Saturday, April 26, 2014

Trading Aces Wins His Second Car of the Year!

Phillip and Oscar are currently in 7th place after cross-country at the 2014 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Presented by Land Rover. They jumped around clear and spot on the optimum time, winning the Land Rover Challenge for the top US rider closest to the optimum time, and claiming a two-year lease on a new Land Rover Evoque.

Phillip and Oscar on the perfect pace
Remember, Boyd and Oscar brought home a new Mercedes after winning the Red Hills CIC*** in Florida, so this is Oscar's second time winning a car this year!

Phillip Dutton and Trading Aces
 Land Rover Vice President for North America Kim McCullough quipped to Phillip, “Riding a horse named Trading Aces, I think you have to buy a lottery ticket right now!”

Phillip and Evie did a television spot accepting the keys to their swanky new ride.
  With rain earlier this week, and a gorgeous sunny day today at the Kentucky Horse Park, Phillip said, "Conditions were ideal and Oscar learned a lot today. I tried to ride him forward and aggressively and give him time to look at the jumps, and he got better and better."

 Last year Oscar "ran out of gas" on course and Boyd has been focusing on his strength and fitness since then. Phillip also said, "It’s been a year and he’s matured a lot and Boyd’s done a lot of get him fit; I think he goes up Nelson’s Hill every other day. All credit to everyone who works with him."

 Phillip is also currently ranked third on Mr. Medicott, of whom he said, "Mr. Medicott has been around the world and I just hung on and let him do his job." He said, "Both horses good jumpers so hopefully tomorrow they’ll go out and do their best." Good luck Phillip!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Update on Silva's Recovery

I saw a neuro-ophtalmalogist recently because I can't keep my eyes open, and he was very positive; it’s such a rare injury they can’t really give me a time frame for how much time it’ll take, but if it’s not resolved after a year they can do surgery. But since I’ve recovered so quickly so far, they’re hoping it’ll just resolve itself.

I’m doing physio three times a week at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital.  My sister Nina is here this week to help me – I can’t drive because of my eyes,  so that’s a big help. I don’t know how long I have to go to rehab, but I definitely have to keep going for the next couple of weeks. Nina is a speech therapist, so she’s helping me with that, and she’s helping me around the house. I’m doing well but I’m on a lot of medication and get tired quickly. 

It’s annoying that I’m still not back to normal, but I just have to take it slowly. I’m going to come back better than before !I wish I could just go out and ride, but I can’t do that!

I do go out to the barn and spend time with the horses every day. The girls are keeping the horses going and I can see what they’re doing, so for being sick it’s a good situation – I can still organize what each horse does what everyday. I can’t work yet, but it’s good that I can go out and keep an eye on things and be involved.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Silva's Thoughts on Oscar's Rolex Dressage Test

Phillip Dutton and Trading Aces are in 8th place on 52.5 after the first day of dressage at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. [Leader Board]. Silva is home in PA and watched the test on live streaming. Here are her thoughts: 

It was kind of a last-minute thing and we’re very thankful that Phillip is riding Oscar at Rolex; it’s a big ask and unbelievable that he’d take it on – Boyd was hoping to ride Oscar himself, but obviously didn’t get to because of his leg.

David O’Connor helped Phillip on the flat over the last week and I went to watch and it went really well. Phillip hasn’t ridden the horse that much and obviously doesn’t know him as well as his other horses, and Oscar gets a bit tense in the ring. I don’t think Phillip knew to expect that today; Boyd said he wasn’t tense at all in the warm-up, so it caught Phillip by surprise.

To just jump on and do the test on a horse he doesn’t know is amazing! I can’t imagine jumping on a horse I don’t know and doing a test like that! 

Oscar got tense in the walk and the marks went down there, but the flying changes can be hard on that horse, and they went well. The canter was good; Oscar can be a bit grouchy in the canter and Phillip did a great job with that. Looking at the overall scores they did all right! 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Cadent For Sale VIDEO