Monday, December 31, 2012

Wakefield SOLD

Silva Schooling Wakefield

I would like to congratulate Laila Bolsteins on her recent purchase of Wakefield, an impressive six-year-old English Thoroughbred gelding.

Wakefield has been with us for about a year, since Katie and Cuyler Walker imported him from England and placed him in training with Boyd. Wakefield has had a successful training level career with Boyd and Caitlin, most recently placing third at Flora Lea, with previous accomplishments including wins at Pine Top, (GA) and Sporting Days, (SC) in 2012. He is an impressive young horse with a wonderful temperament, beautiful movement on the flat, and a scopey jump. He has not had a single cross-country penalty to date and has all the ingredients for the making of a super event horse.

Wakefield has a strong future ahead of him and we are very excited that he will be able to continue his eventing career with Laila!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Boyd on Evention: How to School a Horse that Drifts Over Fences

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Working Student Position at Windurra USA

Think You've Got What it Takes?
Windurra Eventing is on the search for a very specific person who wants to be part of the future of the sport in this country. Make no mistake, this position is not suitable for 99% of people out there. As history shows, the majority of established eventing legends are a product of a program. I am a firm believer that the only way a talented rider turns into a champion is through thousands of hours of grueling work, surrounded by brilliant trainers, horsemanship, riders, sponsors and owners. To get a complete understanding on how to be successful in all aspects of running a business and being a great trainer, you have to immerse yourself in a system that is the equivalent of a university degree. This apprenticeship is more than just riding lessons, it is years of experiencing all aspects of what it take to be America's next top eventing rider.

I am offering a working student position to a desperately hungry young rider who is committed to a long term working agreement. To start out, we ask you to pay for your horse's hard expenses. As time goes on, this role often turns in to a paying position with us. I believe this is a great opportunity for someone out there to get an understanding of what is involved in all aspects of eventing. This role is more ideal for someone who is an accomplished rider who wants to learn the intricacies of the top levels. Please understand that this job involves a lot of ground work, assisting with the management of the farm and horses.

One of Silva's and my proudest accomplishments has been transforming the promising kid from down the road into a successful 3* rider who is on her way to Rolex in 2013. Over this time, Caitlin Silliman has had plenty of ups and downs, screaming and shouting, working in the sleeting rain, going weeks on end without a day off, but the hard work, dedication, and willingness to learn has made her into one of America's leading younger riders.

If this sounds like something for you, please email Operations Manager Lindsey Taylor. If you are a person who posts comments on The Chronicle of the Horse's chat room, this job is probably not for you...

Lindsey Taylor

Quote from current working student, Beau Guimond: "The working student position is either sink or swim. No floating allowed."

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Otis Update and Boyd's Thoughts on Training Lists

The USEF announced their brand new winter training lists yesterday, which has caused a great amount of excitement, mainly due to the fact that there is not much else going on in the eventing world in mid-December. I'm thrilled and honored to say that the selectors have recognized four of my horses to be worthy of these lists. I have three up and coming young advanced horses in Trading Aces, Crackerjack and Master Frisky who have all debuted on the lists for the first time, in addition to my old war horse Neville. I was also glad to see that my assistant rider, Caitlin Silliman, has been placed on the Developing Rider list with her horse Catch a Star.

Obviously there are a couple of big names absent from the list including my Olympic horse, Otis Barbotiere. I think it was a fair call by the USEF leaving Otis off these lists as he is still in the final stages of his rehabilitation from the Games. He is trotting up sound and is currently hacking for 40 minutes twice a day on the roads. He may or may not be back in time for Kentucky this year, but there are also Luhmuhlen and Pau on the 2013 calendar, both of which would suit him perfectly. I'm in no hurry to accelerate his comeback to have him ready for winter training sessions, as I want to make sure he is 110% healthy before putting him back into intense work.

I believe the lists of the horses and riders is a strong group for the future. There are a lot of new names of riders and horses that will be very relevant coming into the Normandy 2014 WEG. At the end of the day, lists are just lists. I remember being disappointed when Remington wasn't on any list at the beginning of this year, and he ended up being a reserve horse in waiting at Greewich Park on trot up day.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Boyd and Four Horses Named to 2013 Eventing High Performance Spring Training Lists

 We are excited to announce that Boyd has been named to the 2013 US Eventing High Performance Spring Training Lists with the following four horses:

World Class

Boyd Martin (Cochranville, PA) and Trading Aces, LLC's Trading Aces
Trading Aces is a 2004 Irish Sport Horse gelding

Photo of Trading Aces from

National List

Boyd Martin (Cochranville, PA) and Colin Davidson and Lucy Boynton's Cracker Jack
Cracker Jack is a 2003 Thoroughbred gelding

Cracker Jack
Boyd Martin (Cochranville, PA) and Stephen Blauner's Master Frisky
Master Frisky is a 2004 Irish Sport Horse gelding

Photo of Master Frisky from
 Boyd Martin (Cochranville, PA) and Neville Bardos Syndicate's Neville Bardos
Neville Bardos is a 1999 Thoroughbred gelding

Neville Bardos photo from
 According to the USEF, The Global Talent and World Class combinations will be participating in training sessions with Chef d'Equipe David O'Connor in Aiken, South Carolina, Gilroy and Temecula, California or Ocala, Florida. These combinations will also receive training allowances for individual coaching.

National Listed combinations will be invited to participate in training sessions when time is available. Additionally, combinations on all three lists will have continuous access to coaching by O'Connor throughout the season.

The following dates and locations have been determined for the 2013 Winter Training Sessions: (subject to change)

January 21-24 at Flying Tail Farms at Red Fox Farm in Gilroy, CA (in conjunction with the 2013 Developing Rider/Eventing 25 session)

February 2-3 at Headley Stud in Berkshire, UK

February 6-8 at Meredyth South in Ocala, FL

February 12-14 at Stable View Farm in Aiken, SC

February 20-21 at Flying Tail Farms in Gilroy, CA

February 26-27 at Stable View Farm in Aiken, SC

March 4-5 at Meredyth South in Ocala, FL

March 18-19 at Stable View Farm in Aiken, SC

March 26-27 at Galway Downs in Temecula, CA

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Super Owner Amy Lindgren Visits Her Horses

Amy Lindgren, a loyal owner and supporter of Boyd's, was out at our farm yesterday to visit with her horses and watch them jump. Amy has been generous enough, and I have been lucky enough, to have the opportunity to ride Minotaure du Passior, Amy's 12 year old Selle Francais gelding. This has been a wonderful opportunity for me, giving me the chance to ride a horse who really knows his job. "Min" has a heart of gold, and is always eager for work. Amy, the ultimate horsewoman, retired Min from competition after he won the CCI* at Bromont three years ago. Since then, Min has been enjoying life at Windurra, doing some light dressage work, going for long hacks on the nearby Runnymede hills, but has most recently returned to his one of his favorite activities, jumping. Boyd has also been hunting Min with the Cheshire Hunt this season, and Min has shown his aptitude as a true hunt horse, enjoying every minute of it.

Amy also has been supportive of the breeding that Boyd has done in Australia, importing two of his three year olds last winter and buying half shares in each of them. Ray Price and Wallaroo, both now four years old, have shown huge promise for their future eventing careers, easily understanding every lesson that they are taught and jumping small courses with ease. Both of these horses will spend the winter turned out in a huge pasture here in Pennsylvania, enjoying some much deserved time off after their first year on the job. They will continue with their training in the spring, after we return from Aiken with the fleet of competition horses.

I love when Amy comes out to watch her horses go; she has a very true love for each one of them and her happiness for spending time with them spreads throughout our barn. Thanks Amy for your support of these wonderful horses!


Monday, December 17, 2012


Approximately a year ago Silva made the choice to start riding in Stübben saddles, a saddle company which is rich in history, and who has recently added an amazing line-up of saddle designs to their offerings. Stübben recently introduce Biomex technology into their saddle design, a technology in rider and horse comfort that truly addresses back pain and discomfort.  Since making these enhancements to their saddle design, Stübben's sales have been on fire!

Per Stübben's website:

"Stübben has partnered with Biomex* Technology Center at Klinic Gut, a leading hospital for orthopedics and sports medicine in Switzerland, to create an innovative seat design that can greatly reduce a rider’s back pain. Introducing the Patent Pending Stübben Biomex*... it will revolutionize your idea of a comfortable saddle."

Read more about the Biomex Technology HERE

"Build your own Saddle with the company that has over 100 years experience custom fitting saddles to horses and their riders. With the number one focus being the horse's comfort, Stubben saddles are built on the exclusive flexible spring tree.  Why? The flexible Spring Tree allows for optimum movement and therefore performance."

Silva recognizes the benefit of the flexible spring tree to her horses.  "My horses' backs have never been better, and I hardly have any back problems at all since I have been riding in my new saddle!!"  Silva Martin.

For more information on Stubben saddles and the flexible spring tree, visit and set up your appointment to consult with one of their expert saddle fitters!

Friday, December 14, 2012

New Saddle Pad from ECOGOLD

Boyd's new custom pad with navy trim
 ECOGOLD has created an exciting new saddle pad and Boyd's custom pad is hot off the presses. Here's a little sneak preview:

Underside of pad, showing the Coolmax layer & non-slip

The CoolFit Saddle Pad is ECOGOLD's latest innovation, combining a flexible shock absorption system with the most advanced moisture management and heat dissipation technology. Made with a COOLMAX® underside layer and unique air-flow vent system, ECOGOLD's CoolFit Saddle Pad is engineered to quickly dissipate heat and moisture away from the horse's body, providing a more comfortable ride. 

Vent system
It comes with 2 removable 100% breathable open cell and memory foam inserts that can be combined or used by themselves for the ideal impact protection and saddle fit without the need for additional layers. 
Removable layers
- No slipping, no sliding, no friction! It combines ECOGOLD's innovative Frictionless and Secure systems to prevent friction while keeping the saddle safely secure.
- Ergonomic design. The flaps do not have any padding to allow the closest contact and a more stable riding position.

Patricia from ECOGOLD said, "We compared our Coolmax fabric to other fabrics…all I can say is Shamwow!" 

Moisture test video:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Romantic Weekend in Vegas...

 I know this has nothing to do with equestrian sports, but I must blog about one of the truly great sporting events in the world which Silva and I just witnessed!

After a hard working year of horses, horses and more horses, Silva was longing for a romantic weekend away, so I treated her to the biggest 'super fight' in Las Vegas for the year. Two great sporting heroes in Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines against Mexico's Juan Manuel Marquez had a boxing match at the MGM Grand Garden arena.

Here we are!
 What an experience: tens of thousands of crazy Mexican and Philippine fans that were so passionate about their heroes that they were cheering and dancing for days on end. Las Vegas was the perfect setting to accommodate this fantastic showdown.

our seats

I am sad to say that my beloved Manny got knocked out in round six after a very exciting bout, where both boxers threw themselves in harm's way. Each man threw everything into every moment of the match. At the end, either one of them could have got the winning punch. The most impressive thing to see was how Manny handled himself after the most devastating loss of his career. It was brilliant to see how a great champion reacts to the most disappointing moment in his life. I suppose winning is easy to accept, but it's when things don't go right that we see people's true colors.


NAME: Galliard (Pre)
SEX: Gelding
COLOUR: Chestnut
HEIGHT: 16.3
SIRE: Prelude By Mozart
DAM: Copper Penny
BREED: Trakehner
BREEDER: Stopek Stables
OWNER: Gracia Huenefeld

Owned and ridden by a Young Rider, "Pre" is uncomplicated to ride and has three nice gates for Dressage. Shown successfully at Training level and schooling First he has a great future ahead of him.

Pre is quiet in the ring as well as hacking out alone or with a group. He also behaves for the farrier, dentist, vet and for clipping. This is a great horse that has a big heart and lots of personality, who wants to please.

Galliard is owned by Gracia Huenefeldowner, who is Silva's barn manager. Please contact Gracia directly at (402)604-0060 or call Silva Martin (610) 806 2721 for more information.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Devoucoux is proud to unveil their new range of D3D show jumping saddles.  Offering 25 years of experience with made-to-measure saddles, Devoucoux introduces a new design concept through their D3D Technology:
  • Innovative materials which increases comfort and well-being of horse and rider
  • Better weight bearing distribution on the horse’s back
  • Unrivaled feeling of proximity, balance and comfort
  • Innovative Design

Incorporating the analysis of horse and rider bio-mechanics:
  • Achieves of great interactivity between horse and rider
  • Removes back pressure by widening the gullet between the panels in order to achieve the release of the dorsal spinous processes
  • Increases the weight-bearing surface of the panels for better weight distribution
  • Insures high stability of the saddle on the horse’s back, releasing the horse’s forehand, which encourages more even gaits

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chris Johnson Presents Boyd & Neville with Their Portrait!

Chris Johnson Presents Boyd and Neville with Their Portrait!
Chris Johnson, a freshman at Savannah College of Art & Design, is home from school for the holidays and presented Boyd with the oil painting he painted of Boyd aboard Neville Bardos.  Neville came out to give his approval! 
While the original, which measures 24” x 48”, will grace Boyd and Silva’s home, limited edition prints are now available. All 300 of the limited edition will be numbered and signed by the artist.  In addition, Boyd is signing the first prints!
At just $90 (which includes shipping and handling within the U.S.) the 12” x 24” prints make a great Christmas gift.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Boyd and Silva to Judge OTTB Contest in 2013

We are excited to be on the judging panel for next year's Constant Star OTTB For Sport contest! Inspired by the John Madden Sales Breeder's Bridge to High Performance contest, the Constant Star competition will be open only to Off the Track Thoroughbreds and the goal will be to find a future star! We will be judging alongside with Eric Dierks and Callie Schott, as well as contest founder Kimberly Clark, who will award three months of free training to the winning horse. Of course we have had great luck with OTTB's, including Neville Bardos in eventing and Sea Lord in dressage, and we are looking forward to this opportunity to see some promising horses come off the track and into the sport horse world.

Boyd and Silva

For complete details click on the link above or go to

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Congratulations Densey Juvonen

A hug from Densey. Josh Walker Photo
 On Friday evening at the USEA convention, PRO will be honoring Densey Juvonen with the most prestigious Owner's Award in the United States.  It is great that PRO has come up with a way of honoring the people behind the scenes that make it all happen. For those who are not familiar with Densey I have composed some interesting facts:

10 Awesome Facts About Densey Juvonen 
L-R: Densey and Ron Juvonen, Silva and Boyd Martin at Plantation Field. Amber Heintzberger Photo

1. Densey and her husband Ron own a share in Neville Bardos, a share in Otis Barbotiere, a share in Trading Aces, half of HH Lancaster and all of Remington XXV.

2. Her horses have competed in the US, Canada, England, France and Holland in Three-day events over the last few years in 3-Stars, 4-Stars,  US Nation Cup Teams, the WEG and Olympic Games.

3. Together with Ron, she came up with the idea in 2010 of syndicating horses. The base plan was to come up with a system of owners owning a little piece of a number of horses. This gave me the opportunity to ride some of the best horseflesh out there and gave owners a chance to become part of a number of top horses.

4. She has placed Remington, after two USA team short lists and four 4-star events, with up-and-coming young rider Caitlin Silliman:  the idea being that Remington can contribute to the education of the next generation of rider for this country.

5. Not only did she own a share of an Olympic horse this year, she had a piece of every horse I had in the training camp in England on the short list.  If I was going to make the team, so was Densey.

6. She is a courageous member of the Cheshire Foxhounds in Chester county, and jumps three-rail fences for fun!

7. She has donated the $5000 that she won from the PRO Owners Award, to the best CIC in America: Plantation Field International, for next year's event in September.

8. She has experienced the highs along with the lows as most owners do.  Her very exciting 2-star mare 'Charla' died tragically in the barn fire last year.  She was among the most supportive people around me and helped me keep going through this time, never allowing me to feel guilty about her loss.

9. She is the proud grandmother of four  great kids, all of whom are very good riders.

10. Her distinctive cheers can be heard above all others at Rolex when one of her horses does well!

I am always thankful for the day that I met Densey and her 11-year old fox hunter that she wanted me to sell.  Who would have thought that this little horse and I would start a partnership that would ultimately change my life?

 Thank you Densey, and Congratulations!!


Used Saddles Available from Boyd's Sponsor, Devoucoux

Get ready for a new season!
Our used saddle web site has been updated and now has over 90 saddles to offer!
All models and sizes are available.
Devoucoux saddles can be found as well as other brands.

Approved in top condition by our saddle technicians!

With 25 years of experience on made-to-measure saddles and analysis of the horse and rider biomechanics, Devoucoux is introducing a new concept, the D3D Technology:
· Innovative materials to increase the comfort and well-being of horses
· Better weight bearing distribution on the horse’s back
· Unrivalled feeling of proximity, balance and comfort
· Innovative Design
A  new technology at the service of the rider and his horse:
· Achievement of great interactivity between horse and rider
· Removal of back pressure by widening the gullet between the panels in order to achieve the release of the dorsal spinous processes
· Increase of the weight-bearing surface of the panels for better weight distribution
· High stability of the saddle on the horses’ backs
· Release of the horse’s forehand, which allows working with more even gaits

Visit our eStore for leather conditioner and accessories

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Congratulations to Denise and Pierre!

Rising Spirit ("May")

 Denise Lahey and Pierre Colin from Stoney Brook Farm in NH have purchased arguably the best-bred event horse broodmare in the US today from Craig and Sarah Thompson. Rising Spirit, or 'May' as she is known in the barn, is sired by the event horse super sire 'Primitive Rising'  and out of The King's Spirit, winner of the 2008 Bromont CCI3*.

Denise and Pierre
This mare was bred by my good mate Peter Barry and his wife Susan from Quebec, Canada, through Frozen Semen.  She was campaigned and trained by Peter, Colleen Loach, Craig and Sarah Thompson and Lainey Ashker up to the two-star level before she hit the breeding barn due to injury.

I think it's a great thing that Denise and Pierre are getting the best bloodlines in the world on the MARE side to breed their horses. At the end of the day, horses bred with pedigrees like this will help the sport in this country.

Good luck with her!!!



From Susan Barry: 

May's Sire, Primitive Rising
Rising Spirit (May), is by Primitive Rising, purchased 1988, by Louella Stud ( ) leading National Hunt Sire, prolific sire of eventers, winning 8 British Horse Foundation Awards, siring 5 Burghley Young Horse winners, and sire of advanced horses including Cool Mountain (individual Silver & Team Gold at WEG 2010), Rolex Kentucky winner King's Temptress, 7th Badminton, Primitive Control, (6th Badminton, 7th Burghley, competed for GB at 2002 European Championships.)

King's Temptress

She is out of The King's Spirit, winner of the Bromont 3-Star with Sharon White. The King's Spirit is by Rock King out of Hinton Spirit, by Welton Apollo, who was one of the foundation Welton stallions and was competed by a young Leslie Law in his first 4-star. Welton Apollo placed at both Badminton and Burghley.

Cool Mountain

May's daughter, Freespirit, by Freedom Z, placed 13th at the Bromont 1* as a six-year-old, finishing on her dressage score.  She came 3rd at Southern Pines prelim last spring, 1st at Full Gallop prelim, and 4th at Pine Top prelim, always finishing on her dressage score.

All of the mares from this line have been bold but careful jumpers, hardly ever in their careers having a stop or rail.  The mare line is very very dominant.  We bred June (Freespirit) to Catherston Liberato and have an excellent 3-year-old.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Reba Rousseau Sold

After a short stay with us, it was sad to see one of our most talented young horses leave today to start her new career in San Francisco. Reba Rousseau was owned and bred by Bonnie Stedt in New York and came to us after her basic training had been started. We got her jumping in a short period of time and managed to get her to a couple of events in October of this year. Whilst she is very green, she definitely has potential as a dressage or jumping horse for the future. It looks like the new owners will be continuing her training as a pure jumping horse. We wish them all the best with this project and thank Bonnie for placing this nice mare with us.

-Boyd and Silva