Saturday, April 28, 2012

Remi & Otis Rocked XC!!!

Yet another day of fabulous performances from Remi and Otis.  If there was ever a doubt about the amazing depth of talent in Boyd's barn beyond Neville, today gave the selectors something to think about.  Remi came out on course & ran like the reliable pro that he is, ending his day in 8th place after a solid clear round with a few time penalties ending on a score of 52.9.  Otis really raised the bar by rocking around his first Rolex with a spectacular double clear performance and moving up into 4th place with a score of 51!!
I had a moment to catch up with Silva to get her feed back on the day, but I'm unfortunately waiting on terribly slow uploading from the hotel, so check back later tonight for that commentary.

Once again, the current Leaderboard can be viewed on the Rolex Ky website!

Two Clear Cross-country Rounds at Rolex


Cross-country day at Rolex Kentucky was full of surprises, with some of the best riders in the world seeing an early end to their Rolex weekend. Derek diGrazia designed a challenging course for this Olympic year that really sorted out the competition. Boyd and his two horses proved their mettle with two clear rounds, making one of the toughest cross-country courses in the world look like a ride in the park. Ron and Densey Juvonen's Remington XXV was a few seconds over the time and added 7.6 time faults to stand in 8th place going into show jumping while the Otis Barbotiere Syndicate's Otis Barbotiere went double clear to launch himself up from a tie for 16th into fourth place. The last ride of the day, the crowd had seen enough tough rides that their applause practically carried Boyd and Otis around.

To have two horses in the top ten after today is a feat in itself, and it's no doubt that groom Lindsey Taylor won't get a lot of sleep tonight, making sure the superstars are looking and feeling their best heading into the final veterinary inspection bright and early tomorrow morning. Show jumping starts at 12:30 and we will all be hoping for a good result. (See full schedule here). I for one have a good bottle of champagne chilling...

-Amber Heintzberger

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