Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Evening Party and Saturday Schedule

Two days in to the Bettina Hoy clinic we all had a great time at the reception held this evening at held at the home of Neville Bardos syndicate members George and Gretchen Wintersteen. A good time was had by all of the riders, grooms, owners and clinic supporters. We're all looking forward to our lessons tomorrow.


Here's the schedule:

Jan Byyny 8:00
Jan Byyny 8:45
Allison Springer 9:15
Kevin Keane 10:00
Erin Sylvester 10:45
Sara Gumbiner 11:30
Boyd Martin 1:00 (Nev)
Boyd Martin 1:45 (Otis)
Boyd Martin 2:30 (Thomas)
Jessica Hampf 3:15

Bettina Hoy Clinic Friday Schedule

Allison Springer on Arthur Taking Instruction from Bettina Hoy

Schedule for Friday, January 27

8:00 Emily Van Gemeren & Berkeley
8:45 Will Coleman & Twizzel
9:30 Kevin Keane & Fernhill Flutter
10:15 Jan Byyny & Why Not
11:00 Jan Byyny & Syd Kent
11:45 Jessica Hampf & High Society
12:30 Lunch
1:15 Allison Springer & Arthur
2:00 Boyd & Remi
2:45 Boyd & Neville
3:15 Boyd & Otis

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Silva, Crew and Horses Arrive in Wellington, FL

Kymmy, Devon, Scout, (our new working student) , seven horses and I have arrived in Wellington, Florida to compete this weekend. Kymmy and I trained with Michael Barisone this morning and the horses were great. Michael is a huge help; I got a lot out of the lessons and the horses did great.

We have: Stately, Duvent, Jeff, Rosa, Promise, Curtis and Markie here.

We start showing tomorrow at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center. There is a lot going on at that place this weekend; our show, the Wellington Classic Dressage, is combined with the World Dressage Masters and the grounds are packed!

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bettina Hoy Clinic January 26-28, 2011 at Bridle Creek Farm in Aiken

Image of Bettina Hoy from

We are inviting some of the best horses and riders in Aiken, including potential Olympic horses that’ll be heading to Kentucky later this spring, to a three-day clinic with German rider Bettina Hoy. Everyone is welcome: owners and grooms are free and there is a $20 auditing fee for others.

Bettina is one of the best riders and trainers of all time; she and her husband Andrew, who rides for Australia, have both ridden at the Olympics and World Championships and have numerous wins around the world. She has flown over from Germany especially to come to Bridle Creek Farm for the clinic, tomorrow through Saturday.

Friday afternoon is a beer, wine and cheese "Meet Bettina" party – anyone and everyone is welcome from 1-3pm to enjoy this occasion with us.

For GPS Navigation please use this address:
Colbert Bridge Road
1139 Colbert Bridge Road
Aiken, SC 29803

Check out the schedule below for Thursday's rides so that you can come see your favorite horses and riders in action. The schedule for each day will be posted on our blog the night before. Stay tuned for more information.


8:00 Jan Byyny (Syd Kent)

8:45 Boyd Martin (Ying Yang Yo)

9:30 Jan Byyny (Why Not)

10:15 Boyd Martin (Neville Bardos)

11:00 Boyd Martin (Otis Barbotiere)

11:45 Kevin Keane (Fernhill Flutter)

LUNCH (Drag Ring)

12:45 Will Coleman (Twizzel)

1:30 Will Coleman (Nevada Bay)

2:15 Allison Springer (Arthur)

3:00 Erin Sylvester (No Boundaries)