Sunday, February 23, 2014

We're ready for George Morris!

The schedule is all set fortomorrow's George Morris clinic at Bridle Creek Farm here in Aiken. We are encouraging all Aiken eventing enthusiasts to come out and audit the clinic. George is charging a $60 fee to sit back and watch the action. Please bring your own folding chair.

Directions to the farm can be found at 

There is also a meet and greet reception for George on Monday afternoon from 4:30-6:30 down the road at Fernanda Kellogg's Fox Frolic Farm. All auditors, riders, owners and grooms are invited.

Group 1 9am-11am

Phillip Dutton 

William Coleman III

Boyd Martin

Doug Payne

Jan Byyny

Colleen Loach

Ryan Wood

Group 2 11am-1pm

Will Coleman 

Boyd Martin 

Phillip Dutton

Caitlin Silliman

Erin Sylvester

Kate Chadderton

Lillian Heard

Group 3 2pm-4 pm

Mike Pen

Sawyer Gilker

Kaitlin Spurlock

Melissa Hunsberger

Booli Selmayr

Will Coleman

Allison Springer

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