Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thanks and Good Luck to Jackson Roberts

A big thanks to steeplechase rider Jackson Roberts for lending a hand with some of the road work for the horses coming back into work for next year. I used to work alongside Jacko at Phillip Dutton's farm before he changed careers into a steeplechase jockey, and I wish him all the best as he relocates to Ireland in the next couple of weeks to further his knowledge of racing.


Holiday Shopping..a Word for our Sponsors

There are a few days left until Christmas, and if you're like most horse people you've been spending so much time at the barn that you haven't had a chance to finish your holiday shopping. Our sponsors have a great selection of products that also make great gifts: Smartpak Equine has treats for your horses, clothing and equipment for you and your horse, and even a few horsey holiday ornaments. They also offer overnight shipping!

Good nutrition is important year-round, but especially during the cold winter months when your horse doesn't have access to fresh green grass. Purina horse feeds will help your horse look and feel his best - and don't forget about Hydration Hay if you're lucky enough to be making the long drive to someplace warm and sunny in the coming weeks.

Enjoy the drive in a Theault horse van, and you'll wish you were on the road even longer. But if you're staying in the cold and wintry north, keep your horse warm and cozy with a Shires rug.

While you're treating your horse, you should also treat yourself! Ariat has super stylish clothing and boots for everyone on your list, and a new Charles Owen helmet or Point Two air vest. will ensure that you ride safely in 2014. Don't forget to protect your horse's legs with a pair of Boyd Martin signature boots from Majyk Equipe!

When you know you look good, you stand up a little taller and ride a little better. Silva loves the stylish clothing from Middy 'N Me. It will always help you stand out from the crowd in the saddle, at the jog or out for the evening to celebrate your victories big and small.

Stuebben and Devoucoux can outfit you and your horses with luxurious saddlery, and an Ecogold pad will keep your horse's back feeling great.

For the ultimate present for you AND your horse, get off to a foot-perfect start to 2014 with a new arena surface. Our friends at Attwood Equestrian Surfaces will advise you through the process and install a surface that will even make the eventers out there look forward to their dressage lessons...

Happy shopping!!

Boyd and Silva