Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday at the Global Dressage Festival

We had a great day and a great finish to our Florida season! Rosa was amazing again today. I cannot put into words how proud I am of my little mare! She is was the youngest horse in a very competitive field of 19 horses in the International CDI Intermediare 1. 

Rosa tried her heard out for me once again! We had a little mistake in our first canter pirouette , which is fine because it is only a question of strength. We finished fourth again today and I could not be happier!

It was so nice to have some of Rosa's and my fan club here cheering us on. I am so lucky to have such amazing people around me who believe in me and give me so much confidence! I could not do anything I do without my amazing supporters and friends! I also have to thank Kymmy and Gracia for being so unbelievably helpful and supportive! Those two girls have been working unbelievably hard the last few months and I am very lucky to have both of them, they always have my back!

Kymmy also rode a very nice PSG today and scored 63.4%!! She and Markie are improving with every test.
Our fun time in Florida is now over and we are starting our journey home to Pennsylvania in the morning.


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