Saturday, June 14, 2014

Both of Boyd's Horses Clear Cross-Country at Luhmuehlen!

Shamwari blazed around double clear while Otis jumped clear and added a couple of time faults. Phillip and Happy were also clear and in the time and currently standing in third place. As you can imagine, there is much celebrating and good cheer in the American camp today. Thanks once again to syndicate member Fernanda Kellogg for sharing photos.

Through the water on Shamwari 4

Phillip and Boyd

Phillip being interviewed

Double Clear!

Riders' Tent

Silva and her mum, Christa

Friday, June 13, 2014

Silva's Friday Luhmuehlen Update

Shamwari went very well in the dressage today even though he was a bit feisty in the warm-up! Boyd rode him well, especially in the walk and the canter. Thsi was their first big event together and a 47 is a good start. They still need to build a partnership, since Boyd has been sidelined with his broken leg.

Otis' test was disappointing; especially since I watched their lessons with David and he looked amazing. They just had too many mistakes in the test and it affected their score, but Boyd came back and had a good test today, so that was good. There's really a lot of competition here, with a lot of top riders and horse from many different nations - a lot of people rerouted from Badminton.

Hanging out in the stands with Augie Vettorino, Steve Blauner and Gloria Callen
Thanks to Fernanda Kellogg for the photo
I've been helping Boyd too but David is really very good at coaching, so I can also sit back and relax a little bit. Boyd's leg is holding up well after numerous course walks, but of course tomorrow is the big test and it's a tough course, a real four-star, so hopefully Boyd and his horses will hang in there.


Silva's Enjoying her Trip to Germany

Having fun in Germany and enjoying catching up with some syndicate members

I MADE IT!! Which for me is exiting since this was my first flight since my injury . I traveled over for the Luhmuehlen CCI**** with Evie Dutton , who was nice enough to pick me up at home and keep an eye on me during our trip.

It is so nice to be in my home country. I just finished breakfast and I are a ridiculous amount of food. So yummy!!

We had a good day Wednesday, with both of Boyd's horses and Phillip's horse passing the jog. Otis was a little full of himself yesterday, but he's a cross-country machine so there's still hope for him to climb up the leaderboard. Here's hoping Shamwari keeps it together today! 

With both of Boyd's horses going in the afternoon, I have plenty of time to hit the shops in the Trade Fair. 

XXX Silva

Video of Otis Barbotiere at Luhmuehlen

Coverage on

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wed. Evening Luhmuehlen Update

The American horses passed the inspection! 
In case Boyd was deemed "unsound", Phillip Dutton presented Otis and Shamwari.  All 36 horses were passed and will move on to dressage tomorrow. I noticed a few fashion 'misses', mostly by the lady riders who didn't make an effort. My fashion vote went to Mark Todd, who was properly presented in a blazer and tan slacks, complete with a tie and his big smile. I also loved the four men in military uniform who were each very dashing and representing the origins of the sport.
American supporters will have a free morning tomorrow and there is much pent-up demand to shop-shop-shop!  We are fortunate to have Silva here to act as our fashion consultant. 
The informal reception tonight is in the stables and we are off to find a beer and some bratwurst.

Syndicate Member Fernanda Kellogg checks in from Luhmuehlen

I took these photos this morning when Phillip and Boyd were working with David O'Connor.  
All of the horses have settled in well and everyone's spirits are good. The jog up is later today, so I will send more photos. The owners who will be cheering Boyd will be George and Gretchen Wintersteen, Gloria Callen, Anne Laver, Steve Blauner and myself. Not everyone has arrived yet. -Fernanda

Emma Ford videoing Phillip Dutton on Mighty Nice

Lindsey Taylor and Shamwari

Silva Martin and Bettina Hoy

L-R: Augie Vettorino, Evie Dutton, Silva Martin and Gloria Callen watching horses work
Boyd and Shamwari after training session with David O'Connor

Monday, June 9, 2014

Eventing Sales Horses Available

We have three talented event horses currently on offer, one to suit any rider. Please follow the links for pedigree and background information:

Finn McCool

Finn McCool

New Cadet

New Cadet
SBF Eowyn

SBF Eowyn

DVCTA at Radnor Hunt Club

We had a DVCTA dressage show at Radnor Hunt yesterday and my awesome girls rode some of my horses as well as their own. I also had students Amy Heron, Pam Murphy and Sandy Retzlaff riding.

Pam was a superstar today! She rode her own Rio Royale, (bred by Melinda Walton and Larry Smith). Rio is a young horse and he was absolutely perfect!  Pam was second in training 2 with 65% and third in training 3 with a great score of 69%.

Amy Heron and her mare Constantina - also bred by Melinda and Larry - had a super test, much better then the last show. They finished third with 64% in first level test 2 and are now qualified for the BLM championships.

Sandy Retzlaff rode her own Rigoletto in second level and had many improvements, but also made unfortunate mistakes in both tests. They are a lovely pair and I’m sure they will have a better show next time.

Kymmy rode her own two horses, Sir Eastwood and Hot date, in the Young Horse Test of Choice  to finish second and third. She also finished second in First level riding Joan's “Just a Flirt”. Great job!

Scout Fort rode Ellen Kettler’s Double Scoop to win first level test 3 with a high score for first level of 71%! Scoop is a very talented horse and Scout rode him beautifully. She also rode Mike and Anne Laver and Gloria Callan's Bright Side in training level, test 3: they not only won the class with the highest score at training level, but had the highest score of the entire show with 74%!  I am so excited about this amazing young horse and so thankful to Scout for riding him so beautifully!

Gracia Huenefeld rode Mike and Anne Lavers’ horse Colin in the PSG class to with 62%. It was such an improvement; hats off to Gracia and Colin!

As much as I am thankful for my girls to ride so nicely, I can not wait to do it myself again. I am also thankful to all my owners and people around me for giving all the time I need to come back -- you all are amazing!

Silva Martin