Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another year has gone by and we are on the road south again!

Haylee is a reluctant co-pilot
I cannot believe another year has gone by! Other than my eyes I have fully recovered from my injury and I am very focused on my 2015 shows. I am excited to get to Aiken and train hard in preparation for competing in Florida at the end of January! 

We are on the road with five trailers and two cars right now. I am lucky enough to have my great friends help me get all my horses to Aiken every year: Cheryl Griffith's husband Donnie is driving one trailer, Sandy Retzlaff and Pam Murphy are driving another, Nate Stolzfuss, Devon's great boyfriend, is driving one. Jerusha and I are driving my trailer and Jessie and Devon are nice enough to drive Boyd's and my car down. Caitlin and Kat also are on the road with the first group of Boyd's horses and Boyd and the rest of the group are joining us in the next day or two. Of course my dog Haylee is with me and is not happy about the long drive.

See everyone in Aiken, and happy new year! 


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to our friends and family, sponsors, owners, clients and staff - and always the horses. Looking forward to a fantastic 2015! 

Boyd and Silva

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Looking Back on 2014

We obviously had ups and downs in 2014: Boyd and I had some great success and also had some bad luck with injuries . We are more than lucky that we had and also have now such amazing people on our teams. Everybody stood behind us and made our recoveries as easy as possible and we could not be more thankful for each and every one of them for having our backs and being the amazing people they are. THANK YOU!!

We are sad that some of our favorite people have now moved on and we wish them all the best and we are proud to have been part of their early journeys:
Kymberly Pullen has been with me for many years. She is a very hard worker and has improved her riding tremendously over the years. Kymmy was a big part of my team and I wish her all the best as she sets out on her own and establishes her business.

Gracia Huenefeld has been part of my team for two years and has now gone back to Nebraska to be closer to her fabulous family. Gracia was also a big part of my team: she kept everything going smoothly and organized and it was fun to see her improve her riding and to help her receive her USDF Silver medal. We are wishing Gracia all the best in her future!

Scout Ford has been working for me on and off for many years. She was with me for the last year and a half. Having Scout in my barn was not only VERY entertaining but also a huge help. Scout has a special gift with horses and it was so much fun to see her shine not only at the shows but also at home! I wish her all the best in her future and I hope she finds her way back to horses one day.

Lindsey Taylor was Boyd's head groom for many years. Lindsey has helped Boyd's barn to stay organized and she had his horses look amazing, not only at the big overseas shows but also at the smaller ones near home. We wish Lindsey all the best in her future!

Thanks to all of you!!! We are more than lucky that we have such an amazing new crew now, and are excited for 2015.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!


Monday, December 22, 2014

Still shopping for holiday gifts? Majyk Equipe boots make great stocking stuffers!

Boyd Martin X Country

Featuring Hyperflex Foam and Proprietary Accordion Strike Guard
The Boyd Martin X Country boot has been developed in partnership with Boyd Martin, World Class Eventer and Olympic Athlete. The boots have a revolutionary conical design providing excellent coverage and a true fit for your horse. The Hyperflex Foam is lightweight, features 'rip stop' technology for longer wear, and is breathable. The boots are designed to repel moisture (especially important over water jumps!) and the proprietary material and design helps prevent heat build up. Inside the boot is an armored strike guard. The flexible shape of the strike guard creates a reverse response feature whereby impact from outside in is met with a rigid protective wall, but the accordion- like construction is soft enough to flex with the horse's movement during it's natural stride. In short - this means your horse's legs are given the ultimate protection throughout the course without a constrictive boot construction. Designed to withstand dirt and prevent rubbing, the boots come in two sizes. The medium size fits horses 15 hands - 17 hands and the large size fits horses 17+ hands. Boots may be machine washed on a cold cycle only. Do not use bleach or any products containing bleach. Boots should be air dried (not machine dried.) Available in Black only. Sizes Medium and Large.

Boyd Martin Stadium Jump

Featuring Hyperflex Foam and Airshock Technology

The Boyd Martin Stadium Jump Boot has been developed in partnership with Boyd Martin, World Class Eventer and Olympic Athlete (2012 US Equestrian Team Member.) The boots feature the same 'Air Shock' Technology in the strike zone as the Majyk Equipe Series Two boot. This area acts as an 'air bag' when struck, diffusing the impact of the force in the same way that a car airbag would do for a passenger. Unlike the Series Two boot, the Boyd Martin Stadium boot features a medical grade Hyperflex Foam liner, designed to be super light weight when jumping in competition. The breathable perforated liner allows air to circulate while repelling dirt and moisture. This boot also has a flexible strap and stud closure giving a highly polished look for the show ring. The perfect choice for showing your horse or pony, these boots are priced at far less than show boots with comparable features while offering the best in technology and quality. Boots may be machine washed on a cold cycle only. Do not use bleach or any products containing bleach. Boots should be air dried (not machine dried.) Available in Black only. Size Medium.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mike Pindleton is On Track for a Bright Future with Horses

Big shout out to Mike Pindleton! Here is Mike on video riding Kirsten Jepp's Quaresma, a very special three-year-old that Kirsten imported from Germany. You will hear lots more about Quaresma next year!
Mike is doing an incredible job riding those babies. I think it is so important that the young dressage horses get out and see the world and Mike has so much feel and gives all the horses enormous confidence .

Mike has been working for us a couple of years now and he has turned into a great young rider already. He works for me half the day riding some of my young dressage horses and he works the other half day for
Boyd with the event horses .He is pretty much taking the same path as Caitlin has with us and we are very excited about his future! We believe in Mike and if he stays on the right path he will become a champion.



Remember Smartpak for your Holiday Shopping

Boyd ripping open a Smartpak at feeding time

Smartpaks make feeding time simple at Windurra. To find out which supplements are best for your horse, check out the Supplement Wizard, and make feeding time a lot easier in 2015.

But don't stop at feed - Smartpak Equine has tons of great gift items too, and free shipping on orders over $75. There's still time for delivery by December 25th. Happy shopping and happy holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cross-Country Course at Windurra Closed for the Winter

Photo courtesy of Eric Bull/ETB Equine Construction
We are closing the cross-country course here at Windurra for the winter.  Hicks Brothers will be adding mushroom compost to the soil and reseeding the turf so that the footing is in tip-top shape for spring training. Thanks to everyone for a great year and we'll see you out there in the spring! 

-Boyd and Silva

Celebrating the Holidays

Team Windurra had a wonderful evening celebrating the year's achievements at the famous Pasquali's Pizza Restaurant in Cochranville last night. Silva and I rounded up the troops and gave thanks for their huge effort this year.

Without question, Pasquali's is the best dining in Pennsylvania in my opinion. Head chef Joey knocked up his delicacies for the group of Windurrites and we all had a good laugh over some of the memories from 2014.

We are very thankful for the crew we have working or us at the moment. It is the best team of people that we have ever had and we are so proud of the progress everyone is making. Everyone in the group plays a critical role every day at the farm and we owe so much of the success this year to these guys behind the scenes - and of course to Lindsey Taylor, who was an integral part of our team until she recently struck off on new adventures.

2015 is going to be awesome with this team of people!


Caitlin Featured on EventingNation

Thanks for for featuring Boyd's assistant rider Caitlin Silliman:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Getting Festive at Windurra

It's this time of the year and Pam Murphy has outdone herself again, decorating the barn. It's so pretty!!
We love Pam!!! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bright Side

Here is a schooling video of Bright Side, the now five-year-old horse that Gloria Callen and Mike and Anne Laver bought in Ireland last year. I am so excited to have such a talented young horse in my barn. I can't thank Gloria , Mike and Anne enough for hanging in there with me through this difficult year - I could not be happier to be riding this amazing horse again! He is one to look for in the future!

Video Review of Majyk Equipe Boyd Martin Cross Country Boots

Monday, December 1, 2014

Plantation Field Equestrian Events, Inc. Announces Course Designer Development Program

PRESS RELEASE: Plantation Field Equestrian Events, Inc. Announces Course Designer Development Program

Media Contact: Amber Heintzberger 828-289-0658

1 December, 2014 – Unionville, PA -- Plantation Field Equestrian Events Inc, (PFEE) is pleased to announce the Course Designer Development Program (CDDP), a mentorship with world-renowned cross-country course designer Michael Etherington-Smith (GBR).  This opportunity will be open to all levels of course designers showing the potential to design courses to an international standard.

Selected applicant(s) will work directly with Mike E-S in designing the one and two-star courses for the Plantation Field International in Unionville, PA, the site of four USEF/USEA competitions as well as three starter horse trials annually. Beginning in the 2015 competition season and continuing under his guidance for the next couple of years, the applicant(s) will eventually take over designing these courses. They may also be asked to walk and evaluate other US courses.

President and founder of Plantation Field Denis Glaccum said, “We’re very excited to be able to offer this program, inasmuch as I think it will help accelerate the development of new course designers in this country.”
PFEE Committee Chairman Boyd Martin said, “At there are only a handful of American course designers qualified at the upper levels. Giving young designers the opportunity to learn first-hand how to design international-caliber courses is our way of giving back to the sport and improving the future of eventing in the United States.”

Mike E-S has kindly offered to share his considerable expertise in the interest of achieving this goal. Selected applicants will spend time with Mike E-S while he assesses current courses, plans future courses, and coordinates with the course builder.  It is anticipated that three to five days will be necessary to fulfill the requirements of this program.

A selection committee including Mike E-S, Mary Coldren, Phillip Dutton, Denis Glaccum and Boyd Martin will pick the final individual(s) by February, 2015. As this is developing program, further requirements and dates of commitment will be communicated as the program evolves.
Interested candidates should submit the following:

  • A letter requesting consideration for this program with a brief description of their background in course design as well as brief thoughts about their future ambitions within the sport.
  • An up-to-date list of current courses and events that they are associated with as a designer or any other experience that they feel would be relevant to the role. 

Please mail applications to: Plantation Field Equestrian Events PO Box 82, Unionville Pa. 19375. Applications also can be submitted electronically to

Great Clinic in Maine

This weekend we had a great show jumping clinic at Dark Horse Stables, near Portland, Maine. It was a superbly organised clinic and they have excellent facilities. There were five group lessons each day in a really cool indoor arena.

On day one we worked on turning exercises, along with course analysis, then on the second day we sharpened the horses up with some grids, then worked on a course that consisted of a few roll back turns and some combinations.

Even though it was freezing cold, we had an excellent group of riders that really were all keen to learn. I hope to return back to Maine next year for another clinic. A big thanks must go to the organisers. 

Boyd Martin

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Silva and Rosa Schooling Changes with Cavaletti

Winter is a great time for schooling and having fun - Silva uses cavaletti to keep things interesting for Rosa Cha W while they school 2x changes and tempi changes in the jump arena at Windurra. What are you doing to keep things fun and interesting in your winter routine?

Sponsor Spotlight: Shop Shires and Ariat this Holiday Season

Otis Barbotiere modeling his new rug and neck cover from Shires. Boyd's boots, breeches and jacket all thanks to Ariat

A big shout-out to our sponsors Shires Equestrian Products and Ariat for outfitting us and the horses. These are great companies to work with and provide us with the top-quality gear we need to stay comfortable in any weather. Be sure to follow them on social media to catch all the great tips and deals this holiday season!

Shamwari looks stunning in his new rug

Click HERE to see event horse Ray Price modeling his Shires rug in action!

Monday, November 24, 2014


Steve Berkowitz Photo

NAME: Brewster
SEX: Gelding
HEIGHT: 16.2hh
DATE OF BIRTH: 4-26-07
SIRE: Salute the Truth (T/B)
DAM: Diamond Lion (By Busted T/B, Stream Lion ISH)
BREED: Thoroughbred/Irish Sport Horse
BREEDER: Bruce Davidson, Unionville, PA
PLACE OF BIRTH: Chesterland, Unionville, PA
OWNERS: Katie & Cuyler Walker, Unionville, Pa.

Brewster is a perfect mix of 7/8 Thoroughbred, and 1/8 Irish Sport horse. He is a very exciting young horse that exudes class. Since being in training, he has successfully gone up the levels, placing consistently in the top 10 at the Prelim level for both the 2012 & 2013 seasons. He stepped up to Intermediate at the fall 2014 at Seneca Valley, finishing in an impressive 7th place!

Brewster is an exceptionally well bred young horse who has a lovely temperament and would be well suited to either an amateur or a professional.

USEA Record

Contact Boyd for an appointment. 610-806-2381

Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Cadet SOLD

Advanced eventer New Cadet was sold this week to Pennsylvania up and comer Kerri Healy. "Caddy" has been with me since 2011, thanks to my long time supporter Anne Hennessy. I would like to wish Kerri all the best with him, and thank Anne for supporting this wonderful horse over the last few years.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Talented Young Mare For Sale in Germany

My sister Laura has this great young mare in Germany for sale:

She already has won at Third level and the six-year-old test in Germany. 
This is a great opportunity for somebody who is looking for a fancy young horse from Europe!!


NAME: William Street
COLOUR: Chestnut
DOB: May 2005
SIRE: V.T. Tsunami (Oldenburg)
DAM: Bold Mansa (TB)
BREED: Oldenburg/TB
OWNER: Daryl Layfield Insley

William is a perfect mix of athleticism and ride-ability. Purchased by his current owner as a 3 year old, hopes were to bring him along as a successful local show hunter and equitation mount. Excitedly however, Will far exceeded expectations, particularly in his aptitude for dressage. Pairing this with his jumping talent, his owner decided to reroute his career towards eventing, competing him successfully in the 4 year old YEH Championships with a hugely talented group.

Will continued to settle into his new job, and returned to YEH in his 5 year old year to finish solidly in the upper third at the Championships. After reaching Preliminary level, his owner felt that he might have an upper level horse on his hands and asked Boyd to evaluate his potential. Boyd agreed with this assessment, took over the ride, and polished Will to and through his first Intermediate competition. As he continues to show promise at the upper levels, easily answering Advanced level questions, it's now time for Will to find the perfect partner to take him all the way!

Will also is excellent hacking out on the trails and loves going to the beach even braving the ocean!

Contact Boyd for an appointment. 610-806-2381


Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Clinic at Foxrace Farm in Millbrook, NY

We have just finished an excellent clinic in Millbrook NY.  With the cold weather coming in, it was luxurious teaching in the indoor at the beautiful Foxrace Farm (http://www.foxracefarm.comowned by longtime supporter Bonnie Stedt.  

We had an excellent range of horses and riders over the two days, with groups of four in each lesson. I set up a number of gymnastic exercises and turning questions that were quite challenging.  All of the horses showed improvement over the two days. 

It also was a great opportunity to catch up with a number of the syndicate owners whom I have not seen since the WEG. I must send a big thank you out to Bonnie for hosting the clinic. It is great for me to do a bit of teaching while things are a little quiet before we start the winter season in Aiken in January.


NAME: Sergio
HEIGHT: 17.3 hands
DOB: 2004
SIRE: Scmitar
DAM: Shining So Bright
BREED: Oldenburg
BREEDER: Kathleen Jackson
OWNER: Doug Howe

In 2008 Sergio placed 4th at Dressage at Devon in the Suitable to Become A Dressage Horse class as a 4 year old with Kathleen Jackson as the owner.
In 2010 Sergio started his eventing career when he was purchased by Doug Howe for Erika Nesler to compete. The pair competed locally in both Dressage and Eventing through 2012 with many Year-End Championships in both disciplines with DVCTA.

In 2013, his first year showing in rated dressage, Sergio was the 11th place Open Training Level Horse of the Year for USDF as well as finishing in the top 20 Nationally at First Level! Sergio also won Reserve Champion at the Region 1 BLM Championships for Training and First Levels!!! Sergio also evented through Training Level with scores consistently in the low to mid 20's.

In 2014 Sergio moved up to Second Level and qualified for Region 1 Championships in just 3 shows with scores in the mid to high 60s through 2nd-3rd level. Sergio also moved up to Preliminary Level in eventing where he was first several times after dressage and show jumping.

Sergio is sound and injury free! He has 3 lovely gaits that are easy to ride. He has the personality of a big teddy bear and the athleticism of a champion! Sergio is currently being schooled at Third and Fourth Levels and is ready to further his career in the dressage world.

Center Line Scores
USEA Record


Please call Silva for an appointment 610 806 2721

Dressage Video with Silva

Monday, November 10, 2014

Barney's Balls.

 Not long ago Cindy Connors started baking treats for her horse Barney, and they were such a hit when she shared them with friends, she and Lauren Sara decided to turn "Barney's Balls" into a small business that could also do some good for the horse community.

"Cindy and I are good friends and have been riding together for years," said Lauren. "We were inspired by two top athletes, Silva Martin & Margaret “Gigi” Macintosh, whom each faced life threatening/career ending riding accidents. Yet through sheer grit and determination, each recovered and is back competing on an international stage. We are donating a portion of the proceeds from “Barneys Balls” to the US Para Equestrian Association (USPEA), in support of Gigi’s quest for a place on the 2016 Para Equestrian Olympic Team, as well as helping Silva’s favorite cause, LOVE YOUR BRAIN. It’s our small way of treating our horses and in turn giving back."

You can learn more about Gigi’s road back by watching “Fork in the Road”, a short documentary Cindy produced in the fall of 2014 and which is now making the rounds at film festivals. Link: [Fork in the Road]

Starting this week, one and two-pound bags of Barney’s Balls will be in stock at Embreeville Mill Feed Store in Coatesville, PA and at our website,

 For more information please contact Lauren: 610.649.8094

Barney's Balls make great holiday gifts, so please show them your support! 


USDF Finals in Lexington

We finished the show year at the USDF Finals in Lexington KY last weekend. It has been a year with up and downs for sure! But I am so lucky that I have so many people around me that support me through the good but also through the bad times!

At the finals I rode Danka Shoene RRS, bred by Melinda Walton and Larry Smith, and NOW owned by Michelle Huber, in the training level US Finals. Shoene was the youngest horse in the class and we finished 10th in the country. What a great horse! Michelle could not have bought a better young horse. He was so honest and did not care at all about anything at the busy Kentucky Horse Park.

Shoene and Jerusha
After we were done showing Jerusha, (who had everybody looking amazing!) hacked Shoene all around the horse park and in all arenas she was allowed to show him. And of course he was perfect!

Schoene and Silva at the awards ceremony

I also had Zoran, owned by the fabulous Bonnie Stedt, qualified for the US finals in the Prix St George.
After winning our warm up class on Friday he went on to finish 9th on the country for Prix St George level. 

Zoran is such an exciting horse for the future and I cannot thank Bonnie enough for hanging in there with me!

Sandy and Tony at the Kentucky Horse Park
My student and friend Sandy Retzlaff and her horse Rigoletto (Tony) joined us this weekend. We did a lot of lessons and made this weekend into a boot camp weekend for Sandy and Tony. They improved in all second level tests each time!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Price Reduced On New Cadet!!

This is an amazing opportunity to own an upper level eventer at a very reasonable price.  New Cadet is a talented competitor and will take his next owner to the top of the sport!!  He is a first-class event horse that is probably best suited to a more experienced rider. He is an awesome cross country horse with a lot of heart and has only received one cross country jumping fault in his whole career! He just moved up Advanced level, placing 11th at 5 Points September 2014. He is ready to carry on with a competitive upper level rider!

Check out his full sales listing with video on our website and set up an appointment!

Allie Conrad Photo

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Neville Bardos is Back!

Big Nev is back in work!  He is looking in fantastic condition, mainly due to the fact that he has been living the good life at Hotel Wintersteen. George and Gretchen have been wonderful, having Neville at their farm here in Unionville over the last 10 months. He has got great weight, his feet look super, and his spirits are high. 

I have had young Mike Pindleton hacking him for the last week, mainly due to the fact that I was worried that Nev might throw me off since he is feeling so good.  My plan is to really take my time bringing him back into work. He looks in good nick at the moment, and should come back well.

Dr Kevin Keane had a look at him the other day, and agreed that it would be probably wiser to aim him at new career with a younger rider at the lower levels. 


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Galway Downs

Photo: Jenni Autry for

Unfortunately Oscar finished his year of 'highs and lows' at Galway Downs, in Temecula, CA with a disappointing result. I can't tell you all how heartbroken I am to tell you that out trip out west did not quite go to plan.

He shipped out there in good health and looked in great condition leading up to the event. We were very fortunate to have him stabled at Tamie Smiths farm down the road for the first few days while we prepared for the event. Tamie and her staff were awesome hosts and really looked after us well. I hope to return the favour when the West Coasters come out our way.

Galway Downs is a super event with a real international feel. I would encourage any rider who is looking to gain experience to invest in a trip out there to compete, instead of going overseas first. It's basically the same experience, for a third of the cost.

On Friday we put in a good test. The trot work was great, picking up 8's and 9's from all of the judges. We lost a few marks on the halt-rein back as Oscar was a little unsettled with the atmosphere. The canter work was pretty good, although we did do a late-behind flying lead change, which was expensive. We ended up on a score of 44, which had us sharing the lead with Buck.

The cross-country course was not that tough considering the tracks Oscar has gone around in the past. It was a legitimate three-star course that was on mostly flat terrain. It did pour with rain the night before, which made the footing quite heavy in places.

I set out pretty quick, as I felt like we were there to win. In hindsight it may have been a little too quick considering the conditions. We were jumping all of the fences out of stride and Oscar was feeling very keen. At each minute marker, we were well ahead. At around 4 minutes I decided to slow him a little between the fences as we were doing it a bit too easy.

At about 7 minutes he started to feel a little tired. He kept running well, but I could feel his jump lose its power a little. We jumped through the toughest combination, which was a bounce into water. and he struggled a little to the C element. We pressed on, and I slowed the speed to see if he would freshen up.

At around the eight minute mark there was a very big ditch and brush into water. Oscar was not responding well enough to my leg, so I decided then to call it a day. I hopped off and loosened the girth and had the lonely walk back to the finish with my old pal Oscar, who had given everything he had. Funny enough he recovered pretty quickly, which is something I can't understand.

Obviously this is heartbreaking. He has all of the ingredients for the best event horse in the world except this one important factor. To be honest, I don't want to make any decisions about his future for a couple of days until I get home.

I suppose we are competing at the very top end of the sport, where it's not meant to be easy.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Your Next Star is Estival Star!!

NAME: Estival Star
SEX: Gelding
COLOUR: Dark Bay
HEIGHT: 17.2 hh
BREED: German Hannoverian
SIRE: Estobar NRW
OWNER: Kirsten Jepp

"Estival Star" is an imported 3-year-old German Hannoverian gelding of international caliber. "Ernie" has three exceptional gaits with an obvious talent for passage and piaffe. He is the outcome of impeccable breeding. His sire "Estobar NRW" is a premium stallion who was champion at his licensing test with the highest marks. "Estobar"s first crop alone already produced two licensed stallions. One of his sons , "Escolar", won the Bundeschampionat, the highest honor for a young German horse, with unprecedented scores in 2012 and 2013. Another son, "Equitaris" was the winner of this year's young stallion Bundeschampionat. Both "Estobar" and "Escolar" are being trained by one of Germany's most respected riders, Hubertus Schmidt.

"Ernie"s dam is also a highly decorated State Premium Mare by "Stedinger", one of the most famous sons of the legendary "Sandro Hit".

As a foal "Ernie" was the winner of the 2011 foal show in Sottrum, Germany. He was one of the highlights of the 2011 Hannoverian Elite Foal Auction in Verden in August 2011. The same year he was imported to the USA and was carefully raised in the hills of Central Pennsylvania. He has been in professional training from the start. His first competition was Dressage at Devon 2014 where he won the the Materiale Class for 3-year-old colts and geldings.

Apart from his remarkable talent for dressage, he charms those who meet him with an alert but calm attitude which is second to none in a three-year-old. His willingness to work also stands out. And, of course, he stands for the farrier, the vet and loads easily. "Ernie" is a young horse of great promise who is looking for a kind rider who will take him to great success at the highest levels.

Schooling Video

Serious Inquiries Only
Call Silva 610 806 2721

Trading Aces Prepping for Galway Downs

I arrived yesterday to find Oscar in good shape here in Temecula. I have given 
him a couple of light days with Kat just hacking and doing a bit of trot and 
canter in the jump saddle to make sure he is fresh before the event starts at Galway Downs.

I have him stabled at Tamie Smith's facility, which is ten minutes down the road 
from the show. It's a great setup, which gives Oscar plenty of turn out before 
we move him over to Galway on Wednesday for the competition. 

I gave him a little jump yesterday and he felt great. I think our trot-up is on 
Thursday, with our dressage on Friday. Silva arrives tomorrow to help me with 
his dressage. 


Monday, October 27, 2014

Course Builder Dylan Barry's Contribution to Windurra XC Course

A big thank you to up and coming course builder Dylan Barry from Quebec, Canada. Dylan was out at the Fair Hill International last week assisting Eric Bull and learning the ins and outs of course building and design from Derek diGrazia. Dylan was good enough to knock an old telephone pole into quite an impressive-looking schooling jump that is now on our course at Windurra. As you can see from the photo Dylan’s work is exceptional: the construction and design that transformed a throw-away pole into an impressive cross-country jump is remarkable.


Galway Downs Coverage: PRO and EN Join Forces For PRO TV

PRESS RELEASE | October 27, 2014


Samantha Lendl

PRO and EN Join Forces For PRO TV

Galway Downs International CCI3* Next Up

Vero Beach, FL: The Professional Riders Organization is pleased to announce that Eventing Nation has come on board as a joint partner on PRO TV with a planned broadcast at Galway Downs International CCI3*, November 2, 2014.

Spencer Sturmey and Samantha Clark will continue to lead the commentary team and new feature segments with EN's Jenni Autry will be introduced. Live twitter feeds will also become part of the broadcast so that eventing fans can show the world how strong their social media presence is. Dana Vorhees of Van Productions has been hired as Executive Producer for Galway Downs International and is responsible for coordinating all production aspects.

"This is a solid partnership for PRO TV," said Buck Davidson, Vice-President of the Professional Rider's Organization. "Each of the partners brings their strengths to the table and we believe that we complement each other very well."

"Live broadcasts are extremely important to increase visibility and attract supporters for the sport, so we're excited to be partnering with PRO to further this initiative," Jenni Autry, Eventing Nation's Managing Editor, said.

The PRO TV broadcast at Galway Downs has been made possible through the additional support of private individuals as well as Merial and Equine Insurance.

The PRO TV broadcast from Galway Downs will feature the CCI3* division, which is part of the PRO Tour Series. The broadcast will begin at 2PM PDT/5PM EDT on Sunday, November 2nd.

PRO TV is broadcast on the PRO TV Livestream channel, A Livestream App for TV, iPhone, iPad and Android can also be downloaded from the iTunes Store and Google Play. Follow the events on the PRO TV channel to receive automatic updates on any schedule changes.

The Professional Riders Organization plans a full broadcast schedule of the 2015 PRO Tour Series. Sponsored segments and in-stream video advertising is available. Interested parties should contact the Professional Riders Organization or Eventing Nation.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Oscar Heads West for Galway Downs

Trading Aces looked in good form before leaving today on his first trip to the West Coast for the Galway Downs three-day event. I had a good cross-country school here at home on Wednesday and he seems to be jumping well. He’s only had one run since the WEG, finishing 4th at Plantation, and we’ve been galloping a lot, so he feels as fit as he ever has.  I believe he will be on a flight with Buck’s entry for Galway, as well as a lot of Breeder’s Cup racehorses. I’ll join Kat and Oscar on Monday after competing the young horses at Waredaca over the weekend. 


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Silva and Rosa Selected to Ride with Robert Dover

I am thrilled to have been selected to ride in the USEF Dressage Observation & Strategic Planning Session with Robert Dover (US Chef d’Equipe/Technical Advisor) at USET Headquarters – Hamilton Farm (Gladstone, NJ) on November 3-4 (Monday & Tuesday). 

This is a very exciting opportunity and is especially meaningful after all that I have been through this year. I really feel like Rosa and I have made it back to the level that we were at before my head injury, and would love to take this opportunity to thank my friends, family, assistant riders and staff, the members of the Rosa Cha Syndicate, and my faithful sponsors: Ariat,  Attwood Equestrian Surfaces, Charles Owen, Ecogold, Majyk Equipe, Middy 'N Me, Purina, Smartpak Equine, Revita-Vet, and Stuebben Saddlery. 


Note: This session is closed to auditors, except for family, horse owners and grooms.

Current Eventing Sales Horses at Windurra

We currently have three talented eventers offered for sale. Please click on the horse's name for a complete sales listing:




Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Benefactor RRS Named 2014 Second Level Horse of the Year

Benefactor RRS is the Adequan/USDF American Hanoverian Society Second Level Horse of the Year!

Huge congratulation to his breeders, Melinda Walton and Larry Smith!

They breed amazing horses and I am so lucky to get to train them!

Welcome to the World, Rappahannock!

With huge excitement, we welcome Rappahannock to the world!!

"Rapper" is a family member of Rosa Cha W! Melinda Walton and Larry Smith flew Betty Barkley from Australia to the US earlier this year. Betty is out of Rosa Cha's mother, by Brentano II, and she was already in foal to Regardez Moi, who is Rosa's sire.

We are so thankful to Melinda and Larry for helping with the foaling and for giving Rapper and his mom Betty the BEST home ever, and I can not wait to ride this beautiful horse. But for the next few years , Rapper will be treated like a king at Melinda and Larry's beautiful farm.


Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 Dutta Corp Fair Hill International

L-R Tim Dutta, Boyd Martin, Jennie Brannigan and Allison Springer. Photo Jenni Autry
Once again this year the Dutta Corporation Fair Hill International provided an unbelievable event. In my opinion it was one of the tougher cross-country courses in both the two and three-stars. Eric Bull and his team built a very impressive course that was both big and technical.

This year I’ve got a very impressive group of up and coming horses; all six horses that I rode on the weekend were brilliant. In the two-star I rode Gloria Callen’s Welcome Shadow and Denise Lahey and Pierre Colin’s SBF Cortez. Both of these horses were super green but were great in all three phases.

Welcome Shadow. Photo Lisa Thomas
Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Services

Shadow got a little bit nervous in the dressage and unfortunately I got unseated at a duck towards the end of the cross-country, which required me to do a loop to jump the last element; I didn’t think I crossed my tracks but they gave me a stop, unfortunately. Shadow came out Sunday and show jumped terrific, finishing her event in grand style with a clear round. I think I’ll do another two-star with her next year and keep her at intermediate until then to give her more confidence.

SBF Cortez. Photo Lisa Thomas
Cortez was did an unbelievable dressage test and he scored 43, which put him in 3rd place out of around 110 starters. He was also super around cross-country, picking up just a couple time penalties, then had a couple fences down in show jumping to finish 8th which was a big accomplishment considering he wa s up against such stiff competition. Toronto. Like Shadow, I’d like to keep him at intermediate until he does another two-star next year. Who knows, one of these two might be considered for the Pan-Am Games in Toronto.

I had my work cut out for me in the three-star with four horses having their first go at this level. I was thrilled to finish the event on all three of them, as I was nervous coming into the event that they were not up to the big challenge.

Steady Eddie. Photo Lisa Thomas
George and Gretchen Wintersteen’s Steady Eddie was going well on cross-country but unfortunately I came in too strong to the double corners and had a glance-off, which spoiled his placing, but he gave me the true feeling of a four-star horse.

Pancho Villa. Photo Lisa Thomas

Pancho Villa, owned by the Pancho Villa Syndicate, was brilliant; he did a super duper dressage test. I took one long option at the corners after the run-out with Eddie, but Pancho felt brilliant the whole way around. I didn’t push him for the time, as I just wanted to go clear, and he show jumped sensationally yesterday.

Lucy Boynton’s Crackerjack also put in a great performance. I did not push him for the time on cross-country since this was his first time at this level, and he was jumping great. He came out yesterday full of life and had the round of the day in the show jumping.

Master Frisky at the Jog. Photo by Jenni Autry
Steve Blauner's wonderful Irish Sport Horse Master Frisky was the star of the weekend, leading the CCI*** after dressage and cross-country. He tried his heart out in all three phases and came very close to winning the event. I knew he was in great condition and he’s a great cross-country horse, and he had just two time penalties on cross-country. His greenness did show up in the show jumping where we had one rail down, just costing us the win, but I couldn’t be more pleased; he put in a spectacular performance in perhaps the world’s toughest three-star.

Master Frisky photo Jenni Autry
I'm also honored to be the recipient of the Judy E. Thayer Memorial Trophy, which is presented to the highest-placed rider who currently resides in Chester County.

I’m really pleased for Jennie Brannigan, winning on Cambalda, and also for the horse’s owners Tim and Nina Gardner. They’ve had their highs and lows with this horse and it must be very rewarding for all of them  to win such a prestigious event. My assistant, Caitlin Silliman, has also showed grit and determination with Catch a Star; they had a less than ideal preparation for this event but came fourth when all was said and done.

A massive thanks to my staff here at Windurra! Riding six horses in a CCI was something I’d never done before and it took a massive amount of hard work and organization. Everyone working for me did an excellent job working dawn to dusk every day for the five days of the event and the horses were in magnificent condition thanks to their hard work. It’s a great crew of young people I’ve got here at the moment, all hard working, eager and full of energy.

Thanks also to the owners of all these Fair Hill horses. It’s been a long journey with all these horses to get them to this event. Each horse has had its ups and downs and I’m thankful that the owners all believed in their horses and helped get them to this great event.