Thursday, June 27, 2013

Schooling Event A Huge Success!

We had our first jumper show at Windurra yesterday and it was a huge success with over a 140 rounds of show jumping from 10am till 7pm last night!
Chris Talley and Chase
Marc Donovan designed a very technical yet flowing course which challenged all the horses and riders immensely.  I think the brilliant factor of the day was the marked improvements of the horses jumping in a new ring on the Attwood Equestrian Surface, over the different styles of fences.

Boyd, who's still on the mend from surgery, was ring master extraordinaire and in charge of the (loud) tunes, so that helped set the stage for some serious fun.  It was a laid back casual day and if any riders had trouble at a fence they could come round & have another go at it.   We made sure everyone had a positive experience and the horses benefited from the schooling and the riders went home with a great experience for an affordable cost.

We had a wonderful assortment of horses and riders, with many local pros riding young horses, and young or less experienced riders in the earlier divisions.  Daniel and his game little bay dartmoor pony were crowd pleasers!
Daniel and his Super Pony!
Voler Bar Nuit, formally bred trained and ridden by Billy Meister and nominated for the Md. Hunt Cup, showed us his impressive jumping ability with Erica Gaertner in the irons!

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Many thanks to all the Linden Gilker, Sara Sadler and all our friends and volunteers who helped make this a great day!  We feel like the event was well received and plan to do another one in a month's time, so keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page for the upcoming announcement!

Check out our entire photo album on our Facebook page.

Photo Credits Lisa Thomas, Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Services

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ride for Life 2013

We had a great weekend at Ride for Life 2013! Kymmy, Gracia and I took seven horses: Trading Aces, Zoran, Benefactor RRS , Di Solitaire , Jones, Hayden and Colin. I am very happy with every single one of the horses. Everybody tried so hard and performed great.

I have been working with Oscar (Trading Aces) again since his vacation after Rolex. Since Boyd is still recovering from his ankle surgery , I took over the reins again for "Dressage Boot Camp".

Oscar has been improving so much over the last month. My goal is to make him as schooled and solid in the dressage as possible for next year. I showed him in third level on Saturday and Sunday. I was happy that he tried very hard for me and the tests are getting easier for him. The changes have improved 200 percent from when I first started working with him. He still got a little tense in the changes in the competition ring but I think we are very close to doing them perfectly. Oscar scored 68.5% on Saturday to finish second in the class and 71% on Sunday to win the class.

I showed Bonnie Stedt's Zoom, (Zoran) in his first fourth level to qualify him for Dressage at Devon. I am very excited about this horse! Zoran has a ton of power and talent and I think he is going to be a great horse for the future for me. We scored 67.5% in fourth level on Saturday to finish second . On Sunday we showed in third level and won the class with 68%.

Sully (Di Solitaire) was amazing this weekend. For the first time he did not feel like a baby. He is really growing up. Hey was high score of the show, winning his first level class on Saturday with 77.7%. On Sunday he won again with 73%. 

Benny was his perfect self. Benny is another horse that I am really looking forward seeing where our future together takes us. He showed in second level for the first time, winning both days with 72% and 71%.

Kymmy showed Fernanda Kellogg's Jones in training level, winning with 72%. Kymmy also showed her own Hot Date in first level, winning on Saturday with 71% and on Sunday with an amazing score of 76%. I am so excited for Kymmy and Hot Date. 

Gracia showed Colin in fourth level, finishing fourth on Saturday with 62% and third on Sunday with 63%. This is Gracia's first season in fourth level and she is doing amazingly well . 


Build It and They Will Come!!

We've made the final preparations for tomorrow and have created a very inviting course designed by Marc Donovan, with the majority of the jumps being constructed by Eric Bull.
Our Happy Jump Crew!
We're excited to have as many people come...but because the parking is away from water access, please bring your own water for your horses.

We will have cold beverages available to keep everyone hydrated!

Please enter off of Rt 41, Newport Gap pike.
GPS Address
2027 Newport Gap Pike (Rt 41)
Cochranville, Pa 19330

See you tomorrow!!

Otter Is The Perfect Prelim Packer!

NAME: Otter 
SEX: Gelding
COLOUR: Black/Bay
HEIGHT: 16.2 hh
SIRE: Carino "E"
DAM: Onia - by EH Consul
BREED: Trakehner
BREEDER: Kempter, Cornelia
Reg #: ORB-A-S1801
FEI Passport 103TY86 

The hardest decision a rider must face is when to sell his equine partner. Beau Guimond, who works for Boyd, has made the difficult decision to sell his fabulous horse Otter, a confirmed 1* competitor. Otter is the last registered Trakehner foaled in 2000 out of the Elite Stallion, Carino E. and is best suited for an aspiring amateur who wants to ride through the 1* level.

Otter was started correctly as a 6 year old and has been brought along carefully. He has progressed thru the levels, qualifying and competing at the American Eventing Championships in 2011 and has spent the last 14 months in Boyd's training program. He just finished competing at his first CCI* in Bromont on a very demanding course and would love to continue his career at that level. His heart has the blood of champions and he truly loves his job. 

This horse has a solid competition record and can take the right amateur to the ribbons. His classic good looks and movement are always a favorite with the judges. Most importantly he knows all the combinations on cross country, making him the perfect partner for an amateur rider. Otter is a true gentleman for handling and draws attention where ever he goes. Once you see this horse you will understand how special he is.
Phone Boyd 610 806 2381 for an appointment to see this special horse!

Stadium Courses Are Up For Tomorrow's Stadium Schooling Day!

We're getting cranked up for our schooling day tomorrow at Windurra!  Check out the courses by designer Marc Donavan, and come out to join the fun.  It will be an excellent day of training on the best footing in the industry, by Attwood Equestrian!

Novice/Training Course

Prelim/Intermediate Course

Our Hold Harmless release is also attached, so you can bring a signed copy to registration!

Monday, June 24, 2013


NAME: Jones
SEX: Gelding
HEIGHT: 16.3 hh
BREED: Canadian Clydesdale/TB
BREEDER: Unknown
OWNER: Fernanda Kellogg
Thus far in Jones' career, he has had three wonderful years as a member of the Millbrook Hunt. His temperament has been sensational while working with the hounds. He has also shown real potential and brilliance as an event horse. He has competed successfully at Novice and is ready to go Training. His jump, as you see in the video, is a perfect mixture between scopey and careful.
On the flat, Jones looks to be a very very competitive horse. He has wonderful soft movement that the judges like and his attitude to the dressage is fantastic. He is very much an eye catching horse that is very straightforward to ride in whatever career path he may take.  Without question, his temperament is his strong point with his natural ability not far behind. He rides with a very nice contact and can go a long way as a pure dressage horse.
Video Link

Jones is a perfect gentleman to ride, partnered up with elegant paces. In his dressage career so far he has competed successfully at second level. At the competition, his character remains the same as at home, blissful.
Phone Boyd 610 806 2381 for an appointment!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

VIDEO: SBF Cortez at Bromont

Here is a recent video of SBF Cortez in his first CCI* at Bromont, Quebec. Caitlin rode Denise Lahey and Pierre Colin's for 6-year-old, homebred gelding in this very challenging competition  a couple of weeks ago and they had an impressive performance .