Monday, December 10, 2012


Devoucoux is proud to unveil their new range of D3D show jumping saddles.  Offering 25 years of experience with made-to-measure saddles, Devoucoux introduces a new design concept through their D3D Technology:
  • Innovative materials which increases comfort and well-being of horse and rider
  • Better weight bearing distribution on the horse’s back
  • Unrivaled feeling of proximity, balance and comfort
  • Innovative Design

Incorporating the analysis of horse and rider bio-mechanics:
  • Achieves of great interactivity between horse and rider
  • Removes back pressure by widening the gullet between the panels in order to achieve the release of the dorsal spinous processes
  • Increases the weight-bearing surface of the panels for better weight distribution
  • Insures high stability of the saddle on the horse’s back, releasing the horse’s forehand, which encourages more even gaits

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