Saturday, October 5, 2013

Oscar Ready for Takeoff

 I am writing you from the gate at JFK Airport, waiting to board the plane to Amsterdam. Oscar is settled into his shipping container and is ready for takeoff.

We arrived at JFK around 11am in time for Oscar to enter his quarantine stall where he was monitored for several hours and checked by the vet before getting a clean bill of health to be loaded into the plane.

I just left the vet port after putting Oscar into his shipping container, which is now being loaded onto the plane.

Our flight is scheduled to depart at 10:55 pm tonight. We will land in Amsterdam at 12:00 pm local time tomorrow, which is 6:00 am eastern time. I will continue to keep you posted as we arrive in Holland and get settled in at Boekelo. We are looking forward to a great week ahead!


A little entertainment from our friends at Evention:

And let's not forget this one!

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