Tuesday, December 31, 2013

List of Horse Trailer-Friendly Truck Stops Between PA and Aiken, SC

As seasoned Aiken veterans by this point, we have done the drive South numerous times and know that advance preparation can make or break your travel plans. In a massive effort to avoid any of the Windurra trucks and trailers running out of fuel en route to Aiken, or getting stuck in a tiny out of the way fuel station, Silva has managed to put together a list of every convenient service station that has diesel and is easy to get in and out of:



Exit 57 Baltimore Travel Center (Baltimore)


Exit 33 (US 17) Mapco Express (Fredericksburg)
Exit 89 (Hwy 802) Richmond Travel Center (Ashland)
Exit 83 (US1) Mapco (Glen Allen)
Exit 73 (US 360) Mapco (Richmond)
Exit 58 Pilot Travel Center (Colonial Heights)
Exit 41 U.S Gas (Petersburg)
Exit 33 (Hwy 602) Davis Travel Center (Stony Creek)
Exit 11b (Hwy 58) Sadler travel Plaza (Emporia)
Exit 8 (US 301) Simmons Travel Center (Emporia)

North Carolina

Exit 180 (Hwy 48) Pilot Travel Center (Pleasant Hill)
Exit 168 Oasis Travel Center (Halifax)
Exit 121 (US 264) Kangaroo Express (Wilson)
Exit 107 Kangaroo Express (Kenly)
Exit 106 Wilco Hess (Kenly)
Exit 105 Petro (Kenly)
Exit 75 Sadler Travel Plaza (Dunn)
Exit 61 61 Truck Stop (Wade)
Exit 58 (US 13) Fort Bragg Travel Center (Fayettesville)
Owen Drive Exit Wilco Hess (Fayettesville)
Exit 17 (Hwy 72) Wilco Hess (Lumberton)

South Carolina

Exit 181a (Hwy 38) Flying J Travel Plaza (Latta)
Exit 164 (US 52) Florence Travel Center (Florence)


Exit 116 (US15) Interstate Shell (Bishopville)
Exit 92 (US 601) Pilot Travel Center (Lugoff)
Exit 71 (US 21) Columbia 20 Travel Center (Winnsboro)
Exit 70 (US 321) Flying J Travel Plaza (Columbia)
Exit 39 Hill View truck Stop (Leesville)
Exit 33 (US 39) Kents Corner (Batesburg)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hunt Season

I have very much enjoyed the winter of hunting with the Cheshire Fox Hunt this year. Since  theFair Hill Three Day Event in October, we have managed to get a number of the event horses out galloping up and down the hills in the Cheshire Hunt Country.  I am hoping it has a positive effect on their cross country abilities and their fitness once we start eventing towards the end of January in Aiken.

A special thanks must go to Amy Lindgren (pictured standing in the above photo). Amy has kept Minotaur du Passoir in training with us since he retired from eventing a few years ago.  Through the spring and summer my groom Lindsey worked on his dressage and jumping, and then in the fall and winter he has transformed into a first-flight fox hunter. Min was a superb event horse, but an even better hunt horse.  It was a great honour to ride Min alongside huntsman Ivan Dowling a couple of weekends ago, up with the hounds, as his wing man. 
L-R: Dave, Amy, Boyd and Harry

Today will most likely be my last fox hunt for a good while as we are heading to Aiken in a couple of days.  I had a superb day alongside Dave Leinhauser on Brewster and Harry Walker on Drummond. I have also been lucky enough to event the Walkers' horses Dummond and Brewster in the past.  We were out for three hours and had some great runs, and jumped some good fences. Harry, Dave and myself were accused of 'Larking' when we took on a stone wall (pictured below in the background) that was slightly out of the way towards the end of the day. 

I would like to thank the Cheshire Hunt for a great time of galloping and jumping over the last few months in some of the most beautiful protected land in the US. 

Boyd Martin

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ugly Sweater Extravaganza

Boyd Martin and Dom Schramm
You know it's Christmas when the ugly sweaters come out of hiding.Trading Aces syndicate members Katie and Cuyler Walker put on a sensational "ugly sweater" party last night…hundreds of members of the equestrian community were at their house sporting the least tasteful sweaters money can buy. It’s a wonderful time of the year when fox hunters, eventers, dressage riders, show jumpers and members of the racing community can all bond together and celebrate Christmas. 

-Boyd and Silva

Dr. Mary Griffin and Silva Martin opted for an angelic look

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thanks and Good Luck to Jackson Roberts

A big thanks to steeplechase rider Jackson Roberts for lending a hand with some of the road work for the horses coming back into work for next year. I used to work alongside Jacko at Phillip Dutton's farm before he changed careers into a steeplechase jockey, and I wish him all the best as he relocates to Ireland in the next couple of weeks to further his knowledge of racing.


Holiday Shopping..a Word for our Sponsors

There are a few days left until Christmas, and if you're like most horse people you've been spending so much time at the barn that you haven't had a chance to finish your holiday shopping. Our sponsors have a great selection of products that also make great gifts: Smartpak Equine has treats for your horses, clothing and equipment for you and your horse, and even a few horsey holiday ornaments. They also offer overnight shipping!

Good nutrition is important year-round, but especially during the cold winter months when your horse doesn't have access to fresh green grass. Purina horse feeds will help your horse look and feel his best - and don't forget about Hydration Hay if you're lucky enough to be making the long drive to someplace warm and sunny in the coming weeks.

Enjoy the drive in a Theault horse van, and you'll wish you were on the road even longer. But if you're staying in the cold and wintry north, keep your horse warm and cozy with a Shires rug.

While you're treating your horse, you should also treat yourself! Ariat has super stylish clothing and boots for everyone on your list, and a new Charles Owen helmet or Point Two air vest. will ensure that you ride safely in 2014. Don't forget to protect your horse's legs with a pair of Boyd Martin signature boots from Majyk Equipe!

When you know you look good, you stand up a little taller and ride a little better. Silva loves the stylish clothing from Middy 'N Me. It will always help you stand out from the crowd in the saddle, at the jog or out for the evening to celebrate your victories big and small.

Stuebben and Devoucoux can outfit you and your horses with luxurious saddlery, and an Ecogold pad will keep your horse's back feeling great.

For the ultimate present for you AND your horse, get off to a foot-perfect start to 2014 with a new arena surface. Our friends at Attwood Equestrian Surfaces will advise you through the process and install a surface that will even make the eventers out there look forward to their dressage lessons...

Happy shopping!!

Boyd and Silva

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Christmas Elves Have Been Busy at Windurra

I must extend a huge thank you to my favorite Christmas Elves, Pam Murphy and Cheryl Griffith, for transforming our barn for Christmas! One might think that all the decorations were bought, but that is not the case; Cheryl and Pam made everything themselves! I am very impressed and grateful that our horses and we will be celebrating the holidays in style! -Silva

Schrammo's Got Dressage Skillz


Without doubt, this is the best evention ever!  Aussie rap sensation/event 
rider Dom Schramm has come up with a cracking track on this episode. Credit also 
needs to be given to supporting actor Vegemite the hound, who also stars in this episode.


Friday, December 6, 2013

Boyd and Silva Talk Horses at University of Delaware

Silva and I were both honoured to give a classroom lecture a couple of nights 
ago at the University of Delaware. There is such a strong equestrian presence at this school that the students have formed an equestrian team. 

Silva and I gave a talk for around an hour, discussing the ins and outs of 
running a business with horses, training techniques, and the competition 
lifestyle. I am now proud to say that I attended the University of Deleware. 


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Billie Jean Halliday Schooling at Windurra



This lovely mare is available for sale; she won't fit under the tree, but she would look fantastic with a big Christmas bow around  her neck....

Phone Boyd 610 806 2381 for an appointment!

NAME: Billie Jean Halliday
SEX: Mare
HEIGHT: 16.1 hh
SIRE: Noteworthy (Thoroughbred)
DAM: Jasmina (Holsteiner- Landgraf line)
BREED: Holsteiner/TB
BREEDER: Bonnie Stedt

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Steady Eddie Prepares for Advanced Level

Denise Lahey, Pierre Colin and George and Gretchen Wintersteen's Steady Eddie  has had a great year of competing at the Intermediate level in 2013. I am looking forward to another great year in 2014 when he moves up to the advanced level. With this goal in mind, Silva has taken over Eddie's dressage work this winter, teaching him flying changes. So far, the 'Eagle' looks like he has got the idea.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Breakfast at Gracia's

For the second year we had the BEST Thanksgiving breakfast at Gracia's apartment above our barn. She invited the whole Windurra crew and our favorite neighbors, The Hicks family. Gracia has many talents and preparing the world's greatest breakfast (from scratch!!!) is one of them! Thank you, Gracia!

Of course we are also very thankful for our horses, horse owners and syndicate members, our friends and family, our sponsors, students, grooms, vets, farriers, and everyone involved in making our business a success and helping us follow our dreams.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Silva and Boyd

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rosa Cha Training Update

Rosa and I have been working hard over the last few months and I am exited for next year. She has come such a long way and she amazes me all the time! This horse tries 110% every day. It is very rewarding for me to watch the video, because I have done everything from the very beginning with this mare. I remember the first day after she was born and she was an over achiever even then - nothing has changed!

A big thanks to all of the syndicate members for your ongoing support.



Friday, November 22, 2013

Video: Colin and Gracia schooling pirouettes and tempi changes


Here is a video of Colin and Gracia working on pirouettes and tempi changes, learning together. I't so fun for me to see my girls' riding improving!  


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Zoran to Compete in FEI Small Tour in 2014

I am very excited to have trained another exciting young FEI horse for next year!
Bonnie Stedt's Zoran has truly developed into a super star; his scores and results speak for themselves, and he is coming along beautifully in his training. I am planning on showing him in the FEI small tour next season and am so looking forward to what the future brings with this outstanding young horse!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Looking the Part in the Hunt Field

Boyd and Pancho Villa in the hunt field

A big thanks to Pancho Villa syndicate member Kathleen Crompton, who has been helping all the eventing riders at Windurra to look the part when we head out hunting with Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds. Kathleen made a critical observation that we all had poorly tied stock ties, and she has spent her time training all of us in the correct, proper way to tie a stock for the rigorous hunting that we’ve been doing with a number of the horses.

Kathleen tying Caitlin's stock

...and Lindsey's

Lindsey showing off the finished product
For the couple of months between Fair Hill and heading to Aiken in January, we’ve been taking a lot of the eventers out for a good bit of hunting. We are very lucky to be in the Cheshire hunt country, which has a lot of great terrain, good jumps and ideal water crossings. I believe this is educating the younger, non-Thoroughbred event horses to be good cross-country horses, and it’s also a fantastic opportunity to ride with a number of other elite equestrians from our area.


Video of sales horse Billie Jean Halliday on her first hunt:


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

Course Map for Saturday's Schooling Jumper Show!

Come join us for our last schooling jumper show of the 2013 season!!  Marc Donovan has once again designed a fun yet challenging course for Beginner Novice through Intermediate level jumpers.

Here's a sneak peek at the course.  Division times below.  $25/round.  See you tomorrow!!

Sales Horse Billie Jean Halliday Excels in Hunt Field

Billie Jean Halliday is turning into a fantastic horse, seasoned in all the equestrian disciplines. Billie came to us six months ago and has competed successfully in official dressage with Silva’s girls, and we’ve stared her promising jumping career. Yesterday she behaved very well in her first hunt with Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds, taking it all in stride.


Billie is only five years old and has a bright future ahead of her. Priced at $12,000, she would make a fantastic horse for someone on a limited budget who would like to do a bit of everything. She’s a 16.1 Holsteiner/TB mare and a lovely type - she’s beautiful to hack out and shows plenty of promise in the jumping. For more information see her page on our website.

For anyone interested in trying Billie please contact Caitlin: 610-316-7318.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

High Aspirations

I’m happy to report that High Aspirations is coming along nicely in his training and looks ready take it to the next level in 2014. Maretta Sonn and Carolyn Blitz own this stunning four-year-old Irish gelding by the Irish Sport Horse stallion Brandenburg’s Windstar, bred by Phyllis Dawson. This year “Aiden” has progressed from being a wild, boisterous teenager into a somewhat mature athlete. He’s been successfully competing at novice level in 2013 and I’m looking forward to starting him at training level next year. 




Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Linda Brown: Silva's Secret Fitness Weapon

Sivla's trainer Linda Brown running a race

I'd like to give a shout-out to Linda Brown, my personal trainer, who keeps me fit and strong so that I can give my horses my best. I obviously ride a lot of horses, which keeps you fit to ride but isn’t necessarily good for your body – I have a bad back and make an effort to work on core strength to support my back and other muscles. 

I go twice a week to Linda and she’s a great help because she used to be a racehorse trainer herself and understands riders well. She’s also worked with a lot of well-known riders over the years. I think it’s important to balance your fitness with exercise other than riding, especially if you don’t ride enough horses to stay fit, or even if you ride a lot of horses like I do, which only develops your riding muscles and not the other ones required to balance your strength.  

For me, because I have a weak back, especially my lower back, I have to make sure my stomach/core is strong. We do a lot of different exercises for strength,: sit-ups, crunches, planking, all that stuff, and at the end we do a lot of stretching, which is also important for riders. The two times a week that I go in is hard enough to make the time for, but I go religiously every Monday and Wednesday, in the afternoon after the horses have been ridden.

The girls that work with me also work out with Linda because I really believe you can become a much better rider if you take care of yourself. I think it’s important to be as strong as your horse, and riding alone doesn’t make you fit enough.

Linda also makes a whole plan for me to keep going during the winter when we go to Aiken. I miss her when I'm away - I like working with Linda because she’s fun and entertaining, and it makes it easier to do all this hard work!

Linda works out of her home in Coatesville, PA. Anyone interested in training with her can contact her at 484-368-7739.


Video of Benefactor RRS at BLM Championships


Monday, November 4, 2013

Jumper Show At Windurra Saturday 11/9!!

Come join us for another fun day of stadium schooling on our fabulous Atwood Equestrian footing!!  The first two schooling shows were a huge success, so come out for some great stadium jumping in the beautiful fall sunshine.

No pre-entries required.  Times listed above.  $25 per round!

BLM Videos and Thanks to Silva's Girls!

I could not be prouder of Rosa's little daughter, Hannah. She looked absolutely amazing this
weekend. I am so excited for her future and to see her step into her mother's footsteps.
As you can tell from Scout's blogs, she does not like to talk about her own riding.  After watching the video of Hannah and Scout , I don't even have to say much. This kid is 19 years old and is doing an unbelievable job with this young, (let's say "strong minded"), mare. Thank you to Scout for doing the dirty work for me!

I have said many times before how lucky I am to be able to train such fantastic horses but I am also extremely lucky with my three girls: Kymmy, Gracia and Scout. I could not do what I do and win what I win without them helping me. These three girls are the most hard working people you will ever meet, and most of all, they have my back at all times -- not only the good times.
Thank you, girls, for a fantastic year!!!!!



EventingNation.com Features Boyd Judging Dressage at Plantation Field Starter Trials

EN Correspondent Colleen Peachey was at the Plantation Field Starter Horse Trials this past weekend, and was surprised to see Boyd hanging out at "A", judging the dressage.  She blogged about it on EventingNation.com...here's what she had to say: 

From Colleen:

Now that November has arrived, most folks have come to expect things like colorful fall foliage, pumpkin-spice flavored everything and Thanksgiving coming up just around the corner. However, for those of us in the eventing community of Chester County, Pa., it means our season is winding down, and the last few starter trials of the year are being held.
Just this past weekend, I volunteered at the starter trial sat Plantation Field in Unionville. It was an absolutely picturesque day — crisp weather, rolling hills, beautiful trees, well-groomed horses riders in costumes and … wait, was that Boyd Martin? No, I wasn’t just seeing things. Boyd himself attended the Plantation Fields Starter Trials, putting in a guest appearance as a dressage judge.

Continue Reading...

Wrapping Up a Winning CBLM Championship Weekend

The CBLM Championships have come to an end, and the Silva Martin team is currently recovering from a winner winner chicken FEAST. Silva was clearly sipping on the awesome sauce all weekend, finishing champion of the 1st.. 2nd.. 3rd.. annnd 4th level divisions on Benny, Duvent, and Zoom, and won High Point Hanoverian on Benny!!!!!!! I think it is safe to say that Melinda and Larry have bred, and continue to breed, some pretty spectacular horses; congratulations, guys!  Silva also won the 3rd level open show on Mikey, and the best seat award of the entire championship on Benny. whoop, whoop! 

Michelle and her girls also finished strong, with Michelle and Roni winning their 4th level division! They were brilliant this weekend, and make us feel lucky to be surrounded by such impressive riders. 

Kymmy showed off why she is a true professional this weekend, winning both classes with her four-year-old Woody, and finding herself in the winner's circle on Hayden after both showings. Hayden had another beautiful go on Sunday. The exciting part is this is just the beginning to his and Kymmy's exciting future together. 

Also, Sandy and her horse Tony had great rides this weekend! they are a beautiful pair, and complement each other well. We are also very excited about welcoming them to the Windurra crew! Looking forward to seeing you at the farm more often, and having your awesome horse stay with us.

Hannah Lu W also decided to show off just how much like her mother she really is, winning the 1st level class with a 75.8%! She was brilliant out there, and I am incredibly lucky to be a part of her career. Hannah was such a rock star that we won the high point Junior/Young Rider award! I would like to give a special thanks to the owners Sarah Reece, and Silva and Boyd Martin for their unwavering support and impeccable breeding. 

Once again, a shout out to Silva's sponsors -- you guys are the bee's knees:
  • Purina
  • Smartpak
  • Ariat
  • Stuebben
  • Middy & me

Stay tuned for pictures and videos...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scout's BLM Champs Update

Duvent and Benny

Well this weekend at the BLM championships has gone pretty much as planned; kicking some ass and taking some names. The amount of success thus far is pretty ridiculous, so I'll just break it down horse by horse: Melinda and Larry's fantastic horses, Duvent and Benny, stopped some shows with their performances, making Benny the 2nd level champion with a score of 77.8% and Duvent the 4th level champion with a 73%!  Silva also rode Bonnie Stedt's horse Zoran to the victory circle with a reserve champion, placing at 4th level with a 71%!

As if Silva's upper level domination wasn't enough, she also shut down the color blue for the other 3rd level competitors on Mikey, Steve Blauner's horse and one of Boyd's promising event horses, winning with a 76%.

Silva wasn't the only one to put a beat down on the competition: The other part of our equestrian family, Michelle and her incredibly talented team of riders went full speed down the road to success over past couple of days. Her young riders were inspiring, putting Tori, Hannah, and Lisa all in the top 10 in the Jr/YR division!! Michelle also put in a stellar ride on the stunning Roni earning a well deserved spot in the winners circle at 4th level with a 70%!! And congrats to Michelle's amateur riders on their bounty of success as well!

Kymmy has been laying down the law on her two wonderful boys this weekend, earning Hayden a 69% in the 2nd level championship, and double wins on Woody at training level with a 72% and 75%..insane!

Silva was not only a rider this weekend, but also an owner. Rosa's daughter Hannah Lu W made herself known in the ring over the past couple of days. She has been spectacular this weekend and is trying hard. It is truly a privilege to be able to ride such a caliber of horse, and words can't describe my appreciation towards Silva, Sarah Reece, and Boyd for the opportunity. She pulled out a 68% at training 3, (though I think we were both a bit nervous since we had to impress the owner and all;).

It's also a proven fact that the more blue ribbons you get, the more tired you feel, as shown here by the ever sleepy Hannah and Silva. Thanks to all the sponsors and owners for all that you provide for Silva that's makes living the dream possible. Hannah Lu also thanks Smartpak for those wonderful cotton sheets that keep her cozy during her frequent beauty naps....


Friday, November 1, 2013

Ready for 2014: Ray Price and Wallaroo

The young horses from Australia are coming along nicely. My pride and joy, Ray Price and Wallaroo, have been quietly developing here at Windurra throughout the year. In the past I’ve made the error of pushing my non-Thoroughbred young horses along a bit too quickly, and I’ve made sure with Ray and Wally  that I’ve given them plenty of time for their bodies to develop into strong eventing prospects. Both of them are ¾ Thoroughbreds and ¼ Dutch Warmblood with outstanding pedigrees; they are each related to 4-star eventers and Grand Prix dressage and show jumping horses.

My partner in both horses is Amy Lindgren, who’s been involved with my eventing horses for the past five or six years (one of her notable horses is Minotaure du Passoir). Both Amy and I are very pleased with these two geldings and are excited for 2014. 


---and here is a look back at their competition debut in May, 2013: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kizoNse01Ho

Note: if the video does not appear, click on the horse's name to link to youtube.com

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween at Windurra: Boyd's Broken Arm Update

2013 has been a truly forgettable year for me, with injuries related to horses and myself. Last week I was doing a very casual job of hand-walking a horse that’s coming back from an injury, with a much-too-long rein; the horse spooked, spun around and kicked me chest-high. My true ninja reflexes kicked in and I blocked the blow with my forearm, which possible saved a few ribs but unfortunately cracked and dislocated my forearm.

In hindsight it was completely my fault, as I wasn’t paying close enough attention to a fit horse that’s been locked up and was feeling fresh in the cold weather. It’s a good reminder to me of how careful you have to be around horses all the time and pay attention to whatever you’re doing. I’m sad to report that the horse did not end up with a sore foot…

The good news is it was a clean break, and after surgery I’ve been back riding this week on some of the quiet, straightforward horses. My elbow was dislocated, as well, and during surgery they popped it back in.

Happy Halloween everyone,


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hard Alee SOLD

Hard Alee has been SOLD – a big thanks to Steve Blauner for placing the Irish Sport Horse with us for the past couple of weeks. Caitlin rode "Rudder" brilliantly around Radnor a couple of weekends ago. He is going to an adult amateur in PA and we wish his new owner all the best. 

-Boyd, Silva, Caitlin and all the team at Windurra

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fair Hill Photos and Videos

New Cadet

Steady Eddie

Steady Eddie

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Great Result for Steady Eddie at Fair Hill International

Thanks to Jenni Autry for the video of today's show jumping. Both Steady Eddie and Pancho Villa jumped around double clear, and Steady Eddie moved up an outstanding 30 places from the dressage standings to finish 11th overall. It was a great weekend for this talented young horse and I'm looking forward to an exciting future with him. I'm also happy to finally have the time to get to know Pancho better and develop our relationship.

A big congratulations to Jan Byyny on her inspiring win aboard Inmidair in the CCI3*, and to Allie Blyskal-Sacksenon her win in the two-star.


Zoran Wins 4th Level Regional Championships!


What a great weekend we had at the Region 1 Great American Championships! Zoran won the fourth level championships today with 71% and Duvent placed third in the same class. Benny was reserve champion in the first level championship class with 74% and Kymmy with Hot Date placed third.

I was wearing my brand new Charles Owen helmet. I love this helmet.  It is black leather with silver piping - thank you to Charles Owen for keeping us safe and also stylish!!


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Steady Eddie is the Star of Windurra at Fair Hill

Pancho Villa

Cross-country day at the Fair Hill International provided plenty of entertainment and excitement, and some spectacular changes in the order of standing. Pancho Villa (pictured above) was my first out and he jumped well but was not quite on his game at a number of fences. There are moments where he loses his concentration and shies at things on course, so unfortunately we lost our dressage lead after a couple of run-outs.

Steady Eddie
Steady Eddie was brilliant today, Denise Lahey, Pierre Colin and the Wintersteen's Australian gelding rocked around the course and confirmed my suspicion that he's a future four-star horse. He danced around the two-star and pulled up well and should be ready for a great show jumping round tomorrow.

New Cadet
My third horse, New Cadet, was definitely the greenest of the group; he was jumping very well and showing good form and determination throughout the course but unfortunately misread the duck element of the final water complex and unfortunately that's where his Fair Hill ended. He's a talented horse and made a green mistake at the end of a very testing cross-country course, and I'm sure he will have many better endings in his future.

I thought Caitlin rode brilliantly with Remington. Unfortunately Windurra had a sad day when Caitlin came unstuck at the coffin about halfway around the course. My other students, Lillian Heard and Erin Sylvester, rode well.

Without doubt Fair Hill has once again shown a brilliant, testing two and three-star course. The competition was exciting and we're looking forward to a good show jumping tomorrow.


Note: Photos copyright Amber Heintzberger.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Great Start at the GAIG Championships

We're off to a great start at the GAIG Championships in Lexington, VA. Zoom (Zoran) was great for me today. He was first on ( which is nothing new to me (and Boyd, who was first on in the two-star at Fair Hill this weekend) - for some reason we are always first to go!). Zoom and I started the class at 11am this morning and held our lead with 73% all the to the end at 5.30pm. Zoom has come a very long way . This time last year we won the training and first level Championships and this year he won the third level Championships and still has the fourth level Championships on Sunday! I am so thankful that Bonnie Stedt for letting me ride this great horse!

Tomorrow I have my superstar Benefactor in his second level Championships and Gracia and Colin are taking on the Jr. third level Championships. Kymmy and Hot Date also have their warm up class tomorrow.  


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Silva and Crew En Route to GAIG Regional Championships

We are on our way to the GAIG Regional Championships in Lexington, Virginia. I am riding Zoran in the third and fourth level Championships, Duvent in the fourth level Championships, and Benefactor in the first and second level Championships.

Kymmy is riding Hot Date in the first level Championships and Gracia has Colin in the Jr. third level Championships It should be a successful weekend with such a great group of horses!!

Please link to the Fox Village website for live scoring.


Video: Boyd and Pancho Villa's Dressage at Fair Hill International

Horse Inspection Video

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ready to Rock at Fair Hill

All three horses passed the jog for the CCI2* at the Fair Hill International Three-Day Event and we're looking forward to a competitive weekend with Pancho Villa, New Cadet and Steady Eddie.

Stay tuned!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Caitlin Cleans Up at Radnor Hunt HT

While Boyd was over in Holland slogging around in the mud, Caitlin was back home in PA bringing home blue ribbons from the Radnor Hunt Horse Trials...well done Caitlin! Finn McCool won Training A and Hard Alee (for sale!) won Training B. Beau Guimond also brought home 4th in Novice on Filibuster ST.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Boekelo Wrap-Up

Well guys, we finished were we started after dressage.  Place 28 out of 107 
starters. He looked perfectly sound and fresh this morning, and passed the jog up 
without a worry in the world. 
He jumped a super round today in the mud.  We took a rail at the second last 
fence which was a wide oxer. I must admit, I think I brought my upper body back 
a little bit too fast, and turned in the air and Oscar just clipped the back rail with 
his hind toe. I was thrilled with the way he jumped, and dealt with the big 
All in all, I am a little disappointed with the result. If you take the time 
penalties cross-country out of the equation, he is very competitive. If I can 
fix this part of his performance, he is world class. 
Thanks for all of the support, guys.  Currently having a Heineken with Silva, 
Katie and Mike at the airport hotel. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Boyd's XC Recap from Boekelo

Hello All,

Today was a tough day cross-country for Oscar and me. By the time we started out on course at 4pm this afternoon, the ground was well and truly deep and tiring. I set off at a good pace, but soon felt Oscar struggling. Unlike at Rolex Kentucky back in April, I eased up on him and tried to let him recover a bit, still maintaining our rhythm. He was jumping reasonably well, and was reading all of the questions. I must say he was a little bit awkward into both waters, but got through them with encouragement.

He did seem to pick up a bit around the seven minute mark. This was encouraging to me so I kicked on home. He seemed to jump the last third of the course well. I am obviously disappointed with the time penalties, and part of me wishes I was a little harder on him throughout the course, as he recovered quickly! He is trotting up sound and looks happy for tomorrow.

 I thought both Lauren and Liz rode really well, but got a little unlucky at the end of the course.


Boyd and Oscar Clear at Boekelo - From EventingNation.com

Boyd and Oscar on course at Boekelo. Jenni Autry Photo

From EventingNation.com:

< If Oscar jumps well tomorrow — and Boyd said he doesn’t think that will be an issue — he’ll be qualified to compete at the World Equestrian Games next year...CONTINUE READING>>

Note: Video included at above link!

Friday, October 11, 2013

A word from Boyd after Dressage at Boekelo

Photo Courtesy EventingNation.com

Hey guys,

Oscar did well in the dressage this afternoon. It has been pouring rain heavily for the last 24 hours and the footing was terrible.  I felt like it was hard to show off his trot as he was slipping and sliding. I was still very please with his score of 46. A few experts thought I was harshly marked, but I think it was about right. 

It looks like a testing course tomorrow. I plan to ride him with a good rhythm throughout the course, and try not to use him up too early. 

Wish me luck!


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Video Interview with Boyd from Boekelo 2013

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Note: Boyd and Otis are in 28th place on a score of 46 after dressage


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

List of Entries for Boekelo 2013

List of entries 2013

Australia (AUS)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
210 Andrew Hoy Cheeky Calimbo (G) Mrs Christiane Classen & Andrew Hoy
211 Christopher Burton Graf Liberty (G) The Graf Liberty Syndicate, Jill Martin, Christoph
212 Emma Dougall Belcam Bear (G) Emma Dougall
213 Kevin Mcnab Kelecyn Cognac (G) Kevin Mcnab & Sara Mccoll
214 Murray Lamperd Under The Clocks (G) Jade Wishart
215 Paul Tapner Wickstead Didgeridoo (S) Paul & Georgina Tapner, Fred & Penny Barker And Vi

Austria (AUT)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
200 Harald Siegl Luis W (G) Ute Siegl

Belgium (BEL)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
204 Stephanie D'andrimont Ulano De Slozen (G) Stephanie D Andrimont
205 Vincent Martens Falco Van De Mispelaere (G) Armin Bani
206 Hilde Van Mieghem Zidane (G) Hilde Van Mieghem
299 Jarno Debusschere User Friendly (G) Debusschere, Jarno U. Kirschmann, Petra
306 Rik Geirnaert Zaferlina M H (M) Onderbeke-geinaert

Brazil (BRA)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
294 Carlos Paro Summon Up The Blood (S) Carlos Paro & Nicola Tootle
295 Carlos Paro Papagayo Secret (S) Nicola Tootle & Carlos Paro

Denmark (DEN)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
201 Peter T. Flarup Calista E (M) Mette Moesgaard
202 Peter T. Flarup Cts Twin Peaks (G) Christina Arnesen

Ecuador (ECU)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
203 Nicolas Wettstein Onzieme Framoni (G) Nicolas Wettstein & Monique Deyme

Spain (ESP)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
254 Eduardo Via - Dufresne Quica Del Masset (M) Eduardo Via-dufresne Mestres
310 Albert Hermoso Farras Yasmina V (M) Pablo Martin-alonso

Finland (FIN)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
269 Elmo Jankari Duchess Desiree (M) Aino & Elmo Jankari

France (FRA)
279 Eric Vigeanel Qatar Du Puech Rouget (G) Monsieur Roland Chevalier
280 Caroline Chadelat Kadessia (M) Monsieur Jean-françois Chadelat
281 Karim Florent Laghouag Qualson De L'ehn (G) Monsieur Hubert Moulet
282 Mathieu Lemoine Quickness (G) Madame Gwenaelle Le Breton
283 Clara Loiseau Wont Wait (G) Madame Isabelle Langlois-loiseau
285 Geoffroy Soullez Madiran Du Liot*hn (G) Les Haras Nationaux
298 Gwendolen Fer Opera Fleuri (S) Monsieur Philippe Fer

Great Britain (GBR)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
255 Camilla( Millie) Dumas Action Packed (G) Camilla & Robin Dumas
256 Lucy Wiegersma Mr Chunky (G) Chrstopher & Sarita Perkins, Huw Lloyd, L Wiegersm
257 Laura Collett Allora 3 (M) Philip Walker
258 Gemma Tattersall Chico Bella P (M) Christopher Stone
259 Kitty King Persimmon (G) Jane Murfett & Frank Inns
260 Isabelle ( Izzy) Taylor Kbis Starlet (M) Kbis & Jo Meyer
261 Sarah Bullimore Reve Du Rouet (G) Chris & Sue Gillespie & Brett Bullimore
262 Willa Newton Neelix (G) Joey Newton
263 Kristina Cook Star Witness (G) Jim Chromiak, A Gifford, B Biddlecome, S Lawson
264 Pippa Funnell Second Supreme (G) Marek Sebestak
265 Isabelle ( Izzy) Taylor Dax Van Ternieuwbeke (G) Izzy Taylor
266 William Fox - Pitt Fernhill Pimms (G) Carol Gee & Catherine Witt
267 William Fox - Pitt Gaucho (G) William Fox-pitt & Celia Plunkett
302 Laura Collett Noble Bestman (S) Philip Walker & Laura Collet
303 Nicola Wilson Watermill Vision (G) James Lambert
305 Dani Evans Raphael (S) Claire Deuten & Libby Streatfeild
308 Oliver Smith Noon Hill (S) Sue Wilkinson & Anne Marling
309 Nicola Wilson Annie Clover (M) Mary Tweddle
311 Rosalind Canter Zenshera (S) Rosalind Canter

Germany (GER)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
216 Niklas Bschorer Tom Tom Go 3 (G) Bschorer, Tristan
217 Andreas Dibowski It's Me Xx (G) Heigel, Susanne
218 Michael Jung Fischerrocana Fst (M) Jung, Brigitte & Joachim
219 Ingrid Klimke Hale Bob 3 (G) Klimke, Ingrid
220 Julia Krajewski Lost Prophecy (G) Christina Krajewski D-30989 Gehrden
221 Claas Hermann Romeike Cato 60 (G) Romeike, Hinrich U. Susanne
222 Franziska Roth Dictus J (G) Roth Franziska
223 Dirk Schrade Lord Lauries (G) Gleadhill House Stud Ltd, Trevor Hemmings
224 Peter Thomsen Horseware's Barny (G) Clausen, Hans-peter
225 Jana Weyers Lardina (M) Weyers, Jana
226 Benjamin Winter Wild Thing Z (G) Marius + Laura Winter
227 Benjamin Winter Revenue 12 (M) Dokr
300 Anna-maria Rieke Petite Dame (M) Gestüt Heidhügel

Hungary (HUN)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
293 László Egyed My Win (S) Egyed László
Ireland (IRL)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
245 Camilla Speirs Portersize Just A Jiff (G) Bridget & Camilla Speirs
268 Sarah Ennis Stellor Rebound (G) Orla Ennis
270 Austin O'connor Balham Houdini (S) Austin O' Connor & Kate Jarvey
271 Austin O'connor Fernhill Rockstar (S) Amy, Peter And Mary-jane Crerar
272 Katie O'sullivan Cooley Blue Flame (G) Richard Sheane
273 Mark Kyle Willow Fairgreen Attraction (G) Mark & Tanya Kyle
274 Michael Ryan Ballylynch Skyport (G) Carol & Tom Henry, Sheila Foley
275 Patricia Ryan Tullineaskey Hi Ho (G) Carol & Tom Henry, Sheila Foley

Italy (ITA)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
228 Marco Biasia Neptune De Sartene (G) Horses Trial -jacky Leclerc -fréd.dugeny -ancely S
229 Stefano Brecciaroli P'tit Paul De Terry (G) Alkor Conseils
231 Arianna Schivo Quefira De L'ormeau (M) Mademoiselle Arianna Schivo
292 Evelina Bertoli Leitrim Orient Express (M) Evelina Bertoli
296 Alberto Giugni Sportsfield Quality (G) Mr Alberto Giugni & The World Is Not Enough
297 Stefano Brecciaroli Music Master (G) 2012 In Mind Syndicate

Japan (JPN)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
241 Takayuki Yumira Latina 43 (M) Riding Club Crane
242 Kenki Sato Chippieh (G) Shodo Sato

Netherlands (NED)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
232 Althea Bleekman Meepswood Conquestor (G) Team Bleekman, Althea Bleekman, Sarah Allan
233 Merel Blom Sagnol (M) M.c. Blom-muilwijk & J.m.j. Blom
235 Florinoor Hoogland Captain Henessy (G) Mevr. F.a. Hoogland
236 Tim Lips Wadolca (M) Lips Stables & C.v.ham & Wai Holvoet & Np V.splund
237 Tim Lips Concrex Oncarlos (G) M.a.d.s.b. Lips & C. Frydal
238 Justin Maarse Bloomfeld Zamira (M) A. Rinia & J.j. Maarse
239 Alice Naber - Lozeman Peter Parker (G) R. Van Reine & Y. Koornstra
240 Nynke Sminia Moosroodnoot (G) Fam. Sminia
246 Althea Bleekman Ziomf (M) Team Bleekman, Althea Bleekman

New Zealand (NZL)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
247 Blyth Tait Xanthus Iii (G) Jane Lovell-smith And Blyth Tait
248 Mark Todd Up N Go (G) Pip Mccarrol & Malcolm Brow
249 Mark Todd Leonidas Ii (G) Diane Brunsden, Peter Cattell & Mark Todd
250 Lizzie Brown Playtime (G) Tessa Grant & Lizzie Brown
251 Lizzie Brown Henton Attorney General (G) Tessa Grant & Lizzie Brown
253 Tim Price Lord Of The Owls (G) Brian & Vicky Tew & Susie Hawkins

Russian Federation (RUS)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
243 Aleksandr Markov Kurfurstin (M) Selivanenko, Alexey
244 Igor Atrohov Indigo Pyreneen (S) Mme Maria Ignatieva & M. Igor Atrohckov
290 Elnira Nabieva Chabanak (G) Koroleva, Olga
291 Elena Bogatikova Tihoretsk (G) Bogatikova, Elena

Switzerland (SUI)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
286 Sébastien Poirier Tarango De Lully Ch (G) Poirier Sébastien
287 Felix Vogg Onfire (G) Vogg Danièle
288 Jasmin Gambirasio Thats It (G) Gambirasio Jasmin Sabrina
301 Ilona LÜdi Apart Iii Ch (G) Ilona Lüdi

Sweden (SWE)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
207 Niklas LindbÄck Cendrillon (M) Cecilia Nibér
208 Viktoria CarlerbÄck Volt Af KÄllstorp (G) Marie Carlerbäck
209 Hannes Melin Piccadilly Z (M) Malin Petersen & Christel Petersen
289 Anna Hilton Matrix W (G) Anna Hilton
304 Ellen SvennerstÅl Southway (G) Håkan Svennerstål Ab

United States (USA)
Rider Horse Owner(s)
276 Elisabeth Halliday Fernhill By Night (G) Elisabeth Halliday
277 Lauren Kieffer Veronica (M) Team Rebecca, Llc
278 Boyd Martin Trading Aces Trading Aces LLC

Fighting Fit for Boekelo

Oscar’s all settled in here in Holland. After a hectic weekend at Morven Park, the pace over here has been quite relaxing, with Oscar only needing flat work once a day. Both Silva and David have been helping me and it seems like everything is in order for Oscar to put in a good test. He trotted up well today, and we have the first veterinary inspection tomorrow. It looks like I’m scheduled to ride last in the dressage for team USA, which should be Friday sometime.

Both Liz Halliday and Lauren Kieffer’s horses look in excellent condition. Overall it looks like an unbelievably competitive field of Olympic veterans on classy horseflesh. I feel like I’ve had a great preparation and I’m looking for a competitive result from Oscar.