Saturday, November 3, 2012

Great finish to the Dressage Season!

We had a great finish of the season at GAIG Championships today! Stately won the Prix St. George AGAIN! I am so excited about all that is to come with my friend Stately - he is awesome!

Duvent and Melinda (at right)
I could not be prouder of Duvent for how he finished his season. He has been very consistent and always scores in the 70's. He was reserve Champion today with 70%.

Zoran held his own in his first third levels and did another very nice test today to win with 68%.

Elite Pharis
 Elite Pharis also won his third level test again today with 68%. He really is a very nice and honest horse.

Kymmy and Markie
Kymmy and Markie had a lovely PSG test today to finish third in the class!
Gracia and Dia
Gracia and Dia finished fourth in the Young Rider training level Championships!

I would like to thank all the wonderful people that support me.  I have the most wonderful horses and owners and a great team around me . I feel very lucky! I could not do what I do without those people.

Charles Owen Helmet and Smartpak Jacket
I also would like to thank my wonderful sponsors: Smartpak, St├╝bben, Purina and Charles Owen make sure my horses and I have everything we need to perform and also to look our best.

I am looking forward to the next few months of no showing as I focus on training and preparing for next season.


Great Friday at the GAIG Championships!

Today was a pretty exciting day for me because Stately and I did our first Prix St George test together.  Stately was his usual amazing self although he was still a little green. I was so happy that we won, but even happier with our score of 74.6%. It was so much fun to have his owner Faye here for our first step into FEI!

Zoran moved up to third level today and did a great test. Bonnie and I are very excited about him! He is going to be a very special horse. We won today with 69%.

Benny and I showed in the Region 1 GAIG Championships today. We have to keep reminding ourselves that Benny is only 4 years old. He was truly amazing and we won with 75.4%. Melinda was here to cheer us on!

Melinda and Benny
Duvent had the warm up class for his Championships today. I think today was the most quiet test we ever did! I think he might be settling down! ( I hope I did not jinx myself) We won fourth level with 69%.

Elite Pharis did a very nice test in third level today and we win with 66%. Pharis has come a very long way; this time last year he was green at training level!

Gracia and Dia had a nice test in their warm up class today and won with 67%.

Kymmy and Markie showed in the open Prix St George Championships today. They had a very nice test in an extremely competitive class and finished ninth.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Attwood Arena Withstood the Storm Perfectly!

Thanks Attwood Equestrian Services for our wonderful arena, which held up perfectly through the storm. The only damage was a broken mirror at the end of the ring, but that is easily replaced. Here's a photo of Stately having a school this morning, after we had about half a foot of rain.


Edwin from Attwood sent us an email on how to prepare the arena before the storm - its amazing how they're always looking after us! He suggested that we roll the arena so the water would just roll off, and it worked great. Edwin is the best!

Thanks for everything!

-Boyd and Silva

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Juno W At Her New Home

Baby Juno
 Boyd and I are always so happy to see the horses we sell, especially our home breds, go to good homes and also to hear great news about how they are doing.
Juno is one of the fillies that we bred in Australia and imported to the USA. She has the biggest personality and a lot of talent. I meet Doug and Sasha Walsh about a year ago and Doug asked me at one of the Blue Goose shows if I would be able to help his wife Sasha with her big horse, Chancellor .
I started teaching Sasha and also Doug on one of his horses. Sasha is a very talented and ambitious dressage rider and it is fun to see her improve .Sasha was looking for a talented young horse to bring up the levels so I told Doug and Sasha about Juno and that I thought that Juno would be a great match for Sasha.
Silva and Juno
 They fell in love with Juno and bought her a few months ago. Juno has a lot of quality but she is still very young and a little spooky. Doug and Sasha work with a natural horseman at their farm in Nothingham, PA . They decided to spent a few months getting Juno used to everything before we start with the dressage training together, and I thought that was a very good idea since Juno is so young .

Juno on stool without saddle
A few weeks ago Sasha send me the above picture; I think it's so funny, and amazing at the same time. I think it is so great how much time Doug and Sasha have spend with Juno to get to know her and for Juno to trust them as much as she does now.

Sasha and Juno
Last week I received another picture from Sasha of her on Juno. The text with the picture said : "We are ready for the dressage saddle now!"

I could not be happier with Juno's new home and owners . I think Sasha and Juno are going to have a great future in the dressage ring together! We will see her out showing in the spring!