Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wits End: Shatzi W Places Second in Her First Advanced

On the road back to Pennsylvania from north of the border, Boyd called with an update from the Wits End Horse Trials and CIC***-W in Mansfield, Ontario.

Remington XXV did a good dressage test with the majority of movements as good as he's done. I fumbled both of the changes and the walk, but we were not far off the leader. He was good on cross-country too and jumped well, but I didn't gallop him flat out so we had a few time faults. The show jumping course was huge; I didn't ride him as well as I could have and he got backed off a bit in the ring and had a few rails. Obviously I am going to keep working away with him. (For complete results from the CIC***-W click here).

Benwald had a great dressage test and was tied for second place in the advanced but he was really would up on cross-country. I had a few nasty fences and got away with it, but half way around the course I misjudged the double offset houses and landed on my backside, so that was the end of that.

Shatzi is still a bit green so I took my time with her on cross-country. She jumped double clear and placed second, so I was ecstatic with her.

Rock on Rose was a bit of a handful in the dressage but was good on cross-country. She jumped well but had two rails down and finished 5th.

(For advanced results click here. Photos coming soon...)

Buck Davidson is on fire at the moment; both his horses looked unreal. Phillip's top horses, Tru Luck and Woodburn, looked in a league of their own - Tru Luck should be heading to Burghley, which is exciting. Wits End was a top class event with an electric atmosphere in the dressage and tough courses. It was a good place to showcase the horses.


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