Thursday, June 23, 2011

August Clinic in NH to Benefit Fire Relief Efforts!

Many thanks to Denise Lahey of Stoneybrook Farm in Peterborough NH for organizing an August clinic to benefit the fire relief efforts!!

August 20th & 21st
Stony Brook Farm
Peterborough, NH
$375 for 2-day clinic
All proceeds will be contributed to the Boyd and Silva Martin Recovery Fund

To access the Clinic Information and Registration form, please visit their blog:

July 12th & 13th Clinic with Boyd

Boyd Martin
CS&W Farm
July 12 and 13, 2011
October 18 and 19, 2011
Clinic with the 2010 Horseman of the Year
Boyd is a 4 star eventing competitor that finished 7th overall on the USEA Rider of the year leader board in 2007. He was shortlisted for the Australian Olympic team on two horses, Yin Yang Yo and Neville Bardos. Since becoming a US citizen, Boyd has had great success competitively. He was named Rider of the year by the Chronicle of the Horse and in 2011  is ranked number one on the Nutrena leader board. For more information go to 
Boyd Martin is one of the best clinician I have ridden with in a long time. People who ride with him feel they and their horses were challenged mentally and physically without being overfaced. Your confidence reaches a new level. He demonstrates imagination in the exercises he teaches. He explains techniques for both stadium and cross country clearly and logically. Both my horses excelled during the class and I have used many suggestions afterwards. This is someone you don’t want to miss riding with.  
Semi privates - $225.00 per day
Groups of 4 - $165.00 per day
Tuesday - Flatwork/Gymnastics
Wednesday  -  Cross Country 
Our XC includes Water/Ditches/Banks for levels BN-Prelim
2011 new sunken road complex and additional new jumps
Registration must be received with payments in full prior to clinic to reserve your spot.  Any questions call Claudia Winter @ 518-537-4417 or email
Visit us on the web at

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update on Horses Recovering from Fire

The Best View in the World: Between Neville's Ears

The last three weeks have obviously been a tough time, picking up the pieces and rebuilding from the tragedy of the barn fire on Memorial Day. With the surviving horses from the fire we have had good news and bad news.

I was elated to finally hop on Neville today for the first time; I took him for a 20minute walk. He’s been spending an hour a day in a hyperbaric chamber, breathing pure oxygenated air, at Fair Hill Therapy (link). He got a scope this morning by Dr. Keane, who was astounded at the improvement in his throat. The burns in his esophagus and wind pipe are healing and it’s great to be riding him again.

Caitlin Silliman’s Catch a Star has also been heading to the hyperbaric chamber every day and her burns are healing with every treatment. Her spirits are high and after a few colic symptom scares she looks to be solidly on the road to recovery.

Otis Barbotiere started tack walking a couple of days ago. He has a few tiny burns on his body and his scope looks fantastic. His future recovery looks promising.

Ambassador’s Rose was the least wounded in the fire; she competed at Plantation Field with Courtney Cooper of C Square Farm (link) and was subsequently sold last weekend.

Poor old Minotaure du Passoir has had the most disheartening recovery: late last week he had a violent attack of colic and was rushed back to New Bolton Center where he underwent a brutal colic surgery, which was very distressing since we thought he was through the danger of the trauma. He arrived back home yesterday and the vets are optimistic for his recovery.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to shout out a huge thank you to everyone who has helped Silva and me out through this tragedy. The support we have felt from this country has been amazing: it seems like every person we know has chipped in and helped out from financial aid to the local farmers donating a bit of hay to the blacksmith not charging on the last shoeing and even the local Amish men donating some time to help muck out some new stalls.

Everyone’s support immensely appreciated. It looks as if we lost about a hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment in the blaze, not including the horses, and the fundraising we’ve received is going toward that and the astronomical vet bills of the recovering horses. Every penny makes a difference; I truly don’t know how I would have got through this without the generosity of the individuals, companies, and generally the equestrian community who have given us the encouragement and ability to press on in our quest to continue with the horses.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Michael Barisone Clinic Tomorrow

Reminder: Tomorrow (Monday, June 19, 2011) is the Michael Barisone clinic at Silva's farm! Auditors welcome, $10 per person, please bring your own chair.

The farm is located at 57 Gibble Road, Cochranville, PA.

Ride times are as follows:

9.00 Kymmy Pullen
10.00 Silva Martin / Sea Lord
11.00 Boyd Martin
12.00 Silva Martin/ Aesthete
1.00 lunch
1.30 Alex Robertson
2.30 Ashlea Day
3.30 Alex Robertson
4.30 Silva Martin / Duvent
5.30 Jacky Kenny

Note: times may change a little - depending on how hot it is the lessons might not an entire hour each.