Friday, March 16, 2012

Team Training Sessions in Aiken and Neville's Celebrity

We had another successful training session this week, with all four of the four-star horses, Remi, Nev, Otis and Thomas getting to jump with Lauren Hough, and my up-and-coming two-star horse Crackerjack, (pictured above), owned by Lucy Boynton and Colin Davidson, also getting to take part this time. Capt. Phillips also helped us immensely with the dressage.

NBC sent a camera crew down to do some filming for a piece to air pre-Olympics, and Neville especially is getting used to the limelight with the cameras taking in everything from getting a bath to eating his dinner. So far Nev hasn't let this celebrity status go to his head too much and a good roll in the dirt followed by a wind sucking session are still key to his happiness.

Last night we had a BBQ at Bridle Creek to celebrate the birthdays of Head Groom Lindsey Taylor and Assistant rider Sara Gumbiner, and everyone had a great time. I can't say enough good things about these two young women and all that they do for the horses and to help me keep my business going. A very happy birthday to them both!

The birthday girls


Bridle Creek Farm is Available for Lease!

Our winter training season is quickly coming to an end, which means that we're going to be packing up & taking our convoy back to our new farm in Pa.  We've had another fabulous season down here at Ilene Boorman's Bridle Creek Farm (formerly Mohaph), and appreciate all the amazing improvements that she made for this season.

This year we enjoyed a  brand new jump field, large riding ring with excellent footing for flat work and the nearby cross-country schooling course, which featured tons of new jumps by Eric Bull! The barn is gorgeous and the spacious turn-out fields are second to none. The surrounding area has endless trails for hacking and fitness work, and we're right near Phillip Dutton's training facility.

We want to thank Ilene for all the improvements that she's made in order to provide us with a first class training facility.  Now it's time to spread the word that her facility is available for lease and for ship-ins for schooling!

Ilene has also been working away at launching her new website, which will showcase the facility and events she plans to hold in the near future! Until then here is Detailed Information on Bridle Creek Farm:

Bridle Creek Farm is located in the Bridle Creek equestrian community adjacent to Phillip and Evie Dutton’s winter training facility and USA assistant team veterinarian Kevin Keane’s farm.  The farm backs to miles of trails and is within a half-hour drive of numerous competitions and other equestrian facilities, providing unlimited opportunities to compete and train.

Stabling and Accommodations: 
Karl Splan designed the barn to create a stress free and safe environment for the horses and a layout to minimize stable management time.  There are nine twelve-by-twelve stalls which are solidly built with double walls between the stalls and grills for ventilation and visibility.  There is also a privacy barrier where the feed buckets are located to reduce tensions between neighbors at feeding times.  Each stall has dutch doors and is equipped with individually controlled overhead fans and automatic waters.  Buckets may be hung for those horses whose water in-take requires monitoring.  There is also a large tack room with washer and dryer, feed room, wash stall and a half bath on the main floor.  Upstairs is a two bedroom furnished apartment.
Laurie Fix Photography
There are fourteen four-board paddocks in immaculate repair all with electric on top.  Six paddocks have no common fence lines and all paddocks can be viewed from the barn and dressage ring so that horses can be monitored at all times.

There are two rings both constructed by Brian Reidmuller (Brinik Paving).  The dressage ring is 88’ by 220’ and has two and one-half inches of rubber and stone sand footing over a firmly compacted four-inch stone base. The ring is irrigated and dragged daily providing a surface which the equine athletes trust, encouraging better movement and more confidence while reducing the chance of an injury due to a miss-step.  For the rider, there is a full side of mirrors.
Laurie Fix Photography
The jump and dressage competition ring, added in 2011, is 140’ by 280’ and has two and a half inches of rubber and stone sand footing over a fully compacted six inch stone base.  This ring is also irrigated.  Despite its size, Brian Reidmuller’s ring building expertise has resulted in a ring that drains almost instantaneously providing excellent footing during all but the most severe downpours.

Jump and Schooling Field:  
This recently cleared field was hand raked and leveled to provide the perfect place to school on the flat or set up a grand prix jump course.
Cross Country Schooling Field:  
This ten acre area was designed from inception by XC jump designer Eric Bull with guidance from top international event rider Boyd Martin to present numerous cross country questions.  The land was prepared in painstaking detail being hand raked and leveled to provide the equine athlete with secure and predictable footing.  It introduces key elements for schooling cross-country, including a large water jump with a gradual entrance (for the novice horse and rider) to  banks and a mound which challenge the more advanced horse and rider combination.  There is also a sunken road with both banks and a mound, a huge two level bank complex, ditches and numerous cross-country fences.  Eric designed each feature to provide numerous lines for schooling unlimited questions. 

Facility Leasing:
The barn including eight stalls and eight paddocks and dressage and jump rings and furnished two bedroom apartment is available for lease from April 1st through December 31st. Rental prices include lawn and pasture maintenance, weekly ring maintenance and power washing the barn upon departure.  Preference is given to an individual or group leasing the farm for the nine month period but shorter rentals may be available.  Rates vary by the season and the length of the rental.  

Please contact Ilene at or 202-457-7806 with questions about farm rental.

Silva's Clinic Season is Gearing Up!

Lesson/Clinic Series at Barbara Weinbrecht's, Earlville, Md.

Wednesday March 14th
Saturday March 31st

Check back for more dates & times throughout the season!!

Starting times: Weekdays, 1 p.m. & Weekends, 10 a.m.
Auditing is complimentary ; please bring a chair.
Location: 330 Sandy Bottom Road, Earleville, Md.
Cost: $115/45 minute session.
Please make checks payable to: Barbara Weinbrecht and mail to:
330 Sandy Bottom Road, Earleville, Md. 21919.

"This past Wednesday Silva conducted a clinic at my farm. As usual, we are always so glad to see her. It's been a loooooooong winter without her and my motto is "I cannot be left unsupervised". Silva is an incredible rider and teacher. She gives every rider her undivided attention and custom fits the lesson to their needs. We are so glad she is back with us and look forward to every time she is here to help us become better and better."
Barbara Weinbrecht

Contact Barbara Weinbrecht's

Monday, March 12, 2012

Freedom's Pride SOLD

Congratulations to Maryland Young Rider sensation Mary Fleming, who is the proud new owner of Freedom's Pride. 'Libby' has been in training with us for a few months thanks to Biz Carey, and she certainly was a pleasure to have around. We had three successful eventing starts down here in Aiken before the sale was completed late last week.

Good luck Mary with what looks to be a very exciting horse for the future!


Training Sessions in Aiken Schedule for March 13th - 16th

Please see the updated schedule for this week in Aiken. Lauren Hough will be teaching Tuesday March 13th and Wednesday March 14th. Capt. Mark Phillips will be teaching on Thursday March 15th and Friday March 16th .

Tuesday Mar 13th

w/ LH

0900 Boyd on Thomas

0930 Phillip

1000 Boyd on Neville

1030 Phillip

1100 Boyd on Otis

1130 LUNCH

1200 Boyd on Remington XXV

1230 Jan/Jennie

1315 Will F

1415 Becky

1445 END

Wed. Mar 14th

w/ LH

0900 Becky

0930 Phillip

1000 Boyd

1030 Phillip

1100 Lynn/Kristin

1145 LUNCH

1215 Jan/Jennie

1300 Kendyl/Megan

1345 Jan

1345 END

Thurs Mar 15th

w/ CMP

0800 Phillip

0845 Boyd

0930 Phillip

1015 Boyd

1100 Will C

1145 LUNCH

1215 Will C

1300 Jan

1345 Lynn

1430 Maris

1515 Kristin

1545 END

Friday Mar 16th

w/ CMP

0800 Phillip

0845 Jennie

0930 Phillip

1015 Boyd

1100 Will C

1145 LUNCH

1215 Will C

1300 Jan

1345 Doug

1430 END

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dressage Horses Settle In at Home in PA

The Ring at our Farm in PA

All the horses are doing well and are so happy to be back home. The weather is just wonderful and everybody is enjoying their time in the field.

I am so happy to be riding in my wonderful arena again. Now that I have been away for a while , I have to say it is the best arena and footing I have ever ridden on. My horses love it too! I would like to thank Edwin from Attwood Equestrian Services and Mark "The Ringmaster" again for building us the perfect ring!

While I was in Aiken, Edwin came out to our farm in Cochranville and made sure that my ring would be perfect for me when I came home. I have to say, it really is perfect. Edwin even spent a few hours with Felix, (our guy who takes care of everything at the farm) the other day, teaching him how to drag the ring correctly. I think that is an amazing effort!

I am so impressed with the customer service that Attwood provides and with the high quality of their product. Edwin has been everything he promised: he stands behind the product and makes sure the arena is always perfect for us.

I called Boyd and we both agreed that the money we spent on our arena was the best money we have spend so far. It could not be better on any level!