Friday, May 6, 2011

Rolex Videos

These days everyone seems to have a camcorder, or at least a camera on their phone, and Youtube is loaded with great videos from the Rolex Kentucky CCI****. Here are a few videos with footage of Boyd and Remington XXV on their way to a ninth place finish:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rolex Review

" Now that Rolex has come & gone, it's time for Remington's team to take a breath and let go of the stress and anxiety that occupies everyone leading up to a big 4* event!

First thing's first.....I'd like to express how important and thankful I am to have this little horse in my life and training program.  A couple years ago I would have laughed if anyone had predicted that Remi would successfully complete 3 tough 4* events.  He was NEVER put on this planet to do his current job, but he always turns up to work willing and able!

I was disappointed with our dressage, first because I knew that he was capable of his score of a 43 at Pau, and also because I knew in my heart that his dressage had improved since that test.  I blame myself for the 2 point penalty points and feel perhaps I may have worked him a little too hard in the warm up, which could have left him a bit flat.  He's shown such extravagance and brilliance leading up to Rolex and with all that said, a 49 certainly was not too bad!  (see dressage gallery)

Little Remi jumped his heart out on XC and struggled a bit with the heavier ground, which tired him a bit earlier than usual.  Regardless, he kept jumping and never looked for a way out till he crossed that finish line & put his head down for a bit of grass!  I was impressed with how well he pulled up, finishing sound and checking out so well with the vet staff.  (see XC gallery)

Show jumping has always been our challenge, sometimes being a bit hit or miss, but he jumped brilliantly and put in a stellar round.  A clear round in the stadium at Rolex usually results in a higher placing, but this year the other top riders also had faultless rounds as well, leaving us in 9th.
(see stadium gallery)

There are a number of people who contributed to our success at Rolex this year.  First of all, my wife Silva has made significant contributions as our dressage coach and puts up with me 24/7 leading up to the event...whether it be my moodiness from the pressure of the competition or my diet changes needed to keep me at my fighting weight.

Phillip Dutton has contributed a huge amount in the show jumping department, with his training advice and tactics in the warm up.  If he had been with us at Pau, I think there is a strong possibility that we would have come away with a winning result.

Lindsey Taylor continues to do an awesome job for me through her hours of hard work, ensuring that Remi has all the attention worthy of a world class athlete.  Her efforts towards the initial event preparation & the care she showed Remi after the event wrap up are a huge reflection on her dedication to our team and this horse.

Last but not least are Ron & Densey Juvonen, who have stuck by my training of Remi through the high's and lows.  They have shown total trust, support and commitment to my decision making....and when things don't go as planned, they continue to show that they are true quality people.  Their commitment to this sport is evident through their love for this little horse.  Through the good results or bad, they are in it for the love of their animal.

Rolex is also a great week to catch up with all my sponsors, so I can give back to the people and companies who support me through their wonderful products.  I was able to meet face to face with the majority of my sponsors and their fan base, so I could show them my appreciation and hopefully give back a bit to their businesses.  From autograph signings to product reviews or video interviews, I was able to stop by their booths for some quality time.  I'd like to thank SmartPak, Charles Owen, Arenus/Equilite, Ecogold, RevitaVet, Nutrena, Devoucoux, Shires, Equifit, The Chronicle and our newest sponsor, Parlanti Riding Boots, for their continued support of my business and sport.

What's next?  For Remi he's going to go home & enjoy a well deserved break eating grass in the back field at the Juvonen's, but I'm sure we'll see him prancing around another upper level event in the near future!!"  ~ Boyd

Photo Credits Lisa Thomas
Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Services

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a Finish!!

The crowd absolutely erupted after Boyd and Remington finished their foot perfect stadium round this afternoon! Their brilliant round held them firmly in 9th place, and I am sure that the Juvonen's are over the moon with his performance.

Eventing Nation summed it up perfectly, noting that "Boyd got a huge cheer from the crowd and galloped around after he finished his great ride--Remington can do better than 9th, but it's the horse's second straight top-10 finish in a 4* after Pau last year" accomplishment to be noted! With other riders in the top 10 laying down some brilliant rounds, there really wasn't much of an opportunity for Boyd and Remi to move up the ranks.....but he has to be ecstatic with the consistent improvement in Remi's stadium results. This horse has such heart and continues to show continual improvement and an unbelievable willingness to please!!

Rolex Final Results:
1. Mary King and King's Temptress (GBR) +0 47.7
2. Mary King and Fernhil Urco (GBR) +0 49.7
3. Sinead Halpin and Manoir de Carneville +0 53.1
4. William Fox-Pitt and Neuf des Coeurs (GBR) +0 54.0
5. Clayton Fredericks and Be My Guest (AUS) +4 57.0
6. Oliver Townend and Sonas Rovatio (GBR) +0 58.2
7. Jessica Phoenix and Exponential (CAN) +0 60.0
8. Hannah Burnett and St. Barths +8 61.3
9. Boyd Martin and Remington +0 61.4
10. Rebecca Howard and Riddle Master (CAN) +0 68.5

I will have further reports from our exciting weekend at Rolex.....but for now I hope you enjoy the photos from stadium today. Congratulations to the whole crew who helped support Boyd and Remington all weekend.....all your efforts truly paid off. Go out and celebrate!!