Saturday, July 20, 2013

Group of Talented Horses For Sale!

I have some fabulous horses for sale at the moment, including inexpensive amateur horses as well as more advanced horses. If you are interested in any of them give me a call at 610-806-2721. -Silva


 Jones is an 8-year-old gelding and the perfect all around horse for an amateur, Young Rider or Pony Clubber. He has a great temperament and is just a pleasure to have around. Jones has proven himself to be highly competitive in the dressage arena, winning at training and first level with scores in the 70s. This gelding is eager to please at all times and is a very fast learner. I think is he cabable of going all the way up to FEI in the next few years. Jones also has good results in novice eventing and is a fun foxhunter, which makes him a pleasure to hack with other horses or by himself.

Here is a video of Jones at first level:



Billie Jean Halliday is a 7-year-old mare with a wonderful temperament. She really impressed us at her first show; she was so much fun to have around and was confident and happy to be at the show. She scored in the high 60s at training level and with some more training I think she is going to be a very promising horse to take up the levels. Billie has also some experience in jumping and loves to hack out.

Video of Billie at her first dressage show:



Colin is a 10 year old gelding who has proven himself a great Young Rider or amateur horse. Colin has had good results at third and fourth level with a Young Rider in the saddle. He is qualified for the BLM and GAIG Championships in third level and is qualified for Dressage at Devon in fourth level. This horse is very close to being an FEI horse and he has a lot of talent!


Fortissimo B
 Fortissimo B is the 2013 East Coast Selection Trail Champion for 5-year-old horses. He has been rewarded with score of 10 for his gaits! For this young gelding the sky is the limit! Fonzy is ranked 3rd in the country at the moment and is qualified for the National Young Horse Championships in Chicago at the end of August. He can compete there with any rider, so if anybody is interested at riding a high-ranked 5-year-old at this amazing show, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!!!

Here is the video of Fonzy winning the East Coast Selection Trial:

Boyd's Ride Times at Fitch's Corner HT This Weekend

Dressage XC Stadium Martin, Boyd Finn McCoul ON-A Fri 09:00 am Sun 10:57 am Sat 12:10 pm Martin, Boyd Pancho Villa OP-A Fri 10:51 am Sat 10:29 am Martin, Boyd Welcome Shadow OT-A Fri 02:32 pm Sun 08:38 am Sat 09:38 am Martin, Boyd Quinn Himself OT-B Fri 04:28 pm Sun 09:00 am Sat 10:00 am

Get Ready for Plantation Field!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boyd's Video Favorites: Werribee Park Cross-Country

Without question, Werribee three day event in Melbourne is one of the most challenging cross country course's I have ridden over the years.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Silva's Sister Laura Qualifies for World Breeding Young Horse Championships in Verden

Laura Stigler on Doubleyou
I am so proud of my "little sister" for making the cut to represent Germany at the World Breeding Young Horse Championships at the beginning for August in Verden, Germany. 
Like me, Laura is a "Bereiter", or licensed riding instructor. Laura did her three-year apprenticeship with Rudolf Zeilinger in Emsbueren. I had already finished my apprenticeship with Paul Beck and my exam in Warendorf  and was working for Rudolf Zeilinger as a rider when Laura came to start as an apprentice. We lived and worked together for about two years before I made the move to Australia .
After Laura finished her exam in Warendorf, she moved to Sweden for three years to work for Jan Brink . 
Now she runs her own training business near Duesseldorf as well as works for a family that she rides for and trains their daughter, Lena Walterscheid, who is a very successful Young Rider in Germany. 

Boyd and I wish Laura all the best for the World Championships!!!!


Another Schooling Stadium Day On July 24th!

Beautiful 150 x 250 Stadium Ring - Attwood Eurotech Footing
Photo Credit Amy Dragoo
Back by popular demand....we will be holding another schooling stadium day at Windurra USA on Wednesday July 24th.  If you attended the last one  you'll know it was a relaxed and beneficial day for riders to school their horses over a challenging, yet inviting stadium course.  

Come join the fun!! 

10:00- 12:30- Beginner Novice Round Height 2'6" 
12:30-2:30- Novice Round- Height 2'11"
2:30-4:30- Training Round- Height 3'3" 
4:30-5:30- Preliminary Round- Height 3'7" 
5:30-6:30- lntermediate Round- Height 3'9" 

$25.00 Per Round
Course Design by Mark Donovan

Warmup on our Attwood Pinnicle Surface!
Jumper Ring is 150 x 250 Attwood Eurotech Footing!

GPS Directions- 2027 Gap Newport Pike, Cochranville, PA 19330
Call or email Sara Sadler with any questions

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rosa Cha W Wins Intermediare Challenge at Dressage at Lexington

Rosa won the $500 Intermediare 1 Challenge and GAIG Qualifier yesterday with 70.6% at Dressage at Lexington.  It was a big, competitive class and I really enjoyed going to a show with such a lot of good riders to compete against.

We have been tweaking Rosa's maintenance and it has really paid off. When I last took her to KY, for the CDI, she got tight and crampy because she was in season - just like people do.  Laurie Cameron is a vet who specializes in mares and really assisted me with the problem. She discovered that Rosa had a little infection, which is why she wasn’t feeling 100%, and after that cleared up we put her on Regu-mate to keep her out of season, since she really struggles with that. She has been doing well on this new regimen.

She’s probably the best competitor I’ve ever sat on, and every time I sit on her she’s better. She’s still a little green in places, which is normal, but she’s turning into a real international competitor. Like I do with all my horses, I do a lot of fitness work with her, including a lot of walking and riding her outside the ring. I think that’s important because dressage horses spend a lot of time in the ring. A horse that is as dedicated as she is to what she’s doing, I think she needs a change of scenery now and then. We have thousands of acres next door in Runnymede, where Boyd gallops his event horses, and she loves it – there are hills and streams and sometimes I just work out there so she doesn’t feel pressured. She has fun working in the ring too, but especially with a hot horse like her, I think it’s important to channel that energy and be able to ride her anywhere. I feel sorry for the dressage horses that live in their stall and never set foot outside of the arena when they are ridden!

Zoran, Bonnie Stedt’s 8-year-old horse, is so exciting – last year at that same show he did Training level and now he’s doing 3rd and 4th levels and is going so well. He’s still a bit weak, so I do a lot of strengthening work with him. He's eight years old and hadn't done much before last year so I think he has some catching up to do. He tends to be wild in the warm-up but then he goes in the ring and is awesome. In 4th level it gets really hard with piroutetts and tempi changes and he handled it well. I’ve always liked him, but now that I have a relationship with him and know what I have, I feel like he’s going to be a real contender.

 I rode Kymmy’s horse Hot Date in the 5-year-old young horse qualifier and he was phenomenal! He won and the judges loved him. He’s a really good horse and has a lot of quality. He’s still working on strength and fitness – he scored 8.4 overall, 8.4 for submission. They kept throwing 8’s at him, which is really exciting. I’m hoping the score is good enough for Kymmy to take him to Chicago.
Gracia rode Colin and he was great, she finished 2nd in 3rd level test 2 with almost 65%. He’s just getting more mileage and he’s for sale and keeps proving that he’s a good competition horse. Gracia is only 20 years old so obviously he’s a good horse for a Young Rider. They both did a really good job.


 I had several students competing and I was really excited about Michelle Holden, a trainer from North Carolina – she won the class Zoran was third in. She has a really nice mare that I’ve been helping her with and it was very satisfying to see someone whom I’ve helped along the whole journey do so well.

Syndicate Member Jessica Hart with Rosa Cha W

 Jessica Hart is a Syndicate member and came to watch Rosa for the first time. It was fun to have her there and cheering us on! There are two shares left in the syndicate if anyone is interested!

Now we’re focusing on getting ready to go to Chicago at the end of August: Benny, Di Solitaire and Fortissimo B are all qualified for the Five-Year-old Finals. I’m only allowed to ride two so hopefully Fortissimo B will be sold soon and somebody else will be competing him there! Hopefully Kymmy and Hayden will be there too in the 5-year-old class. Rosa, since she won on Friday at Lexington, will go in the Developing Horse PSG.

Here's a video of Rosa's daughter, Hannah Lu, competing this weekend:


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 2 at Dressage at Lexington

We had another good day at Dressage at Lexington.

Benny is unbelievable! I swear he is an old soul and has been here before.  He won his second level again, but this time with 74%. Remember, he is only FIVE years old!

Zoran was also amazing today. I am so exited about him! He is very powerful and loves to show that off. He won his third level today with 71.9%.

I was so proud of Rosa’s daughter, Hannah Lu. She had to show in the big Coliseum and is only four years old and still such a baby! But she is her mother’s child and did not put a foot wrong in the ring. She is very green and still a little unbalanced in places, but I know she is going to be a superstar!

Rosa was great in the PSG Challenge today. She tried very hard for me and though we had one little mistake where she changed early, other then that I could not be happier.
There were 29 horses in the class, many of them much more experienced horses than Rosa, and we finished fourth on a 69%.

Kymmy and Hayden did their first Second level test together and were amazing, scoring 71% and finishing third.

Kymmy and Billie Jean Halliday did a very nice test in a spooky arena. Billie has not
been off the farm very often and is handling everything really well.  

Rosa , Zoom , Hayden and Colin are going again today.