Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boyd and Trading Aces Win Richland Park CIC3*

Boyd and Oscar won the Richland Park CIC3* in the run-up to Boekelo (NED). Tune in to for the details...

Five Year Old Champs Update from Scout

Take two:

Well today went swimmingly, as per usual when you're a member of the Martin camp. The boys were nothing short of all-stars, and behaved like true gentlemen. Benny is officially 5th in the country as a five year old and Sully, 10th. Watch out, Europe! Silva's coming for you!

If you find this news to be amazing, your findings are sound. However, something equally as amazing happened today: Deb McD and I gave Silva and The Cha a fantastic training session. We made a brilliant team; she taught and I stood awkwardly next to her, grinning like a fool. Hopefully our air-tight instruction will give Silvo and The Cha the competitive edge to dominatet omorrow's class.. Stay tuned for news.


Scout Reports from Chicago

As a precautionary note, let me start by stating that I do not blog, nor do I possess the finesse required to write in general. That being said, lets give this the ol' college try:Today was another fantastic day here in Chicago for Silva and the horses. Benny and Sully were rock stars yesterday. However, Rosa, being the thug that she is, decided to turn it up a notch, kicking ass and taking names in the preliminary test for the developing horse prix st George class. With scores of 72, 70, and 66%, she is sitting in third place going into the championship class with a 69.6% overall (yeah buddy!) behind the second place score of 69.8%. As exciting as this may seem, another impressive event occurred today: I had a causal run in with THE Debbie McDonald, who is now my good friend:). It was a highlight for sure. (Photo proof to come)All horrible attempts at humorous writing set aside, the day ended at wonderful party put on by the competition where we got to have dinner with some pretty remarkable people- Melinda, Larry, Pam, Michelle, and Elizabeth. thank you all so much for coming and supporting Silva and the the horses; we couldn't ask for better owners, supporters, and, above-all, friends. Silva has combined impeccable riding with some amazing young horses to create truly inspiring rides this weekend. It has been a privilege to be apart of it. -Scouty Ford

Friday, August 23, 2013

Boyd and Trading Aces Lead at Richland

Check out Eventing Nation for a video interview with Jenni Autrey:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

All Three of Silva's Horses Pass Veterinary Inspection at Dressage Championships

All three horses passed the jog this afternoon at the USEF/Markel Championships at Lamplight Equestrian Center

This was the first time for Benny and Sully to jog at a show, and Benny of course jogged as if he has done it 200 times. Sully behaved himself, which was nice because he can be a real handful of a boy at times!

Rosa of course made sure everybody new she was there and showed of her biggest bucks at the jog. Nice…

Benny and Sully have the first test of the Championships tomorrow and Rosa does
not go until Friday. The Championship classes have the top 15 horses in the country in each age group, so we are up against some pretty tough competition!

Wish us luck!




George Morris Clinic Next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Video from

USEF Developing Riders clinic with George Morris at Windurra in Cochranville, PA

$60 per day for auditors

The clinic will feature upper level riders on their Training and Prelim young horses since it’s right after Richland Park and all the big horses will be having a rest

Tues and Wednesday, August 27 and 28
Session One: 9-11 am
Session Two: 11-1
Lunch (bring your own) 1-2
Session Three: 2-3pm

For more information contact Sara Sadler at

More specific information on horses and riders to come

GPS Address 1 (Larger entrance, ideal for larger trailers):
Intersection of Gap-Newport Pike (Route 41) and Faggs Manor Road
Cochranville, PA 19330

GPS Address 2 (ideal for cars and tag-along trailers only):
57 Gibble Road
Cochranville, PA 19330


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jones Sold


We are glad to announce that 'Jones' has been sold. Fernanda Kellogg was good 
enough to place him with me and Silva for the last two months.  He competed 
successfully in pure dressage up to the First level, and also up to training 
level eventing. 

We wish the new owners all the best with him.


Silva and Scout: On the Road to Lamplight

Scout and I are on the road to Chicago for the Markel young horse Championships. 
We left the barn at 2:00 this morning since it's such a loooooong way to Illinois, 
about 14 hours with the horse trailer. 
Benny and Sully are feeling better than ever and are ready for the 5-year-old finals, and Rosa 
is prepared to knock the socks off the judges in the Developing Horse Championships! 


Monday, August 19, 2013

Boyd Martin Clinic at Stony Brook Farm

We had another fantastic clinic over the weekend at Denise Lahey and Pierre Colin's Stony Brook Farm in Peterborough, NH. We had a lot of great horses and riders but Pierre and Cedric really stole the show. Denise and Pierre are great supporters, owning Steady Eddie and SBF Cortez, and as members of the Trading Aces Syndicate. It's always fun to spend the weekend at their farm teaching and enjoying the beautiful countryside of New Hampshire.


Pierre and Cedric

Boyd imparting words of wisdom

Pierre and Ying Yang Yo