Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CSW Clinic Nov 19th & 20th!

We are having Boyd back again before the real snow starts to fly!

We have been lucky two years in a row for doing XC in November and there is no reason why the third time won't be the same. Even if we cannot do XC the October clinic (stadium) was amazing! Boyd was so creative on gymnastic day taking us from the outdoor ring into the indoor, back out to the outdoor and jumping around the dressage ring to finish off in the outdoor jump ring.

What will he come up with this time - don't miss it, this guy is such a great clinician!
Hope to see you! Claudia

Semi privates - $225.00 per day (if available)
Groups of 4 - $165.00 per day

Saturday - Flatwork/Gymnastics
Sunday - Cross Country (weather permitting)

Our XC includes Water/Ditches/Banks for levels BN-Prelim
2011 new sunken road complex and additional new jumps

Registration must be received with payments in full prior to clinic to reserve your spot. Any questions call Claudia Winter @ 518-537-4417 or email her to register!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Last Dance of the Year: Rubicon Horse Trials

After ten straight hard months of eventing, we finished our season at the Rubicon Horse Trials in Virginia. Our first event of the year was at the end of January in Georgia and we've seen some fantastic events all around the world, which has been exhilarating. As a rider, I myself have competed in 175 starts this year, which by my calculations, is about 5250 cross country jumps jumped and about 2450 braids plaited by the girls at the barn.

Rubicon once again provided a fitting finish to a great year. The organizers and committee of this event always put on a magnificent competition. Throughout the weekend I rode a very high quality group of younger horses that have showed improvement throughout the year. A lot of these horses moved up a level the last start here at Rubicon, and they did not disappoint. The results of the weekend are as follows:

Open Preliminary A
Crackerjack, owned by Lucy Boynton and Colin Davidson, 1st
Partyboy, owned by Fernanda Kellogg and Nick Myers, 9th

Open Preliminary B
Merging, owned by Laurie Cameron, 2nd
Ricochet EDF, owned by Lisa Samoylenko, Retired

Junior Young Riders Open Preliminary
Arundel, owned and ridden by Abbie Golden, 3rd

Open Training A

Steady Eddie, owned by George and Gretchen Wintersteen, Denise Lahey and Pierre Colin, 4th
Brewster, owner by Katie and Cuyler Walker, 5th
Quinn Himself, owned by Bonnie Stedt, 7th

Open Training B
New Cadet, owned by Anne Hennessey, 8th
Krugerrand, owned and ridden by Caitlin Silliman, owned by Manny and Dana Diemer, 9th
Rondo, owned by Densey and Ron Juvonen, 11th
Lux Like Fernhill, ridden and owned by Caitlin Silliman, 19th

Open Novice A
Waranga, (pictured above and at top), owned by Amy Lindgren and Boyd Martin, 3rd

Open Novice C
Canton Center, ridden by Emily van Gemeren, 9th

A big cheers to Laurie Cameron, who captured a number of great picture while cheering her mare on Saturday during the event.