Friday, December 14, 2012

New Saddle Pad from ECOGOLD

Boyd's new custom pad with navy trim
 ECOGOLD has created an exciting new saddle pad and Boyd's custom pad is hot off the presses. Here's a little sneak preview:

Underside of pad, showing the Coolmax layer & non-slip

The CoolFit Saddle Pad is ECOGOLD's latest innovation, combining a flexible shock absorption system with the most advanced moisture management and heat dissipation technology. Made with a COOLMAX® underside layer and unique air-flow vent system, ECOGOLD's CoolFit Saddle Pad is engineered to quickly dissipate heat and moisture away from the horse's body, providing a more comfortable ride. 

Vent system
It comes with 2 removable 100% breathable open cell and memory foam inserts that can be combined or used by themselves for the ideal impact protection and saddle fit without the need for additional layers. 
Removable layers
- No slipping, no sliding, no friction! It combines ECOGOLD's innovative Frictionless and Secure systems to prevent friction while keeping the saddle safely secure.
- Ergonomic design. The flaps do not have any padding to allow the closest contact and a more stable riding position.

Patricia from ECOGOLD said, "We compared our Coolmax fabric to other fabrics…all I can say is Shamwow!" 

Moisture test video:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Romantic Weekend in Vegas...

 I know this has nothing to do with equestrian sports, but I must blog about one of the truly great sporting events in the world which Silva and I just witnessed!

After a hard working year of horses, horses and more horses, Silva was longing for a romantic weekend away, so I treated her to the biggest 'super fight' in Las Vegas for the year. Two great sporting heroes in Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines against Mexico's Juan Manuel Marquez had a boxing match at the MGM Grand Garden arena.

Here we are!
 What an experience: tens of thousands of crazy Mexican and Philippine fans that were so passionate about their heroes that they were cheering and dancing for days on end. Las Vegas was the perfect setting to accommodate this fantastic showdown.

our seats

I am sad to say that my beloved Manny got knocked out in round six after a very exciting bout, where both boxers threw themselves in harm's way. Each man threw everything into every moment of the match. At the end, either one of them could have got the winning punch. The most impressive thing to see was how Manny handled himself after the most devastating loss of his career. It was brilliant to see how a great champion reacts to the most disappointing moment in his life. I suppose winning is easy to accept, but it's when things don't go right that we see people's true colors.


NAME: Galliard (Pre)
SEX: Gelding
COLOUR: Chestnut
HEIGHT: 16.3
SIRE: Prelude By Mozart
DAM: Copper Penny
BREED: Trakehner
BREEDER: Stopek Stables
OWNER: Gracia Huenefeld

Owned and ridden by a Young Rider, "Pre" is uncomplicated to ride and has three nice gates for Dressage. Shown successfully at Training level and schooling First he has a great future ahead of him.

Pre is quiet in the ring as well as hacking out alone or with a group. He also behaves for the farrier, dentist, vet and for clipping. This is a great horse that has a big heart and lots of personality, who wants to please.

Galliard is owned by Gracia Huenefeldowner, who is Silva's barn manager. Please contact Gracia directly at (402)604-0060 or call Silva Martin (610) 806 2721 for more information.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Devoucoux is proud to unveil their new range of D3D show jumping saddles.  Offering 25 years of experience with made-to-measure saddles, Devoucoux introduces a new design concept through their D3D Technology:
  • Innovative materials which increases comfort and well-being of horse and rider
  • Better weight bearing distribution on the horse’s back
  • Unrivaled feeling of proximity, balance and comfort
  • Innovative Design

Incorporating the analysis of horse and rider bio-mechanics:
  • Achieves of great interactivity between horse and rider
  • Removes back pressure by widening the gullet between the panels in order to achieve the release of the dorsal spinous processes
  • Increases the weight-bearing surface of the panels for better weight distribution
  • Insures high stability of the saddle on the horse’s back, releasing the horse’s forehand, which encourages more even gaits