Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rosa Cha Places 3rd in First International Intermediare I

Rosa Cha W in her first Intermediare I test
  I am so proud of my wonderful home bred mare Rosa Cha W, I could not be happier with her; she was amazing today - we finished 3rd in I-1 at the CDI today. She was the youngest horse in the class of 18 horses and it was a huge accomplishment. She scored almost 70% from the five International judges! I think she has a great future ahead of her and this was a fantastic start. I'm so glad that I could improve from yesterday, I really felt like I rode well and she handled it all very well.
Also Kymmy had a really good day, finishing 2nd in the Prix St. George National Class. She rode a really good test. 

My student Sandy Retzlaff, with Rigoletto scored 61% at to finish fourth at First level and I am proud of her for trying so hard and doing so well. 

Thanks of course to all of my sponsors, owners, students and supporters; it takes a huge team and I couldn't do this without everyone's help!
Scoreboard after Rosa's Test

Rosa W at the Awards Ceremony
Pretty in Yellow
Kymmy - Medium Trot
Coaching Sandy

Talking with Sandy

Gracia was our videographer and photographer extraordinaire this weekend!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Rosa's First CDI

Rosa Cha W
 Today was Rosa's first time in the big ring, in the Prix St. George at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby, and she was a very brave girl. Unfortunately we had two mistakes: one just before the first canter pirouette, and then a counting problem in the 4-tempi changes, where we did a couple of 3's. This was pretty costly, and we finished 6th overall, which is not bad for a young horse her first time out, but of course I had hoped to do better. Tomorrow we are competing in the Intermediare I, which is a harder test, and I am hoping that we can improve on today's ride.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

First Day at the Palm Beach Derby!

Rosa and I had our first FEI jog at the CDI at the Palm Beach Derby today. Rosa looked beautiful and she for sure wanted to make a big impression on the judges!Leave it to Rosa to make even the jog exciting!!!

After the jog I worked her in the International Arena with Michael Barisone and she was great! We are 9th in the draw tomorrow at 9.59am in the Prix St George. I am excited to ride Rosa in her first big show. She is still very young and of course still needs to build more strength, but I think we are ready and we will give our best tomorrow!

Kymmy is riding Markie in the national PSG tomorrow at lunch time as well.

Fingers crossed!

Devoucoux Goes Above and Beyond Once Again

 We are well on our way into the 2013 season and as the horses start to work harder and harder, it is absolutely essential that our equipment is fitting them like a second skin. We are so lucky to be sponsored by Devoucoux, who takes saddle fitting very seriously and cares about our horses' comfort as much as we do.
We had Vincent Eddahri, Technical Advisor for Devoucoux, out at our farm this morning to check and adjust the fit of our dressage, cross country and show jumping saddles on each of Boyd's top horses. Vincent is a highly skilled saddle fitting technician and says, "It is important to take your time when fitting a saddle". 
He spent most of the morning with us, trying several different saddles on each horse in the barn and then watching how the saddle fit and moved with the horse as Boyd rode around in each one. He marked each horse's scapula and withers with a piece of chalk and watched how the muscles of each horse moved in relation to where the saddle sat on the horse's back. It is so reassuring to me to know that we have a dedicated saddle fitter who is knowledgeable in the intricacies of equine anatomy and musculature working with our team of horses.
Vincent is in Aiken, SC through mid-March and is available for saddle fitting consultations throughout Aiken and the surrounding area. Please contact him to schedule a saddle fitting appointment and let his knowledge and expertise improve the comfort of your horse's saddles. 
Vincent Eddahri
Technical Advisor- Devoucoux
(571) 233-6606 (cell)


NAME: Duvent

SEX: Gelding

COLOUR: Chestnut

HEIGHT: 16.3h


SIRE: De Niro

DAM: Heidekind \ Rubinstein

BREED: Hanoverian

BREEDER/OWNERS: Melinda Walton & Larry Smith


Duvent has had an exemplary career beginning with his being named champion foal at his American Hanoverian Inspection. He possesses impeccable breeding combining the incomparable classic sire lines of Donnerhall and Rubenstein I.  Not started under saddle until the age of 5, Duvent has quickly progressed through the levels with Silva Martin, his trainer for the last three years.

Silva and Duvent have won the USDF Region I Reserve Championship at Second Level in 2011 and won the Reserve Championship at Fourth Level in 2012. Duvent and Silva won their Fourth Level Class at Dressage at Devon in 2012, as well as two Reserve Championships at Fourth Level.

In their quarterly magazine, The American Hanoverian Society featured the success of this pair, winning against a large Fourth Level field at the Commonwealth Dressage and Combined Training Association Competition at Morven Park in May, 2012. Duvent was the American Hanoverian Society's USDF national All Breeds Fourth place winner at Open Fourth Level for 2012.

With scores consistently in the 70's, Duvent is often described as flashy and electric, with expressive gaits and elegant presence. Silva is currently working Duvent in all the Prix St George movements, as well as one and two tempi's. Duvent is an excellent horse for hacking and is suitable for a confident amateur or professional rider to continue to Grand Prix!

Fourth Level Test Dressage at Devon 2012

Serious Inquiries Only
Please email Silva or call 610 806 2721

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

USEF High Performance Owners' Day

On Monday, we enjoyed a brilliant afternoon of golf followed by a wonderful evening where many of the high performance riders joined up with owners and potential owners of top quality event horses.

Ron Juvonen, member of all our syndicates as well as owner of HH Lancaster and Remington XXV, organized the afternoon of golfing at Palmetto Golf Course in Aiken. This is one of America's most historic golf courses and ranks among the top 200 most challenging courses in America. Riders were separated into groups with owners, partnered up with a very bewildered looking golf pro, to lend advice around the course.

Out of the Sand Trap

In our group I was accompanied by four-star event legend Allison Springer along with George Wintersteen, member of the Neville Bardos Syndicate, partner in Steady Eddie and owner of Ballyneety; as well as Pierre Colin, member of Trading Aces Syndicate, owner of SBF Balboa and SBF Cortez as well as a partner in Steady Eddie.

Pierre and George

 It was a brilliant game of nine holes which saw us all play some phenomenal strokes followed by many, many disastrous hits which often ended up on the neighboring fairway. It was a fantastic feeling taking part in a different sport alongside some of the people that are absolutely crucial for supporting our career with horses.

George, Boyd, Allison and Pierre

A couple hours later, Fernanda Kellogg hosted a sensational party sponsored by SmartPak at her FoxFrolic Farm in Aiken. Fernanda and her team of Owners' Task Force members are absolutely brilliant in turning social functions like this into very enjoyable evenings that make us all feel very proud to be invited. To cap it off, David O'Connor, Will Coleman, Densey Juvonen, Fernanda Kellogg and Annie Jones all made short speeches in regards to their joys and experiences through ownership in the sport of three-day eventing.

A big thanks must go to everyone involved in organizing this great event. All of us had a wonderful time and we all came out of it with fresh ideas on the subject of event horse ownership.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The PERFECT Amateur's Horse!

NAME:    Monte Carlo
SEX:    Gelding
COLOUR:    Black
HEIGHT:    17h
BREED: American Warmblood

If there is "The PERFECT Amateur's Horse", it would be Monte. This 10 year old gelding is a gentleman to ride and to handle in every way!!

Monte is showing successfully at third level and has the potential to go FEI. He is very trainable and loves to work. He is a pleasure to hack and to ride at any familiar or unfamiliar venues. Monte is a overall FUN horse!!!

Inquiries, please contact Silva by email or phone 610 806 2721.

Silva Competing Monte at White Fences - 2013

Dressage Show Videos of Silva and Horses in Florida

Monday, February 25, 2013

Three Shares Still Available in Rosa Cha Syndicate

Rosa Cha W in Wellington, FL 2013
There is still time to become part of this exciting mare's future! Rosa is currently competing successfully in Wellington, Florida at Intermediare I level. Sign up now and you can be part of the excitement! 

Click here for more information about Rosa Cha

Click here for a copy of the syndication agreement

Sunday, February 24, 2013

High Performance Training Sessions in Aiken

The USEF Training Sessions start Tuesday at 8 am at the lovely Stable View Farm in Aiken:

Tuesday, February 26th – Dressage
8:00 AM: Allison Springer/Copycat Chloe
8:45 AM: Phillip Dutton/Mighty Nice
9:30 AM Phi
llip Dutton/Fernhill Eagle
10:15 AM Jennie Brannigan/Cambalda

11:00 AM Boyd Martin/Master Frisky
11:45 AM Boyd Martin/Trading Aces

12:30 PM Lunch Break
1:00 PM Doug Payne/Crown Talisman
1:45 PM Emily Beshear/Here’s To You
2:30 PM Erin Sylvester/No Boundaries
3:15 PM Holly Payne/Santino
4:00 PM Will Faudree/Andromaque
4:45 PM Susan Beebee/Wolf

As a reminder, auditors are welcome but please DO NOT follow your GPS to Stable View. Use the directions from the website: and copied below:

Final note: we will have sound this time at the training session - we should all be able to hear David better!

 Driving Directions

1. I-20 to exit 18 (Hwy 19) in South Carolina.
2. Take Hwy 19 north for 7/10 of a mile.
3. Turn left onto Hwy 191/Old Graniteville Road.
4. Go 1.3 miles and turn right onto Springfield Church Road.
5. Go 1.5 miles to Stable Drive.
6. Turn left into Stable View Farm.

Driving North from Aiken

1. Take Hwy 19 north to I-20 and then follow directions from above.

First Show of 2013 in Florida: Welcome Back to White Fences I

We had a great first show in Florida! It was a busy weekend with 11 of our horses showing.
First I have to say what a great show the White Fences show was. It was very well organized and a beautiful venue. Adam, the organizer and owner of the place, went all out and could not have done a better job of putting on this wonderful show!

I was very proud of Rosa Cha who did her first Intermediare I. She felt great in the ring and could not have tried harder for me. We scored 68% and finished second. Now I feel ready for our first international CDI next weekend at the Palm Beach Derby!

My three five-year-old horses, Benefactor RRS, Di Solitaire and Fortissimo B, were amazing!
On Friday Di Solitaire won his first ever first level test 3 with a 74% and Benefactor was third on 71%. Fortissimo also won his first first level with an outstanding score of 77%.

Yesterday my three boys showed in their first Markel qualifier for 5-year-olds. Benefactor blew me away by performing a stellar and mistake-free test, winning with a score of 82%. That score puts him on top of the ranking list for 5-year-olds in the country so far!

Fortissimo was also amazing! He tried very hard and showed off his unbelievable gaits . We had two small 'green' mistakes and he finished second with a score of 80%.

Di Solitaire is the greenest out of the three boys. He tries so hard for me but it is a very difficult test for a 5-year-old horse and he made a few little mistakes, which put us fourth on 77% .

Likely Story showed in her first second levels and I am so proud of this little mare. She is a real trouper and she won on Friday in second level test 2, then finished third on Saturday in second level test 3.

Anne Lavers' Colin showed fourth level for the first time and was second on Friday and fourth on Saturday. He did great! (Pictured above)

I was also riding a new horse for me, Monte Carlo, who is owned by Ellie Ball. Monte is a cool horse and he placed second on Friday in third level with 71% and 8th on Saturday.

Kymmy won second level on Rigoletto, who is owned by Sandy Retzlaff. She also came third on Hot Date with great scores and rode a nice test on Wiedermark in the PSG! Good job Kymmy!
Gracia rode in her first time at third level, finishing second in the Juniors on Independence!