Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Untimely End to Boyd and Otis' Olympic Experience

Unfortunately Otis had a swollen leg this morning and was very lame at the jog. He was sent to the hold box and Boyd withdrew him there .

At first we thought that he might have twisted his ankle on the steep hills yesterday, but Kevin Keane looked at him later today and it looks like he has some kind of infection in his leg.
That is pretty good news to us because it does not look like a serious injury and Otis will be okay after a rest.

As you can imagine, we are beyond disappointed that Otis and Boyd could not finish their first Olympics. Right now it feels very incomplete: after all the many years of working towards our ultimate goal, they did not finish. It's tough!!!! 
Boyd especially feels like he has let his team and all the great people that have supported us all along the way. I know that is not the case, because Boyd rode incredibly well in the dressage and the cross-country and Otis was better then we could have ever hoped for! He is a superstar to us and we owe him forever!
Now the most important thing is that we get Otis home safely so we can start with his recovery and his well-deserved rest in the field.

Even though it did not go the way we planed, we know tomorrow is another day. Boyd and I are flying home tomorrow and will get right back to training for Boyd's next and my first Olympics!!!

Like Ross Martin always said: " When the going gets tough, the tough get going!" We have to remember that!

Lindsey is flying home on Thursday and Otis leaves with the other horses on Thursday as well. Lindsey has gone above and beyond in looking after Otis, Nev and Remi over the last few weeks. She is amazing and Boyd could not do all he does without Lindsey doing such a great job behind the scenes.

Thank you again to all the wonderful people that support us so much and all the people that are cheering us on all the time.We appreciate every bit of it!!!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Awesome Olympic Cross-Country Ride for Boyd and Otis!

Otis and Boyd did awesome!!! Even though I knew Otis and Boyd would have an awesome trip cross-country, I was very very nervous about today. After all, it is the Olympics! Even though I have a lot of confidence in Boyd and Otis on cross-country, to be out first is never easy. Boyd has been walking the couse probably about ten times, but riding it is another story.
Boyd took the direct route at every jump and kept the speed up right from the start. Looking back at it now it would have probably been better if Boyd would have gone a little slower at the beginning, in order to have more horse left at the end. But there was no way of knowing if it would be possible to catch up on the time later without watching anybody go around the course first.
The course was very, very hilly with lots of ups and downs. Otis jumped super well and confident and really looked like an Olympic horse out there. Unfortunately he got pretty tired towards the end and they added 3.6 time faults to their score. (Click here for results, or copy and paste http://www.london2012.com/equestrian/eventing/)
Again, we are so proud of little Otis. He is still a young horse and he tried his heart out for Boyd today!
Phillip and Whisper and Karen and Cave, (Mr.Medicott) looked amazing and only added a few time faults to their scores. Will and Twizzel had an unfortunate stop at the Leaf Pit, but the rest of their round looked really good. Tiana and Finn unfortunately had a stop at the third fence but amazingly they finished with only 5 time faults on top of the 20.
Tomorrow should be a good day . Otis ia a great showjumper and I think he will be amazing! Fingers crossed one more time please!!!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Silva's London Olympic Dressage Update

A word from my lovely wife Silva about my Olympic dressage test with Otis Barbotiere, followed by some links to stories about Otis and I in the news. -Boyd

Otis has been working better then he ever has. He is stronger, steadier and more powerful. We were so excited for the test because even during the last ride yesterday morning before Boyd's test he looked fantastic. In the warm-up ring, too, Boyd and Otis warmed up perfectly.

When Boyd entered the big arena, we could not believe how relaxed and focused Otis looked.
The scoreboard was not working yet, which was a disadvantage of going first. We all watched Boyd and Otis and thought the test was better than any they have ever done. It looked smooth and confident with no big mistakes at all. The changes were nice, though perhaps the last change could have been a bit better.

We were sooooo happy with the test. When the score finally came up on the scoreboard, The Captain and all of us looked at each other and there was no question in our minds that it had to be a mistake. Everybody knows that going first is not ideal and I think Boyd's test proved that!
The judges were all over the place with their scores.

Boyd and I are not people that complain about judging much, but yesterday it really was not understandable to us! I know that sometimes we get better scores then we deserve and  sometimes we feel like we deserved more then we got. It is just sooooo disappointing when the first case happens AT THE OLYMPICS! But there is nothing we can do about it, and we are so very proud of Otis for doing such an amazing job!!

Phillip and Will ride their dressage tests and Boyd is going to take Otis for a gallop today. I am sure they will all do a great job tomorrow! The course looks pretty hard to me, but Otis and Boyd can do it!


News Links:

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