Friday, June 6, 2014

Horses En Route to Germany

It has been a long day at JFK airport, but I am excited to say that Otis and Shamwari, as well as Phillip's horse Mighty Nice, have just been loaded onto the plane and we are within an hour of departing for Amsterdam.

We left the farm around 5:30 this morning, and arrived at the JFK airport late morning. The horses went into stalls there for a quarantine that lasted several hours, where a veterinarian came to check their health before the flight. Both horses have been happily settled all day, and I must say that it is nice to be traveling with two seasoned international travelers who seem to understand the drill.

While the horses are in quarantine, they are restricted to their stalls for several hours. So after feeding them their lunch, Phillip's groom, Emma and I went to watch a few races at Belmont Park, which is not far from the vet port. It was a great experience, especially to experience the excitement of the park on the day before tomorrow's race.

We returned to the vet port to feed the horses dinner and wait around for a few more hours before putting the horses on the plane. Now nearly 12 hours after arriving in New York this morning, Emma and I are about to board the plane.

It should be about a seven hour flight, and I plan to spend much of that time in the back with the horses. From the Amsterdam airport, it is about a four hour truck drive to Luhmuhlen. I will update you again once we arrive!


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