Monday, December 22, 2008

Spiderwoman is Ready for Action

Today we had our 3 year old mare, Spiderwoman, scanned by the vet to see if she was ready to be serviced. I was so impressed with our new foal, Ray Price, that we decided we would like another out a similar mare. The stallion chosen is an American Thoroughbred named 'Raza-Stanza'; he is currently regarded as Australia's best event sire and he has fathered a number of advanced eventers. He is renowned for producing spectacular movers. 'Spiderwoman' is by 'Staccato', (FEI #1 Event Stallion of 2003) whom is by 'Salute'. Salute is the sire of 'Shatzi W' and 'Fair Fiona W', a Dutch Warmblood that is regarded as Australia's best dressage/jumping stallion. 'Spiderwoman's' dam is the famous 'Batwoman', a Thoroughbred mare thatI rode to the intermediate level, whom is also the dam of 'Shatzi W'.


A Day with Janet Mudge

Silva and I were lucky enough to visit our good friend, and owner of Lidcombe, Janet Mudge. She has a beautiful 200 acre property in Singleton, were she has a breeding program running. She also has a number of dressage horses in work. Janet is the only owner that has supported us from Australia with a horse. She sent Lidcombe over to the Sates when we first went over in 2006. Silva, Ashley Day, (Silva's old working pupil), and I were lucky enough to see Lidcombe's mum, Bella, with her new born baby that is by Saaleck, (photo above - Bella and foal, Janet Mudge, Silva and Ashley Day). This little foal looked fantastic. He definitely had that look about him that reminded me of Lidcombe.

The rest of the day was spent with Silva shaking Ray Prices hand...

And me giving the second love of my life a big kiss... Fair Fiona W.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Frolicking Foals

Here are some more pictures of Mademoiselle Chanel W and Ray Price W on their first day out together.

Poor little Mady, she is only six days old and a little shy but Ray couldn't wait to play with his little girl friend!