Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rosa Cha Places 3rd in First International Intermediare I

Rosa Cha W in her first Intermediare I test
  I am so proud of my wonderful home bred mare Rosa Cha W, I could not be happier with her; she was amazing today - we finished 3rd in I-1 at the CDI today. She was the youngest horse in the class of 18 horses and it was a huge accomplishment. She scored almost 70% from the five International judges! I think she has a great future ahead of her and this was a fantastic start. I'm so glad that I could improve from yesterday, I really felt like I rode well and she handled it all very well.
Also Kymmy had a really good day, finishing 2nd in the Prix St. George National Class. She rode a really good test. 

My student Sandy Retzlaff, with Rigoletto scored 61% at to finish fourth at First level and I am proud of her for trying so hard and doing so well. 

Thanks of course to all of my sponsors, owners, students and supporters; it takes a huge team and I couldn't do this without everyone's help!
Scoreboard after Rosa's Test

Rosa W at the Awards Ceremony
Pretty in Yellow
Kymmy - Medium Trot
Coaching Sandy

Talking with Sandy

Gracia was our videographer and photographer extraordinaire this weekend!

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