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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lindsey's Article on Horse Boots Featuring Majyk Equipe

Head Groom Lindsey Taylor has written a super article about horse boots for, featuring the Boyd Martin Cross Country Book by Majyk Equipe. 

Lindsey says: 

Leg protection options for the cross county phase have become the source of much discussion, study and industry in the last several years. While the tried-and-true cross country boots still exist, there are many new options which have been based upon research in human athletics, while also tailored to the needs of the equine athlete.
Featured Product: Majyk Equipe XC Boot by Boyd Martin (Majyk Equipe)

The Majyk Equipe Cross Country Boot by Boyd Martin was just recently launched at Rolex Kentucky, and was such a success that the entire first batch of production sold out that weekend. Because I work for Boyd, I have to say that I am a bit biased in my recommendation of these boots, as I personally tested many of the prototypes and recommended changes based upon my preferences. Nevertheless, these boots are lighter, more breathable, and fit better than any other boots I have tried, and I am seriously impressed by the extensive research and development that inspired their production. Representatives of Majyk Equipe have backgrounds in human athletic textile engineering, and have used the knowledge gained in production of products at companies such as Adidas and Nike to develop this boot with the comfort of the horse in mind.
These boots feature an integrated strike zone over the tendon which provides flexible comfort for the horse without compromising protection. In fact, the protection of these boots is second to none, as shown through vigorous impact testing done by a third-party company, Biokinetics of Canada. This impact testing measured the amount of blunt trauma force able to pass through different models of cross country boots and results showed that the Majyk Equipe model outperformed other manufacturer’s boots by as much as 40%.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Silva Interview with Samantha Clark

Thanks to Samantha Clark for catching up with Silva at the Kentucky Horse Park. Here's her article, including great photos and a video interview:

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Great Memorial Day Weekend Clinic at Fitch's Corner

Photos Courtesy Sunny Cross
 Silva and I once again taught at the Fitch's Corner Memorial Day Clinic in Millbrook, NY.  Without question this is one of the best-run eventing clinics of the year, held at he beautiful Farm of Fernanda Kellogg and Kirk Henckels.

Over the three-day weekend we utilized the jumping ring, cross-country course and dressage ring to work with riders from all over who came to improve their riding and horses. 
This year saw some very challenging weather on the first day, but in true eventing style we battled the elements and carried on. 

We worked on grid work and show jump courses on day 1, also paying particular
attention to the riders' positions. On day two we addressed many of the technical cross-country
questions addressed and on Monday the focus was more on the dressage, with Silva.

The clinic takes place on the beautiful grounds of the Fitch'sCorner Horses Trials, which will run this year on July 19-21. This will be the 20th Anniversary of the event and the competition is offering a total of $20,000 of prize money! On top of that, course designer Derek diGrazia is adding a new mound complex, as well as expanding the water jump to make the event even better than ever.

A big thanks must go to Kirk and Fernanda, Nick Meyers and Sunny Cross for organizing this highlight of our calendar every year.  A big hand must also go to the 68 riders who took part in the clinic for the tremendous riding that was displayed over the weekend.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rosa's Fabulous Freestyle!

After a slightly rough start at the KDA CDI in Lexington, KY, Rosa was back to her usual fabulous self today for the musical Freestyle. I am not sure if her being in season made her a little uncomfortable the past two days, which might be something that I have to address. There are lots of important things to learn about your horse as you go up the levels.

Rosa loved her freestyle and did not put a foot wrong! Two judges gave us 71% and the Canadian judge gave us 66%. That was unfortunate, but that is dressage. There is no point in getting frustrated about the judging. There are other times when I finish my test and did not think it was great and I get a big score, so it all evens out, I guess! We finished fourth with 69.5%!

Yesterday we finished fifth in the Intermadiare 1. Rosa did a nice test, but unfortunately we had some expensive mistakes in some of the movements: Rosa tripped in the first extended trot, we had six instead of five steps of rein back, and we had a bobble in our last transition into the trot. In a CDI you cannot have mistakes! The judges are not and should not be forgiving.

Rosa is a fabulous horse and I have to keep reminding myself that she is not even eight years old, and it is completely normal for her to make green mistakes. She still needs a lot more strength and that takes time! I feel very lucky to ride such an amazing young horse and I am very grateful to all the people that are supporting Rosa and me!

Due to computer problems, videos and pictures are coming soon.