Thursday, April 17, 2014

Road to Rolex

The reality of me snapping my leg completely in half a few weeks ago is starting to means I have to come to terms with not competing at Rolex. I’m walking again, about 2 degrees lame, but I feel I would not be strong enough to land after some of the big four-star drops, and ride the horses to my fullest ability, which they need around this sort of course.

Trading Aces is in superb condition and it would be a crime not to take advantage of all the hard work so I’ve called up Phillip Dutton who rode the horse to victory at The Fork a few weeks ago. In my mind Phillip is one of the best riders in the world and will do the best job with Oscar at Rolex.

Caitlin has been doing all of his dressage and fitness work here at home and has the horse purring like a cat on the flat. Phillip has jumped him a couple times and will take over his training completely tomorrow.

Shamwari and Otis are rerouting to Luhmuehlen and I hope to ride at Jersey Fresh in a couple weeks as their prep event. Phillip is kind enough to ride Shammie around the 3* and Otis around the Advanced this weekend at Fair Hill. I can’t tell you how much all of these horses’ owners appreciate Phillip’s hard work keeping these horses running. I hope one day Phillip breaks his leg so I can return the favor.

I’m looking forward to getting down to Kentucky Wednesday night to help Caitlin, Lillian and Erin through the competition. I’m also signed up to do a number of autograph signings, course walks and talks and maybe even a bit of commentary while I’m down there. 



  1. Continued Positive Healing Thoughts to you and Silva!
    Doing the right thing for you and your horses--shows what a good horseman you are! Enjoy being a coach and owner for the weekend! Positive Thoughts!


  2. I'd love to hear your commentary! Almost as good as watching you ride. Almost.

  3. "I hope one day Phillip breaks his leg so I can return the favor. " Ha! Comments like this is why I follow what you do and im so interested in supporting your efforts! Heal fast!