and while the 4* world just won't be the same without his lovely dressage and dead on jumping, I'm glad he's with Caitlin and all of her enormous potential now. Good luck, Caitlin and Remi!

  4. hope she takes him hunting!

  5. Good on you for making this move. I think Remi will be a good fit for Caitlin and vice versa.

  6. That's awesome!