Friday, February 20, 2015

Rosa Cha W and Aesthete Qualify for I-1 at AGDF 7

Rosa in the PSG

Rosa Cha W finished seventh out of 57 horses in the Prix St George! I am so happy with her performance yesterday and thrilled that she is so competitive against this big, talented group of horses and riders.

Unfortunately Stately had a big spook right at the beginning of our test, which hurt our score. He did do a very good test after that and finished on 67%, in 13th place. Both horses qualified for the Intermediare 1 today; Rosa went second in the ring this morning, at 8.08am and Stately goes at 11.34am. Here's hoping he stays focused on his job the whole time.

Saphira and John

I also rode the fabulous Saphira in the PSG yesterday. This was her first CDI and our partnership has only been about 6 weeks. Unfortunately she was very tense and a little spooky, which cost us a lot of points . But she is still a great horse and we just need more time together, to get to know each other. It was so great to have her owners, John McGuire and Marilyn Johnson, here. As you can see, Saphira and John have a special relationship!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rosa Cha Stands 5th in PSG at AGDF

Rosa was great yesterday at the show. She did a clean test; I might have rushed her a little in the canter, but overall I am pretty happy with our result. We scored 68.6% and finished 5th out of the first 40 or so horses, and I am the second-best American rider. .

Saphira goes at 9:32am and Stately goes second to last at 11:07am today.




Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Silva's Three Horses Pass Jog at CDI

The jog went well at our second Global CDI. Jessie and Jerusha had the horses look amazing! I don't know what I would do without my wonderful girls. 

Jerusha making Saphira beautiful
Because the class is so big again they have to split the Prix St. George class into two days. Rosa went today at 12:32pm (updates to come), Saphira goes on Thursday at 9:32 am and Stately goes second to last on Thursday at 11:07am. Thank you to my fantastic sponsor Ariat for the beautiful scrim sheets! 





Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Silva Featured in

Read about Silva's return to Wellington on

German born American dressage rider Silva Martin returned to the show ring at the 2015 CDI Wellington but it is nothing short of a miracle that she’s able to be there. Nearly a year ago, Martin suffered a seizure and bleeding in the brain after her horse tripped and she fell, and equestrians from all over the world feared it would be the end of Martin’s career.

Now Martin is back in the show ring and is an inspiration to everyone and a joy to watch compete. After several months of rehabilitation, Martin is back in action and is happy as ever to be competing in Wellington.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Global Dressage Festival 6

 We had a good national show last weekend. Of course Melinda and Larry's Benefactor RRS was a star. I showed Benny in third level for the first time and as usual, he cleaned up! We won 3rd level test 2 on Saturday with 70% and 3rd test 3 on Sunday with 73.9%.

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Anne and Mike Laver and Gloria Callen's Bright Side, "Eddie", moved up to first level and he scored 73% in 1st test 3 to finish third yesterday.

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Kirsten Jepp's Estival Star, "Ernie", proved again that he is one of the nicest young horses out there. This was his first real show and he handled it amazingly well. He won both his training level classes with 70% the first day and 75% the second day!!! What a great horse! If somebody is looking for a very special young horse, THIS IS IT!

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I also rode Hallie Arnesbrok's Rumour Has It in her first show ever. I rode her in third level to finish third in both classes! This mare is an amateur's dream, very safe and honest at the shows.