Monday, October 1, 2012

Fabulous End to Dressage at Devon

Duvent Struts His Stuff

 Yesterday was another great day to end an altogether wonderful week at Dressage at Devon. I rode Duvent in the morning in 4th level and he was much calmer, having been there all week. We won the class on almost 69%. I’m really excited because he can be a hot horse and it was great that he settled down and finished on his best test. Kymmy also came 3rd in this class – it shows that hard work pays off! Last year she didn’t make it into the awards and this year she placed in everything she entered. It was really awesome. 

Showing off our ribbons with Kymmy
Then I had Rosa in 4th level test 3 and she was great; she scored 71% and was leading the class all the way until Stately went and he of course was great as usual and scored 73% to win. It was really exciting because it was a big class! Rosa went around 10 and he went at 1:30. 

Awards Ceremony with Stately
Stately was 4th level champion and Rosa was reserve, and Stately was also highest placed Dutch horse and highest scoring horse of the show. 

Stately is always such a star!
Thanks again to our sponsors and all of the people who are supporting me. This was such a crazy week with so many horses competing and I couldn’t have done so well without all the owners and friends helping out!


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