Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wed. Evening Luhmuehlen Update

The American horses passed the inspection! 
In case Boyd was deemed "unsound", Phillip Dutton presented Otis and Shamwari.  All 36 horses were passed and will move on to dressage tomorrow. I noticed a few fashion 'misses', mostly by the lady riders who didn't make an effort. My fashion vote went to Mark Todd, who was properly presented in a blazer and tan slacks, complete with a tie and his big smile. I also loved the four men in military uniform who were each very dashing and representing the origins of the sport.
American supporters will have a free morning tomorrow and there is much pent-up demand to shop-shop-shop!  We are fortunate to have Silva here to act as our fashion consultant. 
The informal reception tonight is in the stables and we are off to find a beer and some bratwurst.

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