Sunday, October 13, 2013

Boekelo Wrap-Up

Well guys, we finished were we started after dressage.  Place 28 out of 107 
starters. He looked perfectly sound and fresh this morning, and passed the jog up 
without a worry in the world. 
He jumped a super round today in the mud.  We took a rail at the second last 
fence which was a wide oxer. I must admit, I think I brought my upper body back 
a little bit too fast, and turned in the air and Oscar just clipped the back rail with 
his hind toe. I was thrilled with the way he jumped, and dealt with the big 
All in all, I am a little disappointed with the result. If you take the time 
penalties cross-country out of the equation, he is very competitive. If I can 
fix this part of his performance, he is world class. 
Thanks for all of the support, guys.  Currently having a Heineken with Silva, 
Katie and Mike at the airport hotel. 

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