Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shires Equestrian at Rolex

Come pick up a copy of the new Shires catalog and meet Boyd at his autograph signing, 
12pm, April 29th, Wise Choice Tack, Booth 86, Rolex!!  
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Audio Clip From the Horse Radio Network

I recently received an audio clip from Glenn Hebert at the Eventing Radio Show.  The clip speaks to Boyd's accident on Stewie at Southern Pines and his experience with the Point Two Air Jacket.

Horse Radio Network Episode 130 Audio Clip 

Working with both Boyd and Point Two, I have become a passionate supporter of this product.  Boyd has had other falls in the jacket, but not as serious as this fall, and when he called me afterwards it was evident that he had become a true believer.

The jacket has proved to be a huge step forward in safety for equestrians.  The rider simply slips on the jacket and, when mounted, a narrow lanyard connects the saddle with the jacket. Should the rider become separated from the saddle, the lanyard will pull the activation key from the jacket, triggering a mechanism to release CO2 into the airbag system. The jacket inflates, encapsulating the riders trunk and collar area of the neck before he or she hits the ground, providing shock absorption on impact.  The jacket also inflates in "under .2 seconds" thus the name!

Take a listen to this audio clip, and if you're down at Rolex, please come see them at the Bit of Britain booth.  It's so important that riders of every level not take their safety for granted by strapping on their helmet every day & wearing one of these jackets when out hacking or competing.  It's not just the upper level riders who get we all know someone who's had an accident just walking back to the barn after a school.

I'll get off my soap box now so you can take a listen!  LT

You can also listen to the Complete Interview - Episode 130

Monday, April 11, 2011

Come See Boyd at The Chronicle Booth at Rolex!

The Fork CIC*** Wrap-Up

Boyd Martin and Remington XXV

Boyd and Remington XXV topped a competitive field of 40 horses to win the Advanced division at The Fork CIC*** and Horse Trials in Norwood, NC over the weekend. Even more exciting is that his dad Ross was in the US on business and was able to travel to the event to cheer Boyd on - great for Ross to get to see Boyd up in the winner's circle.

Holly Hepp, Faye Woolf and Ross Martin enjoying cross-country at The Fork

Congratulations to Remi's owners Ron and Densey Juvonen, who have stuck with Remi through lots of ups and downs, and here's looking forward to a repeat performance at Rolex Kentucky in a few weeks' time! Show jumping has long been the toughest phase for Remi and it looks as if show jumping boot camp with Katie Prudent down in Florida this winter has paid off with perhaps the best show jumping round of Remi's career so far.

Boyd Martin and Otis Barbotiere

In their first three-star competition together Boyd and Otis Barbotiere finished 9th out of 51 entries, with a solid dressage test, a clear but conservatively slow cross-country and a clean and sharp show jumping round. The future is looking bright for Boyd's newest prospect, owned by the Otis Barbotiere Syndicate, LLC.

In the intermediate Boyd rode Dana and Manuel Diemer's Cold Harbor to 3rd place. This horse is on a roll! And the Juvonens had even more to celebrate with their talented young mare Charla placing fourth in Preliminary-A.

Photos copyright Amber Heintzberger, 2011 and not for use without permission

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Hanoverian Hurricane Takes The Fork by Storm!

Boyd and Remi won the advanced today! Photos and complete news from the event will be posted tomorrow.
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