Saturday, August 7, 2010


We're starting to put together a series of photo albums on Boyd and Silva's competition horses. Both Neville's & Remington's albums have been built & we will be adding new photos to these slideshows on a regular basis. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Waranga W Arrives in the USA!

Waranga W arrived today in West Grove, PA, USA after a 10-day, grueling trip from Lochinvar, NSW, Australia . Amy Lingren's new 3-year-old gelding has racked up some traveling points on his journey to his new home.

His itinerary was:

Lochinvar to Melbourne Airport.... 14 hours (By road)
Melbourne - Auckland - LA Airport .... 20 Hours (By air), followed by three days quarantine.
LA - Kentucky .... 45 hours (By road)
Kentucky - Unionville .... 14 hours (By road)

Waranga bounced off the truck at lunchtime today as if it was nothing. I put him in a stable and he had a big drink, then started munching on the Pennsylvania hay (of which he approved). He looked happy and healthy when I turned him out into his paddock this evening. We plan to give him a hair cut tomorrow and get rid of his winter coat; coming from the middle of an Australian winter straight into the humidity of the Pennsylvania summer is not ideal.

Amy Lingren is delighted with her new horse; I think she will be focusing on teaching this little guy the art of eating carrots over the next few days. Our plan is to let him find his feet in the US, then start light work in a few weeks.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Bucks County Dressage

Lillian and I took the three sales horses Fair Fiona W, Ambassador Rose and London Venture to the show at Bucks County (PA) yesterday. I also took Rosa Cha W for her first time out after having a little vacation in the field for three weeks. Lil also took her 3-star event horse Share Option to do a couple of third level tests just to practice her dressage.

I have to mention that all these horses are great horses and just so easy to take to shows!

Fair Fiona W does not like to place second! She won again! I don't even know how many second levels she has won now. She went much better than at the last shows and I am looking forward to moving her up soon if she does not sell. The video of Fair Fiona is above.

London Venture did second level only for the second time. He was a little green in the first test and finished second to Fiona but then was great in the next test and won. He ended up second level champion!

Ambassador Rose was a good girl. We had her tacked up and I had started warming up when it started storming and the show was held because of lightning, so we went back to the trailer and just stood her in the middle of the trailer in between all the other horses, fully tacked up. She waited there patiently for about one hour. After the storm I just got straight on her and warmed her up for about two minutes and she handled it very well. This mare is a perfect horse for a timid rider because she does not care about anything. We scored 64%!

Rosa Cha W was awesome! I love riding this horse. She just has that special something that not many horses have. She is just so loose and supple right from the first trot step and she loves being at the show! Rosa was high score champion and won her class with 73%.

Lillian and Share Option did very well. I was very happy with Lillian's riding: she rode much better in the ring than she has been. It is very good for both to go in the ring a few times and just get a feel for how it should be. Because this is Lil's first 3-star horse she had to get used to riding in a higher, upper level frame. I think this was the first time she really understood the feeling. We still have more work to do but Lil and "Whitey" are on the right track! They are getting ready to go to Millbrook next weekend.

For videos of Lil and Whitey click here and here.