Saturday, June 21, 2014

Anne Hennessey Purchases Half of The Gypsy King

A big congratulations to our long-time supporter Anne Hennessey, who has purchased a 50% share in Gloria Callen’s The Gypsy King. We imported this horse from Ireland late last year and he looks to be a very promising young horse. I believe he has all the ingredients for a big-time horse: movement, jump and temperament. Both Anne and Gloria have been wonderful supporters of young horses for me for years now and I can’t thank them enough.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Focusing on the World Equestrian Games

I can’t tell you how happy, relieved and excited I am to be named to the Land Rover U.S. Eventing Team for the upcoming Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France with Shamwari 4. I was up against a lot, getting on this team, but thanks to a great result in Luhmuehlen we managed get the job done.

First and foremost I’m sitting on one of the best horses I’ve ever had. I’m grateful to the owners and very thankful to the people who’ve helped me along through my eight weeks of being sidelined from my broken leg.

I feel humbled by the Shamwari syndicate, especially those individuals that bankrolled the initial purchase of the horse – obviously to buy a horse at this level takes a huge amount of confidence in the person organizing the syndicate and it’s a great feeling knowing they all believe in me.

Once again I must thank everyone who has helped me to achieve this monumental goal. Obviously I have to thank my wife Silva, and while she’s been out of commission Caitlin has stepped up and taken the role training all the horses – she’s a bit of an unsung hero and the horses are doing so well thanks to all her hard work. Phillip has kept the horses up on their jump training and competing them. My groom Lindsey is also super, as always, keeping the horses in brilliant condition. Finally my physio has dedicated hours and hours to helping me regain my strength and mobility. I’m still going to physio therapy and the leg is not quite 100% but as each day goes by I’m getting stronger and stronger.

 The three horses that went to Germany, Otis Barbotiere, Shamwari 4 and Mighty Nice, arrived safely on Wednesday at JFK and will come back to the farm today. I’ll have to talk to David and Phillip about how much time off to give Shammie, but I’m expecting to put him back into light work in a week’s time.

I spoke with Phillip this morning, and on Monday Trading Aces will move down the road to True Prospect Farm, where Phillip will take over his training full-time. Both myself and the owners of “Oscar” purchased him a couple of years ago with the intention of taking him to the WEG. Everyone was on board with the idea and we’re thrilled that Phillip has been named to ride him at the WEG. We also feel that having the horse available for both Phillip and myself, since we both qualified to compete on the team with him, is an ideal situation, (he will be my backup horse, in case anything happens to Shamwari, while Mighty Nice will be standing by in the wings for Phillip to ride).

The team looks like a great choice for Normandy. [Click here for videos of all of the horses and riders]. I think the selectors have picked great cross-country riders; the last two teams I’ve been a part of, it’s the cross-country where the USA has fallen short, so it’s a good decision leaning toward this type of rider and horse. We know that all of our riders will need to be on a mission when they face the cross-country course in Normandy


Silva's Reflections on Traveling to Germany

I made it back from Germany, safe and sound! The flights to and from Germany went well.

It was so great being in my home country. One of the things I miss the most while living in the US is German food. Everything there is so delicious, and I inhaled all my meals while I had the chance! Of course I tried to eat everything that I ate while growing up. My favorite meal when I was young was breakfast, and I especially remember the bread being yummy.

I am not a big beer drinker, but the beer is so delicious too. Instead, I drank German Riesling wine.

Speaking of family, it was wonderful to see my mom, brother Julian and my sister Laura. I am so appreciative they made the five-hour drive to Luhmuehlen to see me.

Luhmuehlen, where the competition was held, is in a very pretty area in the northern part of Germany, near Hamburg.  All the little towns we drove through were immaculate. Every yard was perfectly groomed, and it was clean everywhere.  People in Germany look after their yards as much as they look after themselves. Everyone is so fit and stylish. I left a long time ago, and notice this more and more with each visit.

As far as the competition went, it was a pretty amazing outing for Boyd and Phillip. All three horses were superb, and we had an awesome team present. Huge thanks to all the owners, grooms, coaches, and everyone who came out to help and support team USA. The team will definitely be a force to be reckoned with moving forward!



Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Style Police: Luhmuehlen Fashion Roundup with Silva

in his super-German outfit. Not my style, but very appropriate!
I really enjoyed the trip to Luhmuehlen, and thanks to Fernanda Kellogg I have lots of
 photos of some fashion trends from the event.  I don’t think it’s all that different from here, but loud colors are definitely a trend in Germany right now. My style is pretty simple, I don’t like too many bright and trendy things and I personally would stay away from too much color and flashiness but that’s my style. Tastes are different, and of course in the warm-up everything goes.

Some people went too crazy in the jog, in my opinion.  There are those who don’t make enough of an effort, but you don’t have to go all-out either, and keeping it simple is always appropriate.

I didn’t see a lot of bling, and that’s another place where a little is good but it’s easy to go over the top with it. You also want to be careful not to point out flaws by sticking bling on them!

I was happy to see that loads of people were wearing helmets in the dressage. It’s really changing in Germany, not too long ago, hardly any riders wore helmets in dressage, but now most people are wearing them. Fancy-looking helmets are getting big in Europe. I saw a lot of shinier helmets over there, which you don’t see as often in the US. Style wise I think the helmet definitely has to be matching your outfit, whichever style helmet you choose. Schooling at home you can go wild, but in the competition ring I think it’s best to coordinate with your outfit. Our sponsor Charles Owen will make whatever you want, color-wise!


Kevin McNab, who was best man when Boyd and I got married, looks super sharp in his suit at the jog.
Czech team polo shirts. Simply stylish
Ingrid Klimke tastefully displays her sponsors' info on her shadbelly

I saw lots of shiny, colorful helmet trends in Germany

British team jacket
Spotted these super shiny alligator boots in the schooling arena.

Of course Ariat provided team USA with some stylish jackets

Things are getting colorful in the dressage arena!
Lauren Hough showed up to help the American riders with the show jumping. She always looks simple and elegant.
Chic black and white jog outfit
Bettina's look is simple and elegant. This is very much my style. She always looks great!

Tails are coming in so many colors now, you can choose anything you like.
Charles Owen makes more than helmets for countries, they also make pretty much everything one could want! Bettina is styling the German colors.

Ingrid Klimke sporting her German Charles Owen ensemble. Very classy!

Of course Phillip looked sharp when he presented Mighty Nice

Luhmuehlen Video Roundup

Just in case you missed anything, here are all the Luhmuehlen videos in one spot: Skip to about 11:50 to see Shamwari jumping

or try this link

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Top Three Finish for Boyd and Shamwari at Luhmuehlen CCI****

Photo by Jenni Autry for

First I’d like to thank the USEF for the grant to help Shamwari get here to Germany. Without question this is one of the most competitive horse trials in the world and it’s a real honor to represent the United States here at this competition. Secondly I’d like to thank the all of the owners for getting behind me and the horses. Both Silva and I have felt wonderful support from both the group that made the trip over and those back in the States, cheering us on.

 Otis put in a good performance; I must say we are a little bit rusty having not competed at this level for a good while and this showed up in all three phases. However Otis has always been a favorite of mine and it was wonderful being back in the saddle at this level with him once again.

Shamwari was sensational! Without question this is one of the classiest horses I’ve ever sat on, in all three phases. It felt amazing jumping him around cross-country and show jumping. He has confirmed my belief that he’s one of the world’s best event horses and I’m thrilled to put in a top three finish on him, which I think leaves us in good standing for the World Equestrian Games.

Happy syndicate members and Silva's family after awards ceremony
Obviously I had a rotten preparation for this event, breaking my leg at Southern Pines, but I had wonderful people around me. At the top of the list is Silva and beyond that Caitlin Silliman for doing all the dressage work and Phillip Dutton for jumping and competing Shamwari while I was sidelined. Thanks always to Lindsey Taylor who keeps everything in order and takes care of the horses like they're her own.

My leg is not fully healed and strong at the moment and is still causing a fair bit of pain, so thanks also to Phillip for trotting both horses up. I’d like to send a shout-out to my phsyio, Chris Dougherty, who’s been working hard over the past six weeks to prepare me for this goal.

Sadly the event also had terrible tragedies, with Ben Winter passing away after a fall on cross-country. It was extraordinary how all the riders, officials and spectators bonded together and mourned this terrible loss. On top of that both Silva and I feel terrible for Jordan’s family and friends, and those associated with the horse Liberal.

 Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful emails, texts and Facebook messages sending support for the Americans competing at Luhmuehlen this weekend. First thing tomorrow morning we’re heading back to the US and getting back to work. First, it’s time to enjoy a glass of good German beer with our support group. 



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