Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hunt Season

I have very much enjoyed the winter of hunting with the Cheshire Fox Hunt this year. Since  theFair Hill Three Day Event in October, we have managed to get a number of the event horses out galloping up and down the hills in the Cheshire Hunt Country.  I am hoping it has a positive effect on their cross country abilities and their fitness once we start eventing towards the end of January in Aiken.

A special thanks must go to Amy Lindgren (pictured standing in the above photo). Amy has kept Minotaur du Passoir in training with us since he retired from eventing a few years ago.  Through the spring and summer my groom Lindsey worked on his dressage and jumping, and then in the fall and winter he has transformed into a first-flight fox hunter. Min was a superb event horse, but an even better hunt horse.  It was a great honour to ride Min alongside huntsman Ivan Dowling a couple of weekends ago, up with the hounds, as his wing man. 
L-R: Dave, Amy, Boyd and Harry

Today will most likely be my last fox hunt for a good while as we are heading to Aiken in a couple of days.  I had a superb day alongside Dave Leinhauser on Brewster and Harry Walker on Drummond. I have also been lucky enough to event the Walkers' horses Dummond and Brewster in the past.  We were out for three hours and had some great runs, and jumped some good fences. Harry, Dave and myself were accused of 'Larking' when we took on a stone wall (pictured below in the background) that was slightly out of the way towards the end of the day. 

I would like to thank the Cheshire Hunt for a great time of galloping and jumping over the last few months in some of the most beautiful protected land in the US. 

Boyd Martin

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  1. Excellent--I am sure the hunting has been great fun for the horses!

    Travel safe to Aiken!

    Hope you and Silva and staff have a safe fun 2014!

    Hoping to watch you ride -at - Rolex--and possibly a couple other events this year!