Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanks to Our Hard Working Staff!

We're starting to gather bios and pictures of our hard working staff here at Windurra USA!  A big thanks goes out to all the staff here at our barn & we're excited to start posting their bios on our website.

Here are the first two entries:

Dressage Staff

KymmyNAME: Kymberly Pullen
HOMETOWN: Sugar Land, TX
Grooming, Riding and Hauling
Kymmy graduated Texas A&M University with a degree in Animal Science and Business. She began by riding and competing in the hunters, but has been competing in dressage since college.

Kymmy has brought her own horse along to WIndurra to work under the tutalage of Silva. Wiedermark "Markie" , is a 18.1h hanoverian gelding, who she has had since he was 4. Kymmy has brought him up through the levels to Prix St. George with their debut at Intermediare coming in the Spring of 2012 and their first CDI during the summer.

Eventing Staff

LindseyNAME: Lindsey Taylor
DOB: 3/14/1986
Saint Charles, IL
Head Groom and Operations Manager
Lindsey got hooked on horses while she was a freshman at Wheaton College at the age of 18. Looking for something to distract her from her schoolwork, she attended a mini event that her younger sister was competing in. She got the idea that riding might be a fun extra-curricular activity and began taking once a week lessons with Pat Bunge at a small eventing barn, Red Roses Farm in Saint Charles, IL. 
One thing led to another and she was soon leasing a horse and competing in local events. She rode a borrowed horse in a clinic with Becky Holder during this time and was impressed by the enthusiasm, expertise and attention to detail that Becky brought to her teaching. Lindsey decided to pursue a working student position with Becky in 2008 and 2009, during which time she learned an immeasurable amount about eventing at it's highest levels, and became quite interested in grooming and horse care.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's All About Giving at This Time of Year

NJ Star Ledger has run a fabulous article in the sports section about giving back to the local horse community throughout the holiday season.  They also give a nice nod to Neville's nomination for Horse of the Year noting that, "Neville Bardos, who survived a devastating barn fire in May, has to be the odds-on favorite for the U.S. Equestrian Federation's international horse of the year honors."

There is also mention about fellow competitor Lisa Marie Fergusson loss of Smart Move this past week down in Wellington Florida.  Through the SCES (who raised over $50K for us in the aftermath of the TPF fire), a fundraising account has been set up to help Lisa, and is posted on Eventing Nation.  Please consider helping another rider in need this holiday season.

Check out the full article here & have a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

On the Way Home from Germany

I am on the plane home to the USA ! I have Internet on this Lufthansa flight.
It's great!! Here is a pic of my neighbor on the plane!

I am sorry that we have not blogged more about Ash and Mintie's Germany trip.
Overall it was a great experience for Ash, but it was also very disappointing.

Ashlea and Mintie did a nice test on Friday but Mintie was not quite right in the trot. The canter work was great. They had no mistakes and Ash rode very well. After we got the score sheet back and the judges also commented on Mintie being not quite right behind, we decided to scratch him from the freestyle. It was heartbreaking for Ashlea but at the end of the day we have to do what's right for the horse.

Ash and all of us have been working so hard to get to Frankfurt, but horses are
horses and not machines. And that is why we love them so much!!!
Ashlea has learned so much from this whole experience and she has handled the situation amazingly well! There will be many more international competitions for Ashlea and the next time all she learned from this trip will help her.

I am looking forward to getting home and riding again! Only 3 more hours to go....