Saturday, August 24, 2013

Five Year Old Champs Update from Scout

Take two:

Well today went swimmingly, as per usual when you're a member of the Martin camp. The boys were nothing short of all-stars, and behaved like true gentlemen. Benny is officially 5th in the country as a five year old and Sully, 10th. Watch out, Europe! Silva's coming for you!

If you find this news to be amazing, your findings are sound. However, something equally as amazing happened today: Deb McD and I gave Silva and The Cha a fantastic training session. We made a brilliant team; she taught and I stood awkwardly next to her, grinning like a fool. Hopefully our air-tight instruction will give Silvo and The Cha the competitive edge to dominatet omorrow's class.. Stay tuned for news.


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